Fast Bus Service Could Improve NYC’s Bus Reputation

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced changes recently that could make it possible to have fast bus routes New York City.

How would this fast bust system work? There would be lanes that only fast buses could use. They would be stoplights for these lanes but they would always be set to green. In theory, one of these special buses should be able to go from Bushwick, Brooklyn, to Jackson Heights, Queens, in 25 minutes.

Oslo and London already have fast buses.

The one obstacle to this bus service is the New York City Department Of Transportation. Mayor Bill de Blasio is in control of this department and must make the final decision on the traffic flow of buses. De Blasio must get behind this bus service or it will not happen.

if de Blasio approves of this fast bus service he would low income people, minorities and immigrants as they are the ones who usually the ones who ride the bus. These fast buses would help connect these people to neighborhoods that have few subway stops. Hunts Point, Bronx, and East Flatbush, Brooklyn, would be examples of areas that would be greatly helped by this bus service.

Wheelchair-bound people and people who have trouble going up stairs would be helped by this bus service. They usually have trouble with subway stations because only 25 percent of them have elevators.

The mayor already has a bus plan in place and it is called the Select Bus Service. His plan is to have a dedicated bus, but he will only change two or three bus routes a year to the Select service
NYC buses don’t have a good reputation. They are the slowest of any large city in America. Waiting for a bus is not easy because the times of the buses coming to the stops are unpredictable. Due to the poor service, ridership has dropped precipitously. Between 2002 and 2017, ridership has dropped by 21 percent. People are choosing transport that is more dependent than an NYC public bus.

The fast bus system could be the answer to NYC’s public bus woes.