New York Football Teams Continue to Struggle

Entering the 2016 NFL season there was a significant amount of promise and expectations for both of the New York professional sports teams. According to recent news articles ( and results of games so far this year, both teams are not living up to expectations. On Sunday, both of the teams lost and are continuing to look like they will have a hard time to reach the playoffs.


The New York Jets fell to an embarrassing 1 and 4 when they lost on Sunday to the Pittsburgh Steelers. While the Steelers are considered one of the better teams in the league, the Jets never put up much of a fight. The Steelers ended up controlling the game from the start and won by a score of 31 to 13. Their most impressive player was their quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, who threw for over 350 yards and 4 touchdowns. With their poor record, the Jets are now 3 games back of the New England Patriots, which recently got Tom Brady back from suspension.


While the Jets lost by quite a bit, the New York Giants fared a little bit better. The Giants were the focal point of the sports world during Sunday Night Football when they went on the road to play the Green Bay Packers. The Giants only lost by a touchdown, but looked sluggish the whole game. The team had a very hard time getting their offense together and clearly missed their starting running back.


Similar to the Jets, the Giants also fell to a 1 and 3 record. They are also struggling to keep pace with the division leading team, which in their case is the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are probably the most surprising team in the league this year as they are led by a few different rookies, which have allowed the team to jump out to a quick lead on the rest of the division. Both the Giants and Jets will have chances to turn the season around in coming weeks, but they both need to act quickly.