Former Gubernatorial Candidate Secures Democratic Nomination for the NY House Seat

Zephyr Teachout, a law professor by profession, won the Democratic Party primary for a seat in the New York House. Teachout was widely backed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders was a democratic presidential candidate who lost to former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Teachout, who once ran for governor in New York, has defeated Will Yandik, a Livingston town Councilman who was also vying for the democratic nomination. Teachout received widespread endorsements from high ranking and influential Democrats within the district. This was largely due to the endorsement that the professor received from Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Face off with John Faso

Teachout, a progressive fireband, is largely favored to win the house seat in November. She will face off with republican candidate John Faso who clinched the Republican nomination. As early as Tuesday night, Fuso was favored to win the Republican nomination after garnering strong support from within his party ranks.

Faso is a former minority leader for the state Assembly of New York. He won the primaries after a tough fight with his opponent Andrew Heaney. Heaney had aligned himself to current Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Faso triumphed over Heaney after he consolidated strong support from local county committees (GOP) and the Conservative Party operating in the state.

Teachout and Faso will face off for the New York house seat in the 19th district, Hudson Valley. The winner will replace outgoing representative Chris Gibson. The election could go either way. President Barrack Obama won the district during the last two elections.