Great New Burger On The Menu At New York’s Cafe Altro Paradiso

New York City continues to be a mecca for food lovers everywhere. It remains a major foodie destination for people who enjoy sampling some of the finest in regional and national cuisine. Chefs here are constantly looking for new ways to please their customers. One such chef is Ignacio Mattos. He and his fellow chef at Cafe Altro Paradiso have a new offering for their diners. In order to celebrate the extension of their new lunch service to five days a week, they are now showcasing an entirely new burger that many are hailing as one of the city’s very best.


Heady Flavors


The new burger on the menu is all about creating a varied flavor profile that is familiar to New Yorkers. Many area residents are also familiar with burgers made with unusual flavors. Several cuts of beef are mixed together including short rib and skirt steak to create a base for the burger that is similar in taste to many other area burgers. Once the mixture gets a nice crust on it, it is then finished on a plancha. New Yorkers are known to embrace many kinds of cuisines from all over the world and this one takes that into account. The burger is further seasoned with chile oil, fish sauce and fresh rosemary. The fish sauce gives the entire burger an international flair that fits right in with this part of the city where international flavors are the order of the day.


Other Elements


Other elements are added to the burger to create a full bodied burger. They use Gorgonzola cheese on a bun made from brioche topped with mayonnaise. The burger is then topped with picked onions and a sprinkling of caper berries. The entire burger is finished off with a mostarda, a mustard fruit sauce that is popular in Italy where it serves as a bridge between the sweet and the savory. The sauce is cooked for four hours until is it can serve as the ideal topping for the entire sandwich. Sweetness marries very well with the other elements of the dish, allowing for a special experience. The result is a burger that is fully worthy of the title of one of New York’s best burgers.


NYC’s Biannual Restaurant Week Opens Reservations

The New York City Restaurant Week of Winter 2017 is fast approaching. Just Monday the complete list of participating restaurants was released to the public, and the 378 restaurants included are spread across the city. NYC & Company, the team that organizes the biannual food celebration, announced the list for the week of Jan. 23 – Feb. 10 of this year.


If the total number of participating restaurants isn’t enough, here are some fun Restaurant Week facts:



  • 32 different cuisines will be offered throughout the city
  • Some of the cuisines offered include Indian, Latin American and Asian Fusion
  • Prices range from $29-$42



Restaurant Week is a great time for residents and tourists in New York City to try out new or higher-class food types and restaurants at affordable prices. Entrees and multiple-course meals that might normally cost hundreds are available at significant discounts. Lunch plates are only $29 and dinner courses are $42. Both are three-course meals at the same high-quality customers can expect at menu prices. Normal tips and taxes are still expected, and customers should check with the restaurant when booking, as some will participate in only lunch or only dinner offerings throughout the week.


Though walk-ins are welcome all week, NYC & Company recommends making reservations early. For serious foodies, that means immediately,, as reservations have just opened this week. Of course, there are no limits on how many reservations you can make, and customers are encouraged to try as many different restaurants as possible, or to stick with a couple favorites all week long.


Automated Restaurant Opens In Midtown Manhattan

An automated restaurant has recently opened in New York City and is providing customers with a unique dining experience that only can be experienced in several remote locations around the planet.


The automated restaurant is known as Eatsa and is located in Midtown Manhattan. Eatsa is a small company that started in California and has now expanded as a chain. The new location in Midtown Manhattan will be their anchor restaurant on the east coast of the United States.


Eatsa operates a concept where you don’t need to interact with a waitress or other restaurant staff and instead handle your kitchen ordering using an ipad device that is available on site to use. Alternatively, you can use your own phone to submit an order. The meal is then delivered in a locker in the restaurant that you tap on in order to access the meal. While people work in Eatsa preparing the food, you do not see them or need to interact directly with them. Instead, all ordering and food specifications are done using your device.


Eatsa is located at 285 Madison Avenue near 41st street and serves Vegetarian food. Meals are affordable and cost about $7 per meal. For Midtown Manhattan where meals can cost as much as $10 to $15 for a salad these prices are comparatively affordable, although no meat is available. The restaurant specializes in quinoa, the healthy alternative grain and also has kale salads, a hummus bowl, a curry bowl, and a burrito bowl.


Of course, the restaurant saves on the avoidance of costs relating to serving food. Co-Owner, Scott Drummond indicated that he is working to reducing the cost of the food to about $5 per bowl of food, but rent costs and other operating costs add to the overhead for the business. While there are few reviews for the newly opened restaurant, overall the few that do exist are positive.


The advantages of the restaurant’s structure is that meals are delivered quickly and affordably, particularly in a crowded area where many office workers need to pick up their meals quickly and easily so that they can return to the office fast. The meals, being vegetarian, are also low in calorie and include many healthy ingredients that can fuel a person on the go.



New York City to Expand Number of Food Vendor Licenses

The food truck and other mobile restaurant industry has been extremely popular in major cities across the United States. In cities like Chicago and Portland, thousands of people line up every day looking to get freshly made food from a non-stationary food vendor. While food vendors have increased dramatically in recent years, New York City is one city that has not increased its presence. While New York City has held out, a recent news article ( has noted that this could change in the near future.


According to the article, the amount of permitted food vendors could more than double in the next few years. The city has previously set a cap of permitted food vendors in the city at just over 4,300, which is a significant amount less than is needed to properly serve the entire city. Since the amount of licenses available has remained so low, it has become next to impossible for some people to obtain a license necessary to operate legally.


Due to the restrictions on the amount of licenses available, many vendors in the city are working illegally with an official license or one that was obtained through the black market. For those that obtain one legally, a two-year license can cost less than $1,000. However, those that buy one through the black market will often pay more than $25,000 for an illegal assignment of the license. This not only is far more expensive, but greatly opens up the door for the possibility of fraud and other crimes.


While the city has feared that the food trucks could cause congestion in certain areas, they now appear poised to more than double that amount. This will pertain to any business that is looking to operate outside of a normal space, including hot dog and ice cream cart vendors. At this point, it is not yet known what the exact amount of licenses released will be, when they will be released, and what the cost will be. It is expected that there will be a huge demand for these licenses and food vendors will look to expand into New York.

Eating Out in NYC

New York is known for a lot of things. In fact, it is the top city that people mention when they talk about just about anything. It is the entertainment mecca. It is also a hot job hub, but there may not be anything in the city that gets more accolades than the food. There is a reason for this. There are a lot of chefs that come from different parts of the world to serve the finest cuisine that New York has to offer. It is also easy to see that there are tons of restaurants so it is only natural for everyone that is a NYC native to have a favorite spot and a favorite food.


New York is a cultural melting pot. This is what makes the city so great. This is also the thing that has made people stop and look at the authenticity of the meals. That is where people find their pleasure in eating at places in Central Park or Tribeca. They know that they are getting some authentic meals that are being prepared by some of the best chefs in the world when they dine in certain places.


For many people that have lived in NYC for a long time, it became a bit difficult to pick just one thing when they are talking about their favorite foods. That is why some people may be interested in the delectable pancakes from Friends of a Farmer that come in different flavors like apple or pumpkin. This is delicious fall food, but it is not the only thing gets the taste buds percolating . There are other sweet treats like the apple cider doughnuts at the Union Green Market that are also favorites for locals.


The thing that people outside of New York will discover is that there foods that have been flipped and altered in every way that one could imagine. Taste buds go crazy in New York City. There is no such thing as a plain hot dog or a simple glazed doughnut. In New York City people are accustomed to things like chocolate croissants and ultra creamy New York cheesecake. Visitors want the New York styled pizza and the Lobster Newberg. These are all New York City staples.