New Taco Option Coming To Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a highly diverse place. People here have a highly sophisticated sense of taste. Those who love tacos will soon have other options in the borough. Famous restaurant developer and wildly successful chef Danny Meyer has announced his new plans. He’s going to open up a new place devoted to tacos in Brooklyn. Like so many other chefs and food professionals, Meyer has realized that this part of the area has a great deal of potential. He’s also realized that Brooklyn also has about a million people as well as many national and international visitors. Understanding this growing market has helped him come to the conclusion that any new business venture in this part of the area is likely to have an immediate customer base. Meyer knows that people today are also more likely to be willing to take public transportation or even walk across a bridge to enjoy the diverse delights of this part of the region. Given this base, industry observers are not surprised that he, like many of his fellow chefs, has decided to start a new venture here.

Tacocina During The Summer

Danny Meyer let his many fans know of his new plans in a recent announcement. The Union Square Hospitality group, his company, has confirmed the new plans for an expansion. The new taco stand will be opening at some point over this coming summer in an area that is known as Domino Park. This area is located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Williamsburg is a section of Brooklyn adjacent to much of downtown Manhattan via subways and buses. In the last few years alone, many companies have found a haven here. The area has cheaper rents than much of Manhattan, making it a highly attractive place to locate a new venture while still attracting a great deal of pedestrian traffic. Meyers has been vague about the details of his new restaurant. Industry insiders expect that he will be forthcoming with more details as he heads into the summer season. Domino Park is a new development in the area that is also expected to attract even more attention and other business ventures. The new space should be highly successful attracting those who really love good food.

Several Restaurants Are Opening In New York City This Year

The New York restaurant scene is one that constantly evolving and changing. Each year, new restaurants pop up. The upcoming year is no different. Those who watch the community are pleased at some of the upcoming developments and brand new restaurants. The new restaurants offer a taste of many varied cuisines including French and Israeli. Such new restaurants are expected to please local residents and visitors alike.

Those who love Middle Eastern food should happily greet Miznon. Scheduled for an early February opening, it is the brainchild of Israeli Chef Eyal Shani. Look for the whole roasted cauliflower to enjoy along with his use of other vegetables.

Another place that will greet diners in the new year is Frenchette. This restaurant aims to be a brasserie and will incorporate the use of concepts such as a Japanese charcoal grill. The menu will be a modern and updated version of many French classics. It should also open in February.

Italian food lovers can look forward to the Una Pizza Napoletana. A venture by a chef devoted to creating fabulous pizzas, this is one place that New Yorkers who love fabulous pizza will truly embrace. The place is slated to open in March on the Lower East Side.

For fresh fish with a Japanese take, head for Zauo. This one is an outlet of a popular Japanese chain. Diners can pick from ten kinds of fish and then have them served according to their exact specifications. Those who live in Chelsea should be happy when this one opens up in March.

The Vietnamese special soup known as pho is on the menu at Di An Di when it opens up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in March. Diners can sample varied kinds of pho made from several different types of broth right here. They can also try many other kinds of Vietnamese specialties that will also be on the menu for those who appreciate authentic Vietnamese food.

Modern Japanese food is also the focus of the menu at Atomix. Diners in Kips Bay can try the tasting menu. Here, the spin is modern Japanese using local seasonal ingredients straight from Japan. Diners are expected to spend time in the restaurant and the adjoining bar when it opens in April.

Carl’s Jr. Enters New York City

The western fast food chain Carl’s Jr. opened its first branch in New York City on Tuesday. The restaurant is located in Coney Island between the Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue station and the West Eighth Street–New York Aquarium station. Another branch of the restaurant will be opening across from Penn Station on January 31. The restaurant will be situated next door to a McDonald’s at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and 33rd Street.

Carl’s Jr. has been largely confined to the western and southwestern United States until recent years. They have lately begun to expand into the southern and northeastern United States. In 2016, they moved their headquarters to Franklin, Tennessee. In 2017, the restaurant opened locations in Somerset, New Jersey and Middletown, New York. They also moved into Lake Katrine, New York in September.

Known for giant cheeseburgers and charbroiled burgers, the fast food chain was founded by Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret in Los Angeles in 1941. The company began as a humble hot dog cart, but the couple soon opened restaurants throughout Southern California. During the 1980s, Carl’s Jr. spread throughout the West Coast. After the death of Karcher’s brother Don, the company began to acquire other restaurant chains like Hardee’s and Green Burrito. During the 2000s, they launched advertising campaigns featuring scantily clad models suggestively eating burgers. The company was heavily criticized for their commercials and eventually transitioned to less controversial ads in 2017.

The expansion of Carl’s Jr. echoes similar growth throughout the fast food industry. The country’s top fast food chains experienced 3% growth in 2017. Globally, the fast food industry adds almost $540 billion to the economy every year. Within the United States, the fast food industry is worth around $200 billion. Fueled by impatient consumers and rising costs at sit-down restaurants, fast food sales are on the rise. Top fast food chains like McDonald’s and Taco Bell have recently expanded their dollar menus to appeal to thrifty consumer

Bob’s Burgers Literally Coming To New York

If you are a fan of the show “Bob’s Burgers” and live in or near New York, you may have the best Christmas ever. Starting December 18th and running through Christmas Eve, Bob’s burger themes from the Bob’s Burgers show will be coming to life and available for purchase at Chef’s Club Counter in Soho. The originator of last year’s highly successful Bob’s Burgers pop up in Los Angeles, Alvin Cailan, moved to become a chef at Chef’s Club Counter in 2017. Cailan is the founder of the one of a kind breakfast place named, Eggslut in California, where Alvin would cook up unique breakfast creations.

The Bob’s Burgers pop up will be taking over the Chef’s Club Counter and will be delivering a twist this week as Mr. Cailan will be taking the burgers straight from the show. The weeks burger creations are as follows:

Monday December 18- The “Baby You Can Chive My Car” Burger

Tuesday December 19- The “Don’t You Four Cheddar ’Bout Me” Burger

Wednesday December 20- The “Foot Feta-ish Burger / Never Been Feta” Burger a mash-up between two that have appeared on the show.

Thursday December 21- The “Dark Side of the Shroom” Burger

Friday December 22- The “Hit Me With Your Best Shallot” Burger

Saturday December 23- The “We’re Here, We’re Gruyère, Get Used to It” Burger

Sunday December 24- The “Bet It All on Black Garlic” Burger

Prices are $20.00 per burger, which includes French fries, a keychain and sticker commemorating the event. Mr. Cailan will keep serving at the Chef’s Club Counter until quantities run out for the day and all the proceeds go to the Los Angeles Fire Department. So if you are a Bob’s Burgers fan check out the full article here and support a worthy cause.

Stephen Hanson’s New Henry Restaurant In NYC’s Life Hotel Is A Charming Eatery

After retiring from his successful B.R. Guest restaurant group in 2013, famed restaurateur Stephen Hanson recently celebrated his return to the hospitality business by opening a new Manhattan hotel eatery named Henry. In a recent Grub Street interview, Mr. Hanson explains why he feels it has become more difficult than ever before to open a new restaurant in NYC.

Through the years, Stephen Hanson has owned a multitude of popular restaurants and several hotels. It has been 30 years since he opened his first restaurant, and the hospitality industry has experienced a host of changes since then.

A much broader spectrum of ingredients are now available and today’s chefs are doing some really good things. Years ago, it was a big thing for one of his restaurants to be importing anchovies from Italy. Now, those same anchovies can probably be acquired on Amazon.

Situated within the historic Life Hotel on W 31st Street, Henry restaurant seats roughly 80 people and offers full bar service. Among the menu items that are available there are baked clams, wood-fired pizza pies, a whole scorpion fish, beef tartare and inventive pasta dishes.

In Mr. Hanson’s opinion, New York City is doing very well in general, and the city is trying to make sure that restaurants there are clean and safe. By being stringent with its regulations, the city can make it difficult for builders, but in actuality, it helps to reduce potential liability.

Finding dedicated workers is an ongoing challenge that restaurant owners must deal with these days, says Stephen Hanson in the Grubstreet interview. There are more official procedures involved in the hiring process, and the risk of being sued is always high. Mr. Hanson also says that if a restaurant can hire staff members that possess a real sense of hospitality, great products can be produced.

Stephen Hanson believes that although chefs and consumers have become more sophisticated in the past decade, customers still want to find value for their money, and they want to be treated with respect.

Is A Margaritaville Finally Coming To New York City?

Fans of Jimmy Buffet and/or the Margaritaville restaurant chain may be able to enjoy their favorite dining spot in midtown Manhattan after all. According to a recent Grub Street article, two real estate companies have been in negotiations to open a branch of the famous chain in New York City.

A plan to open a Margaritaville restaurant in NYC’s Times Square was stopped in January 2017 when the building’s landlord rented part of the desired space to CVS.

The proposed site for the Margaritaville outpost is 560 Seventh Avenue, which would be convenient for Broadway theater patrons. Speaking of the entertainment district, the Grub Street article mentions the “Escape To Margaritaville” musical that will be making its Broadway debut in 2018. The musical premiered in May 2017 in California and also embarked on a short national tour.

The developers of the proposed Margaritaville want to bring more than just cocktails, quesadillas, burgers and shrimp to the Seventh Avenue property. Rumored to be more than 100,000 square feet in size, this facility will likely include a 29-story hotel. The whole facility is supposed to be dedicated to the lifestyle and the music of Jimmy Buffet.

The developers of the project are moving ahead with their plans, and have already secured a $180 million loan. With its interesting decorations, hip yet relaxed image and appealing menu, a new Margaritaville hotel and restaurant would probably be very popular with tourists and NYC residents alike.

Having enjoyed the Margaritaville experience more than once, I can say that I found the food offerings there to be consistently fresh, tasty and well-presented. The service is usually very good and the prices are what I would call average.

If you have the opportunity to eat at a Margaritaville restaurant anytime soon, please let me recommend their fish tacos, beach club sandwich, BBQ Ribs and their homemade cole slaw. They also feature an absolutely scrumptious key lime pie that is made from scratch every day.

New York City’s First Carl’s Jr. Restaurant Will Be Opening Soon In Coney Island

Although hungry diners regularly patronize Carl’s Jr. restaurants in other parts of the U.S., fans of fast food in New York City have not yet had the opportunity to partake of the chain’s tasty offerings. That is about to change soon, however.


A recent Grub Street article explains how the California-based Carl’s Jr. chain is planning to open its first New York store in Coney Island in the near future. The storefront and signage for the restaurant are already in place, and one of the paper-covered windows features a sign stating that the restaurant will be opening soon.


Known for its charbroiled burgers, shakes, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches, Carl’s Jr. was founded in 1941 and operates more than 1,100 restaurants. The corporation that actually owns Carl’s Jr. restaurants also owns the Hardee’s restaurant chain.


According to the Grub Street article, an IHOP restaurant is situated across the street from the Coney Island Carl’s Jr. store on Surf Avenue, and an Applebee’s eatery is located nearby. Burger-lovers can rejoice in the fact that between the three chains a broad spectrum of burger variations will soon be available.


A special menu feature at Carl’s Jr. restaurants is the $5 All-Star Meal option. With this popular option, customers can choose from several different combo meals. Double-cheeseburgers, spicy chicken sandwiches, natural-cut fries, onion rings, hot dogs, chocolate chip cookies and 20-ounce sodas are among the combo choices that are available.


Located near Luna Park, the neighborhood where the new Carl’s Jr. restaurant will be opening was also home to a Wahlburgers restaurant. Co-owned by actor Mark Wahlberg, that burger spot recently closed its doors for “restructuring.”


Soon, residents and visitors at Coney Island will have the opportunity to eat items such as the Western bacon cheeseburger and the charbroiled chicken salad. Also, a nice breakfast menu, wonderful milkshakes, and an assortment of Mexican dishes will be available at the upcoming Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Coney Island.

New York City is Getting an Authentic Naples Pizza Place

If there’s one type of food that Americans could eat everyday, it’s probably pizza. That’s because pizza his hot, quick, easy, and delicious. For so many, it’s a staple in their weekly meal plan. Many grab a quick slice for lunch while others gather as a family to watch movies and order pizza. Whatever the reasoning, pizza has found it’s home with Americans.

Many struggle with finding really good pizza. That’s because many believe if you want what is truly authentic, you’ll have to travel to places like Italy where they specialize in pizza. According to Eater, New Yorkers will no longer have to suffer through bad tasting pizza or travel long distances. They’re getting an authentic pizza place right in New York City.

One of Italy’s most famous and beloved pizza chefs is opening up a restaurant in New York City. Long lines are sure to follow while people wait to get their hands on these Neopolitan pies. In Italy, traffic is blocked for people who want to grab a pie so it’ll be interesting to see just how busy the New York City location gets. Gino Sorbillo Pizzeria will open this week and it’s already gaining national attention. Several high profile actors and talk show hosts have already previewed the restaurant.

You may be wondering if New York City really needs another pizza place. Afterall, it seems that there’s one on almost every street with more popping up constantly. This one is different. It’s the real deal. Gino Sorbillo Pizzeria also offers something for everyone. New Yorkers can grab a basic pizza made with marinara sauce or something a bit more fancy, made with quail eggs. The prices range from $12 to $35 which is affordable by New York standards.

This new pizza joint is sure to be a hit among tourists as well. The lead chef wants to give guests a true taste of Naples without ever having to travel that far.

Pop-up Star Wars Themed Bar Is Blowing Up In NYC

Star Wars fans can now head to a pop-up bar in New York City if they want an immersive sci-fi experience, but they shouldn’t expect to step into the Mos Eisley Cantina. Instead, the Darkside Bar looks more like the basement of the Death Star, you know, before it was blown to smithereens.

Pop-up bars have become all the rage around the nation, but they’re especially popular in the Big Apple. You might remember a popular Stranger Things-themed bar that was open briefly last year. Netflix actually sent the operator a cease-and-desist letter, but it allowed the owners to continue the theme until the last day of October: Halloween.

Darkside Bar will be similarly temporary. It runs only until January 13th. But its brevity will surely lead to popularity. Already there has been a massive line despite the $33 reservation fee ($40 if you just walk in).

Once inside the Empire’s bar, patrons will be able to order drinks that pay homage to the theme and enjoy props and decoration taken straight from the Star Wars universe. For example, Death Star lamps adorn the bar, and the walls make you feel like you’re actually in the death star. The owner, Zach Neil, employs LEDs and dry ice as techniques to make the theme more immersive and unique.

Nightly events also make your experience unforgettable. Burlesque shows, trivia games and interactive roleplaying are just some of the events you can expect to participate in at Darkside Bar. Or you can simply get jiggy with it next to Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper. Many customers have already appeared in their best Imperial gear, but costumes aren’t required.

You can visit Darkside Bar at on Lafayette Street between Kenmare and Broome Streets. Not in New York? Darkside Bar also has locations in Los Angeles and Washington DC.

Great New Burger On The Menu At New York’s Cafe Altro Paradiso

New York City continues to be a mecca for food lovers everywhere. It remains a major foodie destination for people who enjoy sampling some of the finest in regional and national cuisine. Chefs here are constantly looking for new ways to please their customers. One such chef is Ignacio Mattos. He and his fellow chef at Cafe Altro Paradiso have a new offering for their diners. In order to celebrate the extension of their new lunch service to five days a week, they are now showcasing an entirely new burger that many are hailing as one of the city’s very best.


Heady Flavors


The new burger on the menu is all about creating a varied flavor profile that is familiar to New Yorkers. Many area residents are also familiar with burgers made with unusual flavors. Several cuts of beef are mixed together including short rib and skirt steak to create a base for the burger that is similar in taste to many other area burgers. Once the mixture gets a nice crust on it, it is then finished on a plancha. New Yorkers are known to embrace many kinds of cuisines from all over the world and this one takes that into account. The burger is further seasoned with chile oil, fish sauce and fresh rosemary. The fish sauce gives the entire burger an international flair that fits right in with this part of the city where international flavors are the order of the day.


Other Elements


Other elements are added to the burger to create a full bodied burger. They use Gorgonzola cheese on a bun made from brioche topped with mayonnaise. The burger is then topped with picked onions and a sprinkling of caper berries. The entire burger is finished off with a mostarda, a mustard fruit sauce that is popular in Italy where it serves as a bridge between the sweet and the savory. The sauce is cooked for four hours until is it can serve as the ideal topping for the entire sandwich. Sweetness marries very well with the other elements of the dish, allowing for a special experience. The result is a burger that is fully worthy of the title of one of New York’s best burgers.