NYC Has a New Breakfast Gem

New NYC restaurant Atla has offerings that are sure to make breakfast the most important meal of the day for those who love Mexican food first thing in the morning. The restaurant serves dishes like chilaquiles, which is a fried tortilla dish that includes eggs, salsa and crema. The dish is often offered by chefs Enrique Olvera and Daniela Soto-Innes at their restaurant Cosme as a late-night dish, but is now a staple at Atla for those who enjoy chilaquiles for breakfast.


Atla is also among the new restaurants in New York that are offering splendid breakfast dishes. Previously, breakfast one the meal that was overlooked by NYC restaurants, since most people preferred quick and easy dishes from eateries that didn’t necessarily offer sit-down service.


Atla will open at 9am daily, and in addition to chilaquiles, meals like molletes with goat cheese and guacamole and a Mexican version of bruschetta will served. For those who prefer a sweet breakfast, coconut yogurt with blueberries or Mexican sweet breads like orejas and conchas are offered. Patrons who are in the mood for a great cup of coffee can also get a fresh cup of brew from Atla. Cafe con leche and espresso are available, as well as cafe de olla, which is a coffee sweetened with cane sugar and Mexican cinnamon.


At noon, Atla will start serving lunch, and the dishes are sure to excite. There are traditional Mexican favorites on the menu like chile relleno, along with innovative dishes like hummus made from white ayocote beans. There is also an extensive cocktail selection, including the finest mezcal and tequila choices so that patrons can customize their beverages. Atla promises to be one of the standout restaurants in NYC and will likely be known for its delicious fare for years to come.


The restaurant is located at 372 Lafayette St, near E. 3rd St.

New York’s Best Ice Cream Shops

New York is a city where you can get ice cream at virtually any restaurant. You can even find delicious ice cream at street carts around the city. However, there are a few locations in NYC that have top-notch ice cream that you won’t soon forget. Here are some of the best in the city.


Ice and Vice


This shop is located at 221 E. Broadway near Clinton St. Ice and Vice offers several unconventional flavors and can choose from a ice cream cone tower or sundae when you’re ready to enjoy a sweet treat. Each of the scoops you select is designed to represent a dish or snack. You can choose from Ants on a Farm, which included raisins, chocolate chips and celery. Or, you can try the 9AM flavor, which is mixed with chicory, French roast coffee a white balsamic reduction, honeydew and prosciutto chips. Even if you’re in the mood for vanilla, which is known as Basic B is a little different than normal, since it includes black-lava sea salt.


Ample Hills Creamery


Ample Hills has a lot of creative flavors as well, and the vibe of the ice cream shop is especially fun and playful. There are candy and cookies featured in many of the flavors, so you can get a scoop with nostalgic snacks like Peppermint Patties and Fig Newtons. You can even get ice cream mixed with chocolate covered saltines. All ice cream is made with organic sugar and grass-fed milk.




There are several Davey’s locations around the city, and there are lots of traditional flavors that have been refined and perfected. All ice cream is made from Battenkill dairy, which is a skillful percentage of sugar and butterfat. The coffee flavor is actually strong coffee, the raspberry sorbet also includes Riesling, and the chocolate chip flavor has cookie dough that is enhanced in flavor. Davey’s also sells a brownie that you can order alone or as a base for a sundae, or a milkshake that tastes like a peanut butter pie.


Check out the Grub Street website to find out more about the great ice cream shops NYC has to offer.



Take an NYC Food Tour This April

Each month in NYC, you’ll find several new dishes and drinks to enjoy. There are also several food-themed events in the area, so it’s impossible to see and do everything in a month’s time. Grubstreet begins each month with a collection of entrees, beverages and events that you should add to your agenda. Here are some suggestions for the month of April.


Enjoy Chocolate Doughnuts


One of the best places to get doughnuts in New York is Dough. The Flatiron location has embraced chocolate, and offers a doughnut covered in sweet goodness that you won’t soon forget. Fany Gerson, the co-owner of Dough has presented a roster that has 15 new flavors that all include Belgian chocolate from award-winning Callebaut. Flavors include salted banana caramel, caramelized white espresso and cocoa nib and vanilla custard with hot fudge glaze.


Get Breakfast a Harlem Bagel Shop


Uptown doesn’t have many places to get great bagels, but NYC is seeing a resurgence of bagel shops that you’ll want to try. Bo’s Bagels opened on East 116th Street recently, and the small 19-seat eatery offers bagels for $1.25 (or $15 for a baker’s dozen). You can choose from black Russian bagels, traditional salted bagels or pumpernickel everything. There are also creative flavors like three cheese and cinnamon raisin.


Grab Lunch at the Best Soup-Dumpling Spot in NYC


Pinch Chinese offers some of the most delicious soup dumplings in the city, and the meal is available at lunchtime as part of the prix fixe menu. You can choose a main course of Taiwanese beef noodle soup, a chicken sao bing sandwich or vegetarian fried rice, and compliment the meal with pork soup, chicken napa, vegetable or pan-fried beef dumplings. Pinch also offers salads that include tofu and seaweed or carrot and daikon.



To find out more about the greatest places to eat in April in NYC, visit the Grub Street website.



Migration Declines in New York

It seems that the New York area is not the center of attraction. Recent statistics show a decline in migration to the region during the past seven years.


According to United States Census records, one million people have moved out of the Tri-State area since 2010. Such number is presently the highest negative net migration in the nation.


Regions that are mainly affected by the changes are the lower Hudson and Long Island areas. New York City has also experienced a bit of population decline with growth rates reported as slower than normal. Still, even with the lack of rapid increase, the Big Apple remains one of the most sought after regions with a current population of more than 8.5 million residents.


While some blame the decline in migration to the Tri-State area on colder climates that sometimes hold people hostage in their homes for days, the experts say that the economy has a lot to do with residents leaving New York and surrounding East Coast states.


“The historical trend is that out-migration grows when the economy is getting better,” E.J. McMahon of Empire Center for Public Policy says. “As the economy gets better, there are more jobs outside the region and by the same token . . . more people to buy your house if you’re a baby boomer looking to move to Boca Raton or Myrtle Beach.”


According to this explanation, it is possible that the current slump is only temporarily. Of course, it is important to recognize retirees who no longer have a desire to live in the city. Such travelers will probably never return to the Tri-State area.


Regardless of the present decline in migration, New York, and its surrounding states remain a popular attraction for international travelers. More than 160,000 individuals coming from other countries chose to settle into the East Coast last year. Although the numbers are not as significant as years prior, they are still promising.



New York City Group Urging Transit Authorities To Lower Metro Fares

New Yorkers have a major concern right now, the growing cost of public transportation fares. There’s been some hard times for people who are barely able to pay their monthly rent and put food on the table, and in a place where using public transportation is very necessary to getting around, it adds in another cost to many families. Right now, the average cost for a metro card monthly pass is about $116, and added to the current base fare costs of buses, and toll tunnels and bridges that are increasing every two years, it’s no wonder advocacy groups are demanding changes to these costs.


The organization spearheading this transportation fare reform effort is Community Service Society of New York, led by David Jones. Jones is urging Mayor Bill de Blasio to consider changes in the city’s annual budget that could address these rising costs. What this group is looking for is an income-based fare with rates that are adjusted for lower income families and individuals, while those who can afford the regular rates continue to do so. It’s actually not a new idea as some cities like Seattle are already using a similar program for their public transportation. But while it’s been a success in some cities, the size and cost of transportation infrastructure in New York presents a real challenge to this.


According to the Community Service society, they estimate that implementing this program would account for about $194 million in annual lost revenue, but believe that there are ways the city could compensate for that. However, even bringing this program about would cost a lot, and the city’s transportation commission has been struggling to garner revenue as it is. Other areas that are being looked at right now include City Ticket, a program that allows travelers discounts for metro rides if they put over $5.50 on their tickets, a cost that might get reduced. But also factoring into this is ongoing feuds between Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo over sharing the burden of transportation costs between the city and the state.


New York City Council Passes A New Parking Bill For Car-Share Vehicles

Parking spots in New York City are understated luxuries until someone needs one. Parking in New York City has always been a challenge. Sure, there are parking garages and parking lots all over the city, but who wants to pay as much for parking as they do for a dinner for two at a popular New York eatery? The answer is no one, but people do pay exorbitant rates to drive into the city. New York’s City Council is making the parking debacle more frustrating for some commuters. The City Council just passed a bill that will set aside three hundred parking spaces on local streets, and 300 more parking spaces in city lots for car-share companies. That’s right. Companies like Car2Go and Zipcar are part of a two-year pilot program.



The car-share program is designed to motivate commuters to leave their car at home and use a car-share company. For every car-share on the street, five to ten less fuel efficient cars are off the streets, according to an article published by City officials have not announced the location of these dedicated parking spaces, but the word on the street is, Washington Heights and Astoria are definite candidates.



The car-share technology makes sense for people that need a car a short period and don’t want to go through the hassle of renting a car or using their own car. Zipcar developed a painless process that gives people the opportunity to reserve a car for one hour or for a week. All a person needs to do that is use the mobile app or the Zipcard they receive in the mail after registering online. Zipcar patrons can take the car wherever they want in the time reserved, or they can extend the time they need the car using the mobile app. When the rental is over, a Zipcar can be dropped off in a designated parking space. Renters can lock the car using the app or the Zipcard.



Car-share companies are located in New York, LA, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Denver and Providence. A car-share membership cost about $70 a year and driving rates range from $8 to $10 an hour.


Trump Claims He Makes $21 Million From New York Contracts But Some Say That’s An Alternate Fact

Donald Trump is one of New York City’s most famous residents. But Trump is not just a resident. He’s a land and building baron. Right. Trump is a modern day rent lord that lives by the motto, “go big and never stop growing.” Trump’s New York City real estate holdings are impressive. But in usual Trump fashion, President Trump likes to embrace his assets with an assortment of complimentary adjectives and alternate facts. When Trump released 104 pages of a financial document last year, he listed income of $21 million from a Bronx golf course and two skating rinks in Central Park. Thanks to his public persona these days, several people wanted to know whether those Trumps financial claims were accurate. Most of Trump’s financial claims are unverified. He still hasn’t released his income tax returns. But according to, Trump claims he made $21 million on two lease contracts was inflated by more than half.



That information may not come as a surprise to Trump opponents. If Trump inflated his earning on a golf course and skating rink, his opponents say he inflated his claim that his assets are worth more than $11 billion. According to ProPublica, Trump likes to list gross receipts instead of net receipts. According to the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, Trump showed income from City leases of $20.8 million. But Trump did not list the corresponding expenses he had while operating those leases. Trump met the requirements of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, but some people looking into Trump’s financial disclosures say he did not reveal all the information needed to make an accurate assessment of his earnings.



Democrats and some Republicans are still calling for Trump to release his income tax returns. But Trump isn’t fazed by the requests. Trump has always been controversial, especially when it comes to reporting his earnings. Trump is wealthy. That fact is true. But the depth of his wealth is not as deep as he wants people to believe. On paper Trump is a billionaire, but in reality, he may only be worth hundreds of millions.




A Major Transportation Milestone That Will Rock New York City In 2017

New York is a city like no other. It is one of the busiest and highly advanced cities in the world, with towering skyscrapers built using modern technology. Being a current attraction site, New York City has had the privilege of hosting some of the best events ever to be recorded in history. In 2017 however, one particular event will shake this great city to its core.


In 2017, New York City plans on opening up its state of the art subway to members of the public. Having been built more than a century ago, the Second Avenue Subway will soon become a reality. When complete, this metro is projected to span a staggering thirteen and a half kilometers from Manhattan’s East Side to the 125th street so as to cover areas like Harlem.


The Avenue Subway construction project aims at offering transport services to more than two hundred thousand people every day. Presently, part of the Avenue Subway in New York City is operational. It has tried to integrate all sectors, so as to help boost the economy of New York City. On site are shops, restaurants and bank facilities all meant to make passengers have an easy time during travel.Also, the Avenue Subway is connected to the local road grid network making it easily accessible by bus. Therefore, many bus companies in New York City have formed partnerships with the subway so as to provide scheduled rides to and from this facility for travelers.


One of the things that make the Avenue Subway unique is the nature of artwork inscribed on its walls. Images outlined in these portraits include those of American icons, cultural figures, and even ordinary mosaics. It is a mega project constructed to ensure that traffic congestion is a thing of the past in New York City. Besides, the Avenue Subway will help reduce passenger traveler times since there is no traffic on train rails.


When complete, this project will inevitably transform the entire landscape of New York City. As a result, an excellent transport system will encourage economic stability in this region.


New York City’s Harlem Neighborhood Has A New Name

New York City’s Harlem neighborhood is the home of the famous Apollo Theater and several other well-known businesses. Just like other New York neighborhood, Harlem has gone through a series of ups and downs, over the last 20 years. But Harlem made a comeback. Old buildings are being renovated, and people of all ethnicities are moving in. The real estate business is on fire in Harlem, and because of the renewed interest, South Harlem has a new name. Realtors now called the area between 110th and 125th street, SOHA. Just like the area South of Houston Street is called SOHO, and the area north of Hudson Street is called NOHO, Harlem is now officially an acronym. Apartments in SOHO are selling for $600,000 and renting for more than $3,800 a month, according to an article published by



Not everyone is happy about the name change, however. Some real estate agents say the name change is disrespectful. Residents of the community also oppose the name. Residents say the name could ruin the culture of the neighborhood. Making Harlem an acronym is more of a trend than a compliment, according to some residents.



The New York City real estate business is famous for renaming areas of the city with acronyms. Real estate agents tried to rename one area of the Bronx, “The Piano District,” but that handle didn’t stick. But acronyms like BoCoCa the Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens area, and Rambo, which is the area “right around the Manhattan Bridge overpass,” and LoDel, the area below Delancey Street, are now part of New York’s real estate language.



The trend to rename certain areas in American cities is not a New York City exclusive. Other cities around the country are going through the same name changing experience. Nashville, Tennessee is one of the country’s fastest growing cities, and old downtown neighborhoods are being renamed because of the real estate boom. Parts of the city of Atlanta have new names, and California cities are notorious for having names for certain neighborhoods. Giving area in cities their own identity is a trend that is not going away.




New York City’s Waldorf Astoria to Undergo Renovations

The Waldorf Astoria is a New York City landmark that is nearly as well known as the Empire State Building or even the Statue of Liberty when it comes to New York monuments. Of course, the iconic building as it is now is really the “new” Astoria, which opened in 1931, after the original Waldorf Astoria was torn down to make way for the Empire State Building itself.


Now, under a Chinese company that purchased the property in 2015, the Waldorf will undergo a thorough renovation. The Waldorf Astoria is considered a New York City landmark, and that means that the exterior of the building, at least, is protected by law. Members of the Landmark Preservation Commission will vote to determine which portions of the interior will also be protected. Fan favorites include the marble “wheel of life” tiled in the main entrance and the lobby that displays a miniaturized Statue of Liberty atop a tower.


Tuesday was the Waldorf’s last night open before renovations begin, and many guests – regulars and newcomers alike – took the time to familiarize themselves with the location before it changes. The hotel will be closed for two to three years to complete the renovations, and, while plans haven’t been finalized, the changes are expected to be significant.


The Waldorf Astoria will continue to be a hotel, but not exclusively. The property will be remodeled so a portion of the rooms will function as private condominiums which the Chinese company will sell. While some fans have voiced concern about the landmark being held by foreign companies, most agree they’ll be happy to return when the doors open again.