Controversy At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art?

With regards to recent allegations against so many well know with these days, people are getting much more sensitive to bodies, touching, and what should be seen and known. The appropriateness of almost everything is being called on the carpet lately and it seems museums will not be left out of the intense scrutiny.

There was a recent complaint lodged about one painting in particular “Thérèse Dreaming” by Balthus, a 20th century French painter. Balthus depicted a young girl getting ready to bathe, sitting in her chair with one foot propped on the chair. The angle in which she is sitting, shows the subjects undergarments and gives the viewer a slightly inappropriate glimpse as to what is under her dress. I know that the subject matter can be a bit touchy what with all of the accusations regarding inappropriate touching around the world currently.

I understand the complainants position about finding this painting uncomfortable, but on the outside where is the line drawn between offensive and appropriate? The painting in question has been in existence for over 70 years and has no plans on being hidden as the museum saw fit to refuse the removal of the art piece. Their stance on the matter is sound. If we take down this one piece, it will leave the door open for more art pieces to fall under art scrutiny and banishment. And where would it end?

There are many art pieces that I would rather not see again. Some bizarre, others way too personal, but I would never suggest they come down. Do you want to know why? Art is individualized. It doesn’t cater to just one person and art should wake you up, make your feelings raw, and get people talking about good and bad subjects that need exploring. If this one lady was upset by this one picture, then obviously the true meaning of art: to enjoy or upset, love or hate, feel peace, anger, or feel anything has reached its mark and maybe she needs to talk . Enjoy art, even if you dislike the piece, and talk to your fellow man because that’s why we have museums, to stir conversation and create kindred art spirits.

And bravo to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for defending the free will of the art goer to interpret the painting for themselves.

Is A Margaritaville Finally Coming To New York City?

Fans of Jimmy Buffet and/or the Margaritaville restaurant chain may be able to enjoy their favorite dining spot in midtown Manhattan after all. According to a recent Grub Street article, two real estate companies have been in negotiations to open a branch of the famous chain in New York City.

A plan to open a Margaritaville restaurant in NYC’s Times Square was stopped in January 2017 when the building’s landlord rented part of the desired space to CVS.

The proposed site for the Margaritaville outpost is 560 Seventh Avenue, which would be convenient for Broadway theater patrons. Speaking of the entertainment district, the Grub Street article mentions the “Escape To Margaritaville” musical that will be making its Broadway debut in 2018. The musical premiered in May 2017 in California and also embarked on a short national tour.

The developers of the proposed Margaritaville want to bring more than just cocktails, quesadillas, burgers and shrimp to the Seventh Avenue property. Rumored to be more than 100,000 square feet in size, this facility will likely include a 29-story hotel. The whole facility is supposed to be dedicated to the lifestyle and the music of Jimmy Buffet.

The developers of the project are moving ahead with their plans, and have already secured a $180 million loan. With its interesting decorations, hip yet relaxed image and appealing menu, a new Margaritaville hotel and restaurant would probably be very popular with tourists and NYC residents alike.

Having enjoyed the Margaritaville experience more than once, I can say that I found the food offerings there to be consistently fresh, tasty and well-presented. The service is usually very good and the prices are what I would call average.

If you have the opportunity to eat at a Margaritaville restaurant anytime soon, please let me recommend their fish tacos, beach club sandwich, BBQ Ribs and their homemade cole slaw. They also feature an absolutely scrumptious key lime pie that is made from scratch every day.

Great Handmade Products And A Feminist Perspective Are Offered At The Craftacular Fair In Brooklyn

During the winter holiday season, crafts fairs are held at many different venues. A recent New York Times article tells about a large crafts fair named Craftacular that was held in mid-December in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to offering a wide range of handmade products, this crafts fair also featured a number of mystical craft-related attractions.

The Craftacular fair is sponsored by a women’s lifestyle magazine and website named Bust, that provides a feminist perspective on various topics. Celebrating its twelfth year of existence, Craftacular began as a small Brooklyn event, and is still held there each year. The event has generated so much interest that it is also now a yearly event in Los Angeles and London.

An assortment of interesting workshops were held during the recent Craftacular fair that was held at the Expo Center in Brooklyn. One of these involved learning how to belly dance, while another offered participants the opportunity to learn about and connect with their past lives. A workshop that focused on the use of bath salts was especially popular with attendees of the fair.

Visitors to the Craftacular fair were able to learn how to read tarot cards, have their horoscopes read, learn about their chakras and learn how to palm-read. Free gold-colored, temporary tattoos depicting ovaries were offered at the fair to anyone who wanted one. Fans of glitter could even partake of the biodegradable glitter and wax “bombs” that were being sold at one of the many booths that were set up at the event.

Various activists were present at the Craftacular fair, representing a host of causes and organizations, and several different speakers were featured at the event. Among the topics that were discussed at the fair were consent, male-run institutions and storytelling.

Lots of vendors were on hand at the twelfth Craftacular fair in Brooklyn. Vegan beauty products, lots of crystals, handbags, teas, jewelry and artwork are just some of the products that were available.

Porzingis Surges Knicks Past Lakers With a 37-Point Performance

A thrilling contest ensued between two storied NBA franchises at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night (December 12).

According to the New York Daily News, the hometown Knicks hosted rookie point guard Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers in a competitive professional basketball game that went into overtime. Some star-studded members of the audience were in attendance, including Lonzo’s bombastic father, LaVar Ball.

Acclaimed film director Spike Lee, a Madison Square Garden mainstay was there rooting emphatically for his hometown team as he always does. The native New Yorker has been a season ticket holder for a long time. Also, the larger-than-life Magic Johnson was there to represent his Lakers, a team that has been his heart and soul for decades.

The former Laker and five-time NBA World Champion now serves in an executive position for his historic NBA ball club. However, it was Kristaps Porzingis who stole the show by delivering an absolutely fantastic performance in which he set an NBA record. The 7’3″ power forward/center dominated the defensive end as well.

Porzingis scored 37 points, crashed the glass for 11 rebounds, was a 62.5 percent three-point shooter, and registered five blocks in a monster game. The Latvian national is the first player in NBA history to gain more than 35 points, five blocks, 10 rebounds and five three-pointers in a single game.

Lonzo Ball scored in double digits, made more than a handful of great assists, and activated the Lakers offense respectably late in the game to keep things close. However, it wasn’t enough and the Knicks advanced in an overtime thriller 113-109. Porzingis had help from his rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina as well.

The Knicks star big man praised his rookie point guard for his role in the win. “Frank deserved his minutes tonight. He hit big shots, played well. It was fun to watch them going at each other — two rookies with a lot of talent. I enjoy Lonzo’s game. He is not selfish. He definitely showed up tonight,” Porzingis said, according to the NY Post.

When asked about his record-setting performance, Porzingis was humble and realistic with his words. “It’s an honor. I’m capable of doing something that’s never been done. But it doesn’t help us make the playoffs. I want to do something big as a team,” Porzingis also said, according to the NY Post.

Currently, the Knicks have a 14-13 record and are neck and neck with a few other Eastern Conference teams for the eighth seed.

The High Minimum Wage Is Causing A Decline In The Retail Sector Of New York

The editorial board of the New York Times wants to know why New York is currently filled with empty stores. There have been numerous stores closing that have affected all different areas including part of Brooklyn and Manhattan. According to the editorial board, one of the prominent problems is a new type of vacancy tax the owners of all unoccupied storefronts must pay. The editorial board of the Time’s failed to mention their involvement in the current issue experienced by the cities. They have been advocating for a minimum wage of $15.

The concerns regarding employment in retail businesses is valid. The data of the Labor Department showed there was a decline experienced by the retail trade sector in New York City in 2016. This was regarding the growth of employment, and has not occurred since 2009. According to the current data, the expected decline for 2017 regarding employment in retail is expected to be a lot worse. A similar fate is affecting the cities restaurant sectors. This is occurring in both the limited-service and full-services sectors in the cities. The growth of the average employment from 2015 was more than double the current average. For more details regarding the issues facing New York, please visit Your text to link….

The problem began when New York state decided to experiment by raising the minimum wage. When 2016 had only just started, the city raised the minimum wage by half. The fast food workers saw an increase of almost seventeen percent when their hourly wage increased to $10.50. Towards the beginning of 2017, wage floor increases exceeded $12 per hour. There was an increase of 22 percent in all businesses wages to $11 per hour. By the time 2018 concludes, New York City’s minimum wage for all business with employees numbering eleven or higher will increase to $15 per hour. This represents an increase of 67 percent from 2015.

These increases were supported by the editorial board of the Times, and all the critics were dismissed as being stingy. The arguments for a $15 minimum wage were shaky, and their basis was not on rigorous research, but rather the talking points of the union. The research performed by the neutral third-parties did not come as any surprise when it showed the Times advocacy of $15 was a folly.

New York City Will Soon Get an Entire Margaritaville Themed Hotel

If it’s a warm sunny day, you’re on vacation, or you’re sipping a margarita then there’s a song that’s likely to get stuck in your head. Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet has long been one of the most popular songs of summer and warmer times. It makes people happy to sing along and envision themselves on the beach with margaritas. Well, it looks like the dream of turning that song into reality is closer than ever. That’s because New York City may soon have an entire hotel dedicated to Margaritaville.


According to GrubStreet, two New York firms are in late negotiations to create an entire 29-floor tropical-themed hotel. They’re eying a location that on 560 Seventh Ave for their building plans. Nothing is a done deal yet but it sure does seem likely that this Jimmy Buffet hotel will be built. It’s in a perfect location, as well. New Yorkers and tourists can head over to Broadway to catch a showing of Escape to Margaritaville before checking out the new hotel.


This new attraction in New York City is sure to attract tourists from all over the globe. There are countless fans of Jimmy Buffet and even more that are fans of that song! There’s no word yet on what type of bars and restaurants the restaurant will hold. It’s probably safe to speculate that they will be offering up island drinks and most importantly, Margaritaville. Bright flashy lights also seem to be a theme of Margaritaville hotels. Last January, there were plans to start the building but those were stopped. It seems that this time is the real deal.


There are already a few Margaritaville hotels in Florida and Tennessee but the one in New York is a bit different. It’s an interesting concept to build one in the city. It’s perfect for those who want to vacation somewhere where they get the big city feel but also want to feel like they’re on a tropical vacation. This new hotel combines both and it’s sure to be a smashing hit to anyone that wants to feel like they are in a tropical paradise.

New York City’s First Carl’s Jr. Restaurant Will Be Opening Soon In Coney Island

Although hungry diners regularly patronize Carl’s Jr. restaurants in other parts of the U.S., fans of fast food in New York City have not yet had the opportunity to partake of the chain’s tasty offerings. That is about to change soon, however.


A recent Grub Street article explains how the California-based Carl’s Jr. chain is planning to open its first New York store in Coney Island in the near future. The storefront and signage for the restaurant are already in place, and one of the paper-covered windows features a sign stating that the restaurant will be opening soon.


Known for its charbroiled burgers, shakes, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches, Carl’s Jr. was founded in 1941 and operates more than 1,100 restaurants. The corporation that actually owns Carl’s Jr. restaurants also owns the Hardee’s restaurant chain.


According to the Grub Street article, an IHOP restaurant is situated across the street from the Coney Island Carl’s Jr. store on Surf Avenue, and an Applebee’s eatery is located nearby. Burger-lovers can rejoice in the fact that between the three chains a broad spectrum of burger variations will soon be available.


A special menu feature at Carl’s Jr. restaurants is the $5 All-Star Meal option. With this popular option, customers can choose from several different combo meals. Double-cheeseburgers, spicy chicken sandwiches, natural-cut fries, onion rings, hot dogs, chocolate chip cookies and 20-ounce sodas are among the combo choices that are available.


Located near Luna Park, the neighborhood where the new Carl’s Jr. restaurant will be opening was also home to a Wahlburgers restaurant. Co-owned by actor Mark Wahlberg, that burger spot recently closed its doors for “restructuring.”


Soon, residents and visitors at Coney Island will have the opportunity to eat items such as the Western bacon cheeseburger and the charbroiled chicken salad. Also, a nice breakfast menu, wonderful milkshakes, and an assortment of Mexican dishes will be available at the upcoming Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Coney Island.


New York City. So many choices. So many different cultures. It truly is the melting pot of the U.S. You can go down to Korea town which is only a few blocks from the famous Macy’s department store and have some authentic Korean BBQ or you can hop on the N/R train head down to Canal street and you have a plethora of Chinese food choices anything from dim sum to fresh chicken feet.

You can experience Indian, Persian, Ethiopian and Guyanese food all without ever leaving the country in NYC. Check out: Grub Street

There are also some other overlooked food availability and that is seafood.

New York city also has a wide variety of fresh seafood markets. NYC Fresh seafood In fact New York is the second largest fish market in the world.

From the Fulton market up in the Bronx,a huge wholesale operation. You can the 6 train and head back to the city on the 4 or 5 train to Dorians seafood market on the east side of the city. Off the Atlantic coast you have the finest clam and fish bars on the planet in my opinion and that is the famous Randazzos clam bar in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. The calamari is orgasmic with the generous amount of secret red sauce they pour over it. It is so good that you will want to bottle up the sauce and take it home!

If you are the adventurous type take the long journey on the A train or you can even take the new ferry service from Wall street,and head to the Far Rockaways in Jamaica Bay, Queens and go fishing for your own fresh fish! The possibilities are endless.

Whether you are a local or visiting New York City, it is a must go to destination! Come and get your catch of the day today!

The Tech Scene In New York Is Completely Changing

The New York tech scene has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. The trend has started to stabilize as the excitement has worn off. In 2014 and 2015 a tech company in New York went public and their valuation exceeded $1 billion. By the year 2016 all of the IPO’s were gone although the year was not quiet. There were 421 new businesses with $9.5 billion in funding and 109 existing with a value well over $5 billion.

The numbers show similarities between the tech scene and traditional economy of New York. The investors and companies are not trying to make thousands by betting on companies that fail. They have turned to companies referred to as cash cows who make money not noise. The biggest private tech company currently in New York is Infor followed by a grocery store called Fresh Direct, the office space business WeWork and the insurance firm of Oscar. For more details on the new York tech scene please visit

The workspaces, accelerators, events, business groups and government initiatives available in New York are supporting the companies. There are programs available to support entrepreneurs, international entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and small businesses in industries from biotechnology to fashion. New York’s tech industry was originally located in Silicon Alley but has begun to expand north towards the Bronx and Harlem. The industry is expected to reach Queens and Brooklyn with all new developments.

Every tech region has a different focus. Silicon Alley consists of traditional tech companies including AdTech and Fintech. Brooklyn has been attracting companies such as CreativeTech and Urbantech while Queens has established Biotechnology businesses like FoodTech. Even the Bronx and Harlem are seeing good social enterprises. The biggest change is the loss of the tech companies’ independence. The line between traditional and tech businesses is becoming thinner.

Knicks Look to Trade Anthony

During the prior NBA basketball season the New York Knicks were the most disappointing team in the league. They had spent the prior off-season bringing in a number of high profile players, including Derrick Rose. While the team looked like they could compete for a playoff spot, they quickly faltered and fell out of playoff contention early in the year. Due to the poor season, it appears that the Knicks are now finally looking to rebuild their entire team. They have already made a number of big moves and are looking to trade away their star player.

For the past five years, the Knicks have been led by forward Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has always been considered one of the most talented players in the league but has not been able to get the Knicks over the hump. Anthony has a no trade clause in his contract which he previously was not willing to waive. However, at this point it appears that both the Knicks and Anthony are willing to approve some select trades. According to recent reports, the Knicks are in talks with the Houston rockets to send Anthony there immediately ( This could be a good move for all parties involved.

If Anthony is traded to Houston, the team could soon be one of the most competitive in the league. The Rockets were already one of the most explosive teams last season and recently signed point guard Chris Paul. If they are able to get Anthony as well, the offense sure to be very hard to stop.

While it will be good for the Rockets and Anthony, it could also be a good move for the Knicks. The team will likely now look to clear space and make a move to be a younger team. With a number of young talented players and high picks, they could be more competitive in the near future.