NYC to Roll Out Free Preschool for three year olds

New York City is enacting a program that offers free preschool for three year olds. This plan follows an earlier plan announced in 2013 as part of the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, plan to extend pre-school to four year olds.


The 2013 plan from de Blasio was a campaign promise that he made during his initial bid for Mayor. That program was popular and this new imitative would be extended to 62,000 children whose preschool was all funded with public funds. In the United States this would be the largest investment in education for three year old children.


In many ways, the greater investment in the education for children as young as three years old will yield significant research on education for children. Education researchers will be able to generate information regarding whether or not extending these programs to children is an effective use of money and if it has a significant impact on children long-term. The mayor has indicated that research shows that earlier education lead to higher salaries in the future for those students, partly due to younger students being able to absorb information quickly.


There may be extended reasons for this initiative by Bill de Blasio. In addition to the increased chance for election for de Blasio in his coming reelection campaign, the implementation of this additional education period will make de Blasio more noticeable nationally which may result in greater visibility for the possibility of national elections.


Voters may or may not like this initiative nationwide, though it is likely to be popular in New York City which has been traditionally a very liberal place. The problem is that a program like this will take a long time to manifest with results and the price tag is relatively expensive with close to $200 million in costs annually over the next four years. When the program is developed fully across the city it would approach total costs of almost $1 billion. A portion of this funding may come from state and federal sources, though with the current federal administration this funding may be hard to come by.


The new preschool program will be rolled out gradually starting with neighborhoods in the Bronx and Brooklyn, before being rolled out across the city.

New York Launches Program To Help Pay For College

The Democratic governor of the state of New York has passed some major legislation when it comes to higher education. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has unrolled and signed into law a bill that could help pay for the college tuition of New York state residents at public two and four year colleges. The bill applies to both SUNY and CUNY two and four year colleges. SUNY are state universities of New York, while CUNY represents city colleges of New York in New York City.


There are some important things to keep in mind about the new bill signed by the governor. While many tout the bill as now offering free public education to the residents of New York, it is actually far from that. There are several exceptions as is the case when it comes to getting something for free. Here is what people should keep in mind, so that they do not feel ripped off or cheated.


First the new legislation only applies to public colleges in New York state. That means if you are a student at a private college, then you will still have to pay an often substantial tuition fee to attend a private college in New York State. A clause was added to the new bill which is able to provide up to $3,000 a year to students at private universities. This comes with the terms that the private university would have to match the $3000 and agree not to raise tuition during the duration of the student’s studies.


Another key thing to keep in mind about the so called free tuition bill is that students are still responsible for paying for their room and board. These expenses can easily and often do exceed the costs of tuition alone. People who plan on benefiting from the Excelsior Scholarship Program, as the free college program is called, should also be aware that they will be required to stay in the state of New York for the same number of years that they received the scholarship while in school. That means if you decide to leave New York State after you graduate, that free tuition the state payed for you will now turn into a loan that you must repay.


Still despite these terms, which also includes a maximum family income of $100,000 a year in order to qualify, this can be said to be a major step towards free higher public education. The movement really took hold in New York City in 2015 at Laguardia Community College and has since materialized into major legislation. Only time will tell if the program is effective or not.

New York City To Host Whiskey Festival And Fundraiser

Felipe Schreiberg, a contributing writer at Forbes magazine recently wrote an article about a major whiskey themed event that is set to take place in New York City. According to Schreiberg, New York City will host the third Water Of Life Festival this year. It is scheduled to take place on May 18th of this year. The location of the Water Of Life Festival will be inside the IAC Building that was designed by famous architect, Frank Gehry.


The Water Of Life Festival is actually a fundraiser for a cancer non profit organization. Proceeds from the event will benefit the GIST Cancer Awareness Foundation. GIST is an acronym for gastrointestinal stromal tumor, which is an extremely rare but often fatal form of cancer.


The man who create the WOL festival is a fellow named Dr. Matthew Lurin. The whiskey theme of the event comes from the fact that Matthew Lurin is a major whiskey drinker and enthusiast. Lurin says he was introduced to the alcoholic drink of Scottish whiskey by his stepfather, who was none other than Joe Temperley. Mr. Temperley was a famous Scottish musician. Dr. Lurin says that ever since his Jazz rocking stepfather introduced him to his first shot of Scottish whiskey, he has not looked back and has became an affeciando of the beverage.


Joe Temperely was eventually diagnosed with the rare gastrointestinal stromal cancer, which led his stepson, Dr. Matthew Lurin to set up a fundraiser to bring awareness and help fund research into this form of cancer. Unfortunately, Joe Temperley passed away due to the disease last year, but his memory lives on with the Water Of Life Festival which also supports further research into this disease.


The format of the WOL festival is unique. The Water Of Life Festival holds a speed dating style format to drinking whiskey. What this means is that a brand ambassador will come to your table and share some whiskey with you. They will also tell you about the brand and its history while they are at your table. Such an approach prevents crowds from forming and the increases the likelihood that event participants will be able to sample as much whiskies as they can. A total of 74 different whiskey brands are set to be part of the event, so whiskey lovers should look forward to sampling quite a lot of whiskey during the event.

Giants Look to Fulfill Needs in the 2017 Draft

With the 2017 NFL draft behind them, the Giants hope they have found the tools that will let them move past the first round of the playoffs. While the team was forecasted to be looking for help along the offensive line and linebacker, they opted for depth in the skill positions, and possibly, their successor at quarterback. The Giants did not try to trade up for a higher pick, or to give up an earlier pick for multiple picks in later rounds. Only time will tell how well they judged their needs and the talent in the draft.


In the first round, with the 23rd pick in the draft, the Giants chose to beef up their receiving corps. Looking for someone to line up with Beckham and Marshall, the team went looking for a tight end. The top candidate in the draft, O. J. Howard of Alabama, was drafted a few slots earlier by Tampa Bay at No. 19. With Howard off the board, the Giants took Evan Engram of Ole Miss as their first choice. At 6-3 with a 4.42 40 time, Engram is the kind of player that can step into the starting rotation from day 1 and gives New York an impressive trio of receivers. However, some question whether Rueben Foster, from Alabama, may have filled a more immediate need at linebacker.


When day two of the draft came around, the Giants went defensive with the 55th pick overall. New York chose defensive end, Dalvin Tomlinson of Alabama, in the second round. The team needed a replacement for Johnathan Hankins who they lost to the Colts last month in free agency. At 6-3, 310 LBS, Tomlinson has the size to play in the interior though experts had him going lower in the draft.


The most interesting pick for the Giants came in the third round at the end of day two. New York chose Davis Webb out of the University of California. Picking him up in the third round seems to give the Giants fair value for the pick. The main question is whether the team is looking at Webb as a dependable backup for the foreseeable future, or as Manning’s eventual successor.


The Giant ended the draft by taking RB Wayne Gallman with the No. 140th pick, improving their ground game. However, it wasn’t until their last pick of the day, offensive tackle Adam Bisnowaty, did the team do anything to address an offensive line that under-performed last year.

Highlights of the 2017 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Celebrations Held In New York

New York City, also dubbed as the city that never sleeps, feels like a life crash course to most outsiders visiting or relocating from much less busy towns. New York is home to entrepreneurs looking to scale their careers and build a formidable fan base or customer base from all over the world. New York is full of internationally acclaimed tech innovators, musicians, actors, finance professionals, designers, authors, painters and other achievers from different genres of creativity. It is home to many entertainment houses such as HBO, and frequently holds prestigious events such as the BET, the Grammys and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


On April 29th, HBO will air the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction celebrations which took place at the Brooklyn Barclays Center on April 7th. This year’s ceremony featured the recognitions of Pearl Jam, Electric Light Orchestra, Joan Baez, Yes and Tupac Shakur. David Letterman, Snoop Dogg, and Rush had the honors of presenting these icons’ inaugurations. During the presentations, Snoop Dogg gave a moving and playful speech about Tupac Shakur’s life and artistry. He explained that despite the common misconception that regards the late artist as an unorthodox character, Tupac was only human. He explained that Shakur valued his voice in speaking out for humanity and never shied away from the role. One of the moments that highlighted the night included Alicia Keys’ performances that paid tribute to Shakur. The performances integrated Tupac’s hits, ‘Changes’, ‘Dear Mama’ and ‘Ambitionz Az a Ridah’.


Other artists that gave outstanding presentations included the legendary Lenny Kravitz who performed Prince’s ‘The Cross’ and ‘When Doves Cry’. The Journey music band from the 70s had an electric stage presence which featured Arnel Pineda as the lead singer while performing ‘Don’t Stop Believin’. During the Journey’s inauguration speech, ex-member Steve Perry expressed his gratitude to co-founder Neal Schon and stated that he is one of his most cherished encounters. The 32nd celebrations featured nominees with songs released not later than 1991. The inductees’ enshrinements will be available for viewing in the Rock and Roll of Fame Museum in Cleveland. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame began operating in 1983 and honors producers, artists, engineers and other influential figures who have had a significant contribution towards the development of rock and roll.



Mayor DeBlasio Ups Funding for Deportees

New York City has taken steps to increase free legal representation in the future to people who entered the country illegally or overstayed their visa. Over $16 million in taxpayer’s money has been allotted in Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s proposed 2018 budget to pay for “legal representation for immigrant New Yorkers facing deportation and other immigration challenges.”


The $16 million marks a substantial increase from previous funding efforts by the city and appears to be a response to increase enforcement efforts by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs Commissioner, Nisha Agarwal, said “in the Trump administration there’s really no prioritizing of who they’re targeting.” Since 2013, undocumented immigrants were provided a public defender through the city’s New York Immigrant Family Reunification Project. Last year, the New York City Council provided $6.5 million through the Project to provide legal services to immigrants. The Project reported that 30% of those immigrants who had legal representation, were able to remain in the country.


Mr. DeBlasio’s move follows state efforts sponsored by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s who allotted $10 million in the 2018 state budget for the same purpose. The Governor stated he wanted “to ensure all immigrants, regardless of residency status, have access to representation.” The funding is part of a public-private partnership with the Carnegie Corporation and the Ford Foundation.


However, the increase funding came with a caveat. De Blasio said the city wouldn’t fund lawyers for immigrants facing deportation who have been convicted of certain serious violent crimes on which the city presently cooperates with ICE. The Mayor explained on Wednesday that “if we believe as a matter of policy and law that’s appropriate, we’re not going to provide legal services to stop that (deportation).” Legal Aid representatives objected to the restrictions saying that, “to not allow us to meet with everyone to be able to assess or determine whether someone is eligible to stay in this country, where many of them have been all of their lives, would be a real outrage.”


Trump is Headed to NYC After First 100 Days are Over
President Trump made an announcement Friday that his trips to New York City were costing the taxpayers too much money. The extra security costs over $300,000 in overtime police officers every weekend he goes to NYC with several streets requiring to be closed around Trump Tower.


He will be going on Thursday as planned. He has been accused of not telling the truth, and Buzzfeed has found one false statement every day for the first 100 days Trump was in office.


Experts call some of them “bullshit” because the statements never meant to get near the truth. I.F. Stone once wrote, “All governments lie,” but some say Trump has gone beyond other presidents in this area. Some say he has created a crisis of credibility. What do you think?


Here are six of the 100 lies that Buzzfeed attributes to Trump and his aides.


1) Lie – “I wasn’t a fan of invading Iraq; but, we got out wrong.” Truth – In 2002, Trump said he supported invading Iraq.

2) Lie – “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, both in person and around the globe.” Truth – Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009 was larger according to photos.

3) Trump claimed that 3 to 5 million “illegals” voted in the 2016 election, which cost him the popular vote. Truth – The National Association of Secretaries of State found no evidence to support voter fraud claims.

4) Sean Spicer reported that “Trump won the election with 306 electoral votes, the most since any Republican since Reagan.” Truth – George H.W. Bush received 426 electoral votes in 1988.

5) Lie – “The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia.” Truth – The U.S. accepted 1,250, not thousands, from Australian custody.

6) Lie – “I’m very much opposed to sanctuary cities. They breed crime.” Truth –

Researchers deny any evidence showing there is more crime in sanctuary cities, compared to non-sanctuary cities.


Apparently, there are 94 more statements made from President Trump and the Trump Administration, but, since all governments are known to lie, the question is “Are these misstatements tainting the presidential office by creating shame and incredibility? It’s up to you as a discerning citizen and voter in the United States of America.


New York City Grioler Club Hosts Exhibition On Financial Securities

Contributing writer to Forbes Magazine, Jonathan Keats recently covered an exhibition that is hosted by the Grolier Club in New York City. The Groiler Club was created in 1884 and named after Frenchman Jean Grolier, who was a great collector of books. The mission of the Grolier Club was to collect and foster the appreciation of books and other printed materials. You can find the Grolier Club at 47 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022. The exhibition halls are open from 10 A.M to 5 P.M. Mondays to Saturdays.


Writing for Forbes Magazine, Jonathan Keats describes the latest exhibition at the Grolier Club as being a testament to the fine art of engraving and its evolution throughout American history. Engraving as covered at this New York City exhibition refers to security engraving to ensure authenticity of bank notes, stock certificates and other financial documents. The exhibition at the Grolier Club shows stock certificates and their engravings that date all the way back from the 19th century to the modern era.


It is interesting to note that before the federal government began taking over the matter of engraving paper money, most money and other financial certificates were engraved by skilled artists. Seals varied tremendously and most were works of art that would impress people today. The Grolier exhibition on engraving in banknotes and stocks certificates shows that engravings eventually evolved from a security feature to prevent counterfeiting to a form of advertisement as well.


In case you are wondering what an engraving is, it is similar to a seal. It can be said to be a seal of authenticity that showed that the document was in fact an original or legit. Today we have the Federal Bureau of Engraving and Printing that engraves money. Stock certificates continue to have an engraving to this day. This is because there is a rule at the New York Stock Exchange that says that all stock certificates must feature an original engraving for that company. The rule is hundreds of years old, yet it still remains part of the stock market world today.


If you are interested in the evolution of bank notes and stock certificates, then it is a good idea to check out the Grolier Club exhibition. You will learn some interesting history and view the evolution of engraving through the centuries by looking at historic bank notes and stock certificates.


Inequality in Men’s and Women’s Salaries Still Shows a Significant Difference in NYC

The fight for the equality of salaries for men and women in the workplace goes on. In New York City, if you are women, you are paid approximately $6,600 less than a man at a comparable position: this is 2017.


According to this recent study by the Pew Research Center, more than half of men in the United States see no sexism in the culture, but two-thirds of the women say that because of this misconception, there are more obstacles than ever when looking for equality. In education, women outnumber men in the universities in graduate degrees, and yet in the workplace, gender and race pay gaps definitely exist.


The study shows that New York state has the narrowest gap in men and women’s paycheck in the country. It showed that a woman makes 87 percent of the man’s earnings, and if the same rate continues, as it has since 1960, this gender gap will not close until 2049. These women are less likely to own businesses, and most are women of color.


If a working woman and man’s salary were equal, in New York there would be an increase of $29.6 billion to the state’s economy. Yes, billion and if NYC’s working women were paid an equal salary as men at the same age as men, the same level of education, and who works a comparable number of hours, the study showed that the poverty rate for women and their families would decrease from 27 to 13 percent or over half.


There is a glimmer of hope in NYC because the millennial generations have shown a slight increase for women in the age group of 16-34. Their earnings, on the average, were $38,319 compared to $37,542 for men in the same age group. The study suggests that this discrepancy is because 46 percent of women to age 34 have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared with 37 percent of men the same ages. This defies the statistics.


There are signs of progress in closing this gender and racial gap in NYC, and one substantial legislation was an executive order to eliminate salary history as a requirement on resumes and job applications. Progress will be shown in the results.

New York City Has Become an Attraction for Hosting Big Musical Festivals

Large Musical Festivals held in NYC declined in past years and made its way during 2014 until 2016. New York City is the most populated metropolitan city in the world and is known as the major attraction for hosting music and dance events. From June through August 2016, the city has hosted many musical festivals, including the Governors Ball, Electric Daisy Carnival, Global Citizen, and Panorama, which attracted over 10,000 patrons. Electric music lovers are preparing themselves for the upcoming 2016 Electric Zoo Festival, scheduled during the Labor Day weekend, beginning September 2nd and ending on September 4th. This huge event will happen in Randall Island Park and feature electronic dance & music and known & underground artists.



Forbes announced in June 2016 that the Meadows Music & Arts Festival is hosting an October 2016 Event, featuring The Weeknd, Chance The Rapper, and Kanye West, in Queens. The Meadows Music & Arts and Electric Zoo Festivals are the most recent big events in NYC. The city is home for many famous hip hop, Latin, jazz and punk artists, and is the dance capital of the nation. Tens of thousands of patrons filled fields in parks, including Central to enjoy the beautiful weather, dance and music.



Central Park Summer Stage Festival began in June and ends September 23rd, 2016. Events are held particularly every day, including free & paid live concerts, theater, ballet, opera, dance parties and poetry. This Labor Day weekend, starting Friday through Sunday will include three days of live performances and dance. Tickets to these events are available online, as well as to Meadows Music & Arts Festival.



The rise in large musical festivals in New York City continues, causing the city to monitor accessibility to places to hold such events. Festivals are popping up all over the city in Richmond, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens counties. Can NYC meet the demand for musical festivals? Time will tell beginning 2017 when companies, such a Founders Entertainment start planning and scheduling events.



Artists, concert followers, and the entertainment industry are looking forward to festival shows in New York City. Artists and entertainment companies are financially relying on large festivals to generate revenue, while concert goers are searching for free and cost efficient tickets. NYC is welcoming festivities to keep the economy stable.