New York City is Hosting 2016 Wine and Food Festival to Support Food Bank and No Kid Hungry Charitable Organizations

The 2016 New York City Wine and Food Festival (NYCWFF) is coming to the city on October 13th. Foodies and wine tasters prepare yourselves for the time of your lives being entertained and educated at the four-day national event. World famous chefs, wine producers, television personalities, and culinary professionals will be attending the annual festival. Patrons can look forward to tasting over 100 wineries producers from Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, as well as attending intimate dinners and cooking classes events. According to Huffington Post, the proceeds from the festival will benefit the end hunger movement in NYC.



The festival is expected to host more than 500 chefs, culinary experts, wine producers, spirit producers, stars from Food Network, and entertainers. Famous chefs and restaurant owners, including Rachael Ray, Martha Steward, Bobby Flay, Carla Hall, Robert Irvin, Masaharu Morimot, Guy Fieri, and others are scheduled for quest appearances. Celebrities Whoopi Goldberg, Patti LaBelle and Neil Patrick are expected to appear at the NYCWFF. The celebration will comprise of food and wine tasting, parties, cooking demonstrations, and educational conferences. Approximately 100 events are hosted by the festival during the four-day event.



The New York City Wine and Food Festival is recognized as the largest food and wine festival in the city. This is the festival ninth year holding a national event that supports the no hunger campaign. The festival was first held in 2007 and one later, the director and founder launched the opening of NYCWFF. Since its founding, the festival foundation has raised $9.5 million to help fight hunger in New York City neighborhoods. All proceeds generated from the festivals goes to the No Kid Hungry and NYC Food Bank non-profit organizations.



Get ready for an experience filled with talent, entertainment, and American favorite food tastings. Meet some of Food Network television stars, world famous chefs, television personalities, and celebrities. Patrons have the opportunity to eat and drink and at the same time help put an end to hunger in New York City. Tickets to attend various events range from $10 up to $400. Out of 100 events, 23 events have already sold out of tickets.


New York City Has Become an Attraction for Hosting Big Musical Festivals

Large Musical Festivals held in NYC declined in past years and made its way during 2014 until 2016. New York City is the most populated metropolitan city in the world and is known as the major attraction for hosting music and dance events. From June through August 2016, the city has hosted many musical festivals, including the Governors Ball, Electric Daisy Carnival, Global Citizen, and Panorama, which attracted over 10,000 patrons. Electric music lovers are preparing themselves for the upcoming 2016 Electric Zoo Festival, scheduled during the Labor Day weekend, beginning September 2nd and ending on September 4th. This huge event will happen in Randall Island Park and feature electronic dance & music and known & underground artists.



Forbes announced in June 2016 that the Meadows Music & Arts Festival is hosting an October 2016 Event, featuring The Weeknd, Chance The Rapper, and Kanye West, in Queens. The Meadows Music & Arts and Electric Zoo Festivals are the most recent big events in NYC. The city is home for many famous hip hop, Latin, jazz and punk artists, and is the dance capital of the nation. Tens of thousands of patrons filled fields in parks, including Central to enjoy the beautiful weather, dance and music.



Central Park Summer Stage Festival began in June and ends September 23rd, 2016. Events are held particularly every day, including free & paid live concerts, theater, ballet, opera, dance parties and poetry. This Labor Day weekend, starting Friday through Sunday will include three days of live performances and dance. Tickets to these events are available online, as well as to Meadows Music & Arts Festival.



The rise in large musical festivals in New York City continues, causing the city to monitor accessibility to places to hold such events. Festivals are popping up all over the city in Richmond, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens counties. Can NYC meet the demand for musical festivals? Time will tell beginning 2017 when companies, such a Founders Entertainment start planning and scheduling events.



Artists, concert followers, and the entertainment industry are looking forward to festival shows in New York City. Artists and entertainment companies are financially relying on large festivals to generate revenue, while concert goers are searching for free and cost efficient tickets. NYC is welcoming festivities to keep the economy stable.


NYC Has a New Breakfast Gem

New NYC restaurant Atla has offerings that are sure to make breakfast the most important meal of the day for those who love Mexican food first thing in the morning. The restaurant serves dishes like chilaquiles, which is a fried tortilla dish that includes eggs, salsa and crema. The dish is often offered by chefs Enrique Olvera and Daniela Soto-Innes at their restaurant Cosme as a late-night dish, but is now a staple at Atla for those who enjoy chilaquiles for breakfast.


Atla is also among the new restaurants in New York that are offering splendid breakfast dishes. Previously, breakfast one the meal that was overlooked by NYC restaurants, since most people preferred quick and easy dishes from eateries that didn’t necessarily offer sit-down service.


Atla will open at 9am daily, and in addition to chilaquiles, meals like molletes with goat cheese and guacamole and a Mexican version of bruschetta will served. For those who prefer a sweet breakfast, coconut yogurt with blueberries or Mexican sweet breads like orejas and conchas are offered. Patrons who are in the mood for a great cup of coffee can also get a fresh cup of brew from Atla. Cafe con leche and espresso are available, as well as cafe de olla, which is a coffee sweetened with cane sugar and Mexican cinnamon.


At noon, Atla will start serving lunch, and the dishes are sure to excite. There are traditional Mexican favorites on the menu like chile relleno, along with innovative dishes like hummus made from white ayocote beans. There is also an extensive cocktail selection, including the finest mezcal and tequila choices so that patrons can customize their beverages. Atla promises to be one of the standout restaurants in NYC and will likely be known for its delicious fare for years to come.


The restaurant is located at 372 Lafayette St, near E. 3rd St.

New York’s Best Ice Cream Shops

New York is a city where you can get ice cream at virtually any restaurant. You can even find delicious ice cream at street carts around the city. However, there are a few locations in NYC that have top-notch ice cream that you won’t soon forget. Here are some of the best in the city.


Ice and Vice


This shop is located at 221 E. Broadway near Clinton St. Ice and Vice offers several unconventional flavors and can choose from a ice cream cone tower or sundae when you’re ready to enjoy a sweet treat. Each of the scoops you select is designed to represent a dish or snack. You can choose from Ants on a Farm, which included raisins, chocolate chips and celery. Or, you can try the 9AM flavor, which is mixed with chicory, French roast coffee a white balsamic reduction, honeydew and prosciutto chips. Even if you’re in the mood for vanilla, which is known as Basic B is a little different than normal, since it includes black-lava sea salt.


Ample Hills Creamery


Ample Hills has a lot of creative flavors as well, and the vibe of the ice cream shop is especially fun and playful. There are candy and cookies featured in many of the flavors, so you can get a scoop with nostalgic snacks like Peppermint Patties and Fig Newtons. You can even get ice cream mixed with chocolate covered saltines. All ice cream is made with organic sugar and grass-fed milk.




There are several Davey’s locations around the city, and there are lots of traditional flavors that have been refined and perfected. All ice cream is made from Battenkill dairy, which is a skillful percentage of sugar and butterfat. The coffee flavor is actually strong coffee, the raspberry sorbet also includes Riesling, and the chocolate chip flavor has cookie dough that is enhanced in flavor. Davey’s also sells a brownie that you can order alone or as a base for a sundae, or a milkshake that tastes like a peanut butter pie.


Check out the Grub Street website to find out more about the great ice cream shops NYC has to offer.



Take an NYC Food Tour This April

Each month in NYC, you’ll find several new dishes and drinks to enjoy. There are also several food-themed events in the area, so it’s impossible to see and do everything in a month’s time. Grubstreet begins each month with a collection of entrees, beverages and events that you should add to your agenda. Here are some suggestions for the month of April.


Enjoy Chocolate Doughnuts


One of the best places to get doughnuts in New York is Dough. The Flatiron location has embraced chocolate, and offers a doughnut covered in sweet goodness that you won’t soon forget. Fany Gerson, the co-owner of Dough has presented a roster that has 15 new flavors that all include Belgian chocolate from award-winning Callebaut. Flavors include salted banana caramel, caramelized white espresso and cocoa nib and vanilla custard with hot fudge glaze.


Get Breakfast a Harlem Bagel Shop


Uptown doesn’t have many places to get great bagels, but NYC is seeing a resurgence of bagel shops that you’ll want to try. Bo’s Bagels opened on East 116th Street recently, and the small 19-seat eatery offers bagels for $1.25 (or $15 for a baker’s dozen). You can choose from black Russian bagels, traditional salted bagels or pumpernickel everything. There are also creative flavors like three cheese and cinnamon raisin.


Grab Lunch at the Best Soup-Dumpling Spot in NYC


Pinch Chinese offers some of the most delicious soup dumplings in the city, and the meal is available at lunchtime as part of the prix fixe menu. You can choose a main course of Taiwanese beef noodle soup, a chicken sao bing sandwich or vegetarian fried rice, and compliment the meal with pork soup, chicken napa, vegetable or pan-fried beef dumplings. Pinch also offers salads that include tofu and seaweed or carrot and daikon.



To find out more about the greatest places to eat in April in NYC, visit the Grub Street website.



Migration Declines in New York

It seems that the New York area is not the center of attraction. Recent statistics show a decline in migration to the region during the past seven years.


According to United States Census records, one million people have moved out of the Tri-State area since 2010. Such number is presently the highest negative net migration in the nation.


Regions that are mainly affected by the changes are the lower Hudson and Long Island areas. New York City has also experienced a bit of population decline with growth rates reported as slower than normal. Still, even with the lack of rapid increase, the Big Apple remains one of the most sought after regions with a current population of more than 8.5 million residents.


While some blame the decline in migration to the Tri-State area on colder climates that sometimes hold people hostage in their homes for days, the experts say that the economy has a lot to do with residents leaving New York and surrounding East Coast states.


“The historical trend is that out-migration grows when the economy is getting better,” E.J. McMahon of Empire Center for Public Policy says. “As the economy gets better, there are more jobs outside the region and by the same token . . . more people to buy your house if you’re a baby boomer looking to move to Boca Raton or Myrtle Beach.”


According to this explanation, it is possible that the current slump is only temporarily. Of course, it is important to recognize retirees who no longer have a desire to live in the city. Such travelers will probably never return to the Tri-State area.


Regardless of the present decline in migration, New York, and its surrounding states remain a popular attraction for international travelers. More than 160,000 individuals coming from other countries chose to settle into the East Coast last year. Although the numbers are not as significant as years prior, they are still promising.



The Best Places to Get Ice Cream in NYC

Now that the weather is warming up, you may be in the mood to get a tasty scoop of ice cream. If you’re in NYC, you know that there are plenty of places to grab quality ice cream, no matter where you’re located in the city. There are also several food-themed events happening each month in NYC, so if you’re visiting the area for the month of April, here are some great eateries to try when you want ice cream.




This ice ceram shop is on Rivington Street, and the flavors you’ll find there are anything but ordinary. If you like sweet and savory, the strawberry-pistachio pesto is a great choice. There’s also a licorice flavor and a lemon-shiso espresso. The King Kong banana split is a favorite, and includes sesame caramel, pickled pineapple and Luxardo cherry.




There are several Davey’s locations in NYC, and while the flavors aren’t too outrageous, the ice cream shop offers perfected versions of classic ice cream varieties. For instance, the coffee flavored ice cream is actually made from strong coffee, and the raspberry sorbet is mixed with Riesling. If you’re in the mood for a milkshake, the peanut butter pie shake is a great option.


Blue Marble


This ice cream shop received an “honorable mention” from Grub Street and serves lots of classic flavors that are packed with flavor. You can get a great scoop (or two) of cookies and cream or chocolate, and the shop sells a tasty version of strawberry ice cream as well. There are also some flavors that are only available seasonally, such as spiced cider sorbet and sweet corn, so if you’re back in NYC for autumn, these are great flavors to try. Blue Marble is also a completely organic eatery, which means that the ice cream is both high-quality and delicious. If you’re not able to make it out to a Blue Marble, not to worry. The ice cream is now sold by the pint in many grocery stores.


For more information on the best ice cream shops in NYC, check out the Grub Street website.

New York Set to Focus on Opening Day

New York City is the home to over 8 million people and is also the economic and cultural hub of the United States. Because of this, there is always something going on in the city. This week, the focus of the city is on the new baseball season that is starting this week (


Heading into the 2017 Major League Baseball season, both of the New York teams are looking like they could make a big run and potentially reach the postseason. After a strong 2015 season that saw them reach the World Series, the New York Mets took a step back in 2016. The team was competitive all year, but endued up falling short at the end of the season and finished 8 games out of first place in the NL East. They then ended up losing to the San Francisco Giants in the Wild Card game.


This year, the Mets are looking like they could advance far once again. The team has one of the best young pitching staffs in baseball, which is headlined by Noah Syndegaard. One of the biggest questions about the team will be whether or not they are all able to stay health. Last year, several of their starters had bouts with injuries, which impacted the team all year.


On the other side of town, the Yankees look ready to rebound as well. The Yankees have historically relied on the success of their older veterans, but the team has been making a lot of moves to get younger and faster. Last year, the team finished in fourth place in the very competitive AL East division. However, they have a lot of young talent that could help them improve. Young stars, such as Gary Sanchez, will be the focus in the 2017 MLB season.


While the Yankees have a lot of talent on their MLB roster, they also have a very good farm system. They currently have one of the top three ranked farm systems based on the quality of their prospects. Depending on how the year progresses, several of the top players could be promoted to the majors.


Bill O’Reilly Maintains Top Spot With FOX News After Network Pays Big In Harassment Settlements

If you’re a fan of the FOX News network, or even if you’re not a viewer and can’t stand him, you still know who Bill O’Reilly is.


In other words, you either love him or hate him. At FOX, he plays a key role for the news network because he’s a ratings darling and brings big bucks Fox’s way via The O’Reilly Show. To give you an idea, consider this:


Bill O’Reilly’s No. 1 cable news show made about $178 million in advertising revenue in 2015. So FOX News isn’t about to ruffle his feathers, despite what a number of women have been saying about him, in and out of court.


The New York City network has shelled out approximately $13 million, which has been paid out over the years to address complaints from numerous women about Mr. O’Reilly’s behavior. He still denies the claims have any merit.


According to the Chicago Tribune, five women were involved, claiming harassment by the veteran newscaster and talk show host, stretching over a period of 15 years.


At the first of the new year, O’Reilly settled yet another harassment claim; this one was filed by former Fox News presenter Juliet Huddy. The amount was undisclosed.


Huddy and the other women allege that Mr. O’Reilly was guilty of a variety of behavior, including lewd comments, unwanted advances, phone calls and verbal abuse.


He plays a prominent role in the FOX newsroom and would often start to offer advice to the female newswomen to cement a bond. Then, he would allegedly sexually pursue these TV journalists.


Bill O’Reilly is 67-years-old and a native New Yorker. The FOX News talk show host has been married once to Maureen McPhilmy. This marriage lasted between 1996 and 2011, and it was a contentious divorce. The pair share two children.


Explosions In Town

Several manhole explosions were recently reported in Manhattan. These explosions were strong enough to shatter some of the windows of the businesses in the city. Most of the windows that were broken were in the Strand Bookstore. The shop is located near Union Square. Many of the people who were walking along the street at the time were frightened as this is an event that doesn’t happen all the time.


The explosions occurred during rush hour on a Friday morning, a time when there was more traffic on the road and more people walking to work. Shortly after the explosions occurred, witnesses saw smoke rising from some of the cables located under the street. Some of the people in the area took to social media to describe the incident. There were people who complained of ringing in the ears and overall fear because no one knew why the explosions happened.


Fortunately, the book store hadn’t opened yet, so there weren’t any customers inside the building. One of the businesses beside the books store was ordered to evacuate because of a carbon monoxide threat and higher levels detected in the building. A notice was posted on the door of the book store to announce that it was closed and that owners would alert customers of updates. One of the manholes exploded underneath a New York City firetruck. There was damage to the truck but not to anyone who was close to the vehicle as the firemen were working to contain the damage from the first explosion. Officials believe that salt used during the winter caused the explosions. However, this is an idea that is not received well by others as salt is usually used in the winter and doesn’t cause an explosion. An investigation is being conducted to determine the reason and will be released as soon as possible.