The High Minimum Wage Is Causing A Decline In The Retail Sector Of New York

The editorial board of the New York Times wants to know why New York is currently filled with empty stores. There have been numerous stores closing that have affected all different areas including part of Brooklyn and Manhattan. According to the editorial board, one of the prominent problems is a new type of vacancy tax the owners of all unoccupied storefronts must pay. The editorial board of the Time’s failed to mention their involvement in the current issue experienced by the cities. They have been advocating for a minimum wage of $15.

The concerns regarding employment in retail businesses is valid. The data of the Labor Department showed there was a decline experienced by the retail trade sector in New York City in 2016. This was regarding the growth of employment, and has not occurred since 2009. According to the current data, the expected decline for 2017 regarding employment in retail is expected to be a lot worse. A similar fate is affecting the cities restaurant sectors. This is occurring in both the limited-service and full-services sectors in the cities. The growth of the average employment from 2015 was more than double the current average. For more details regarding the issues facing New York, please visit Your text to link….

The problem began when New York state decided to experiment by raising the minimum wage. When 2016 had only just started, the city raised the minimum wage by half. The fast food workers saw an increase of almost seventeen percent when their hourly wage increased to $10.50. Towards the beginning of 2017, wage floor increases exceeded $12 per hour. There was an increase of 22 percent in all businesses wages to $11 per hour. By the time 2018 concludes, New York City’s minimum wage for all business with employees numbering eleven or higher will increase to $15 per hour. This represents an increase of 67 percent from 2015.

These increases were supported by the editorial board of the Times, and all the critics were dismissed as being stingy. The arguments for a $15 minimum wage were shaky, and their basis was not on rigorous research, but rather the talking points of the union. The research performed by the neutral third-parties did not come as any surprise when it showed the Times advocacy of $15 was a folly.

Online Fashion Company Everlane Opens Its First-Ever Store in NYC

Everlane, which started six years ago in San Francisco, is a successful online fashion apparel company with a cult-like following. Everlane prides itself on what it calls “radical transparency.” The company only buys from manufacturers that follow high ethical standards in their factories and disclose the actual cost of making the products.

Everlane offers accessories, clothing, and shoes for women and men that are made from quality materials. This fashion line is both stylish and affordable. For example, a tank top sells for $20, a cashmere sweater for $100, a puffer jacket for $198, and a pair of elegant high-top boots for $225.

Since its inception, fans of this fashion line had mostly only the choice to buy online. A few “pop-up” stores, such as a special section within Nordstrom stores in New York City were tried. Besides that, there has been no physical retail presence for this company.

Business Insider reported that this is about to change. Everlane is opening its first-ever retail store on Prince Street in the SoHo district of New York City on Dec. 2, 2017, just in the nick of time to capture holidays sales. If things go well, stores will then open in San Francisco and other major cities.

Everlane clothes come in solid colors and have a classic yet contemporary style that makes them desirable for any wardrobe. Going against all fashion industry trends, Everlane does not introduce a new line of clothing each year. Instead, the company releases new products in small groups throughout the year. Decisions about new products are made after considering feedback from customers, reviewing the items that have been returned, and listening to the comments from focus groups that the company calls “fit clinics.”

The new store in NYC is called Everlane “IRL” for initial retail location, one must presume. The company will hold community events and fashion panels at the store in the three attractive lounge areas. The company embraces state-of-the-art technology to personalize and improve customer experiences. Once you become an Everlane customer, you can shop without needing to have an ID or credit cards in hand. The company uses facial recognition technology to recognize a registered customer for sales and even to issue credit for any returns.

Shopping at Everlane is like meeting up with friends to try on new clothes. It’s really fun.

New York City, DNAInfo and Gothamist

DNAInfo and Gothamist are two traditions in the New York, New York news world. People who want to access local news regarding the Big Apple have been relying on them both for a long time now. Both of them, however, no longer exist. DNAInfo no longer is accessible to its beloved readers. Gothamist is no longer available to its dedicated readership, either. Both of these publications had affiliated websites that no longer are up and running. This poses some big problems for the city and its residents. The people of New York are now going to have a tough time finding local news stories. All of the biggest publications simply don’t focus on locals news items in the way that DNAInfo and Gothamist did in the past. People who want insight into the fundamentals of New York City news now have no idea where to look. Things are totally different seemingly out of nowhere.

Reporters who were part of the team at Gothamist talked about subjects that meant a lot to the people of New York City. They discussed cyclists and all of the injuries they’ve experienced. They talked about the actions of the police department, too. These examples are only the start.

The loss of both DNAInfo and Gothamist isn’t just a loss for the people in New York City who adore being in the loop. It’s also a major loss for a good number of reporters who are passionate about the work they do. It can be tough to find positions in the journalism world. These people now have to begin job hunts that are competitive and taxing.

New Yorkers relied on publications like DNAInfo and Gothamist for comfort. They relied on these publications for the truth. It can be hard to come across publications that seem authentic and credible these days. DNAInfo and Gothamist, however, had exemplary track records with the public. People believed in the solid writers who made up the staffs at DNAInfo and Gothamist. New Yorkers love learning about issues that influence their neighborhoods. It doesn’t matter if these issues involve nearby schools, popular dining establishments, post offices, delicatessens, used clothing boutiques or anything else. They appreciate learning about the things that affect the others who make up their communities.

The 2017 New York City Marathon

Runners from all over the world are competing in the TCS New York City Marathon. This is the 47th time this race has been run, and in the 1970 inaugural event there were 55 finishers. Last years race set the record with 51,394 finishes. This made the event the world’s largest marathon.

Meb Keflezighi will be running in a professional marathon for the final time as one of the greatest distance runners. Since his first marathon in New York City in 2002, he has placed in the top on eight occasions. The celebrities making an appearance include singer-songwriter Price Royce, supermodel Karlie Kloss, comic Kevin Hart and former New York Giant Tiki Barber.

The race is being broadcast nationally on ESPN2. For the attendees, a new virtual reality experience is available at the TCS NYC Marathon Pavilion. The fans will have the ability to experience the sounds and sights of the marathon. For more details on the marathon, please visit Your text to link…

The title sponsor for the marathon is Tata Consultancy Services for the fourth consecutive year. Previously an agreement for eight years was signed by the Dutch financial firm ING in 2013 for $100 million. The first marathon was in 1970 with an entry fee of $1. In 2011, Geoffrey Mutai set the record for the male runner course at 2:05:06. In 2003, Margaret Okayo set the women’s record at 2:22:31.

The Americans won seven women’s championships, fourteen men’s and nine women’s wheelchair. The only other country with more than ten championships was Kenya with 23. The percentage of runners outside the United States is 37 percent. The winners of the men’s and women’s races receive $100,00 in prize money, and $60,00 is paid to those in second place.

Dave Obelkevich has the record for the highest number of marathons completed at 74. The female record is held by Connie Lyke-Brown with 38. The marathon raised $36.1 for charities last year with over 9,000 runners, and this year 2.5 million spectators are expected.

New York City is Getting an Authentic Naples Pizza Place

If there’s one type of food that Americans could eat everyday, it’s probably pizza. That’s because pizza his hot, quick, easy, and delicious. For so many, it’s a staple in their weekly meal plan. Many grab a quick slice for lunch while others gather as a family to watch movies and order pizza. Whatever the reasoning, pizza has found it’s home with Americans.

Many struggle with finding really good pizza. That’s because many believe if you want what is truly authentic, you’ll have to travel to places like Italy where they specialize in pizza. According to Eater, New Yorkers will no longer have to suffer through bad tasting pizza or travel long distances. They’re getting an authentic pizza place right in New York City.

One of Italy’s most famous and beloved pizza chefs is opening up a restaurant in New York City. Long lines are sure to follow while people wait to get their hands on these Neopolitan pies. In Italy, traffic is blocked for people who want to grab a pie so it’ll be interesting to see just how busy the New York City location gets. Gino Sorbillo Pizzeria will open this week and it’s already gaining national attention. Several high profile actors and talk show hosts have already previewed the restaurant.

You may be wondering if New York City really needs another pizza place. Afterall, it seems that there’s one on almost every street with more popping up constantly. This one is different. It’s the real deal. Gino Sorbillo Pizzeria also offers something for everyone. New Yorkers can grab a basic pizza made with marinara sauce or something a bit more fancy, made with quail eggs. The prices range from $12 to $35 which is affordable by New York standards.

This new pizza joint is sure to be a hit among tourists as well. The lead chef wants to give guests a true taste of Naples without ever having to travel that far.

New York City Milkshakes go Viral, get Picked up by National Restaurant Chains

If there’s one thing to be said about New Yorkers, they sure love to keep up with the latest food trends. It seems that they are always trying to be the first ones to create a new dish and the only ones to have what is hot and trendy. New York City is essentially a hub for creative concoctions. That’s because New York City brings together a whole melting pot of people, all of whom have different tastes buds from across the globe.

One thing many New Yorkers can agree upon is just how much they love milkshakes! Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer is a popular New York City restaurant that specializes in their extreme milkshakes. They’re big, bold, delicious, and messy. Their s’mores shake was one of the first ones to go viral because of how delicious it looked! Their shakes are packed full of ice cream, cake, whipped cream, syrups, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and more depending on the flavor. Now, it seems that there is a copycat in their midst and New Yorkers are not happy about it!

TGI Fridays is a popular restaurant chain and they’re coming out with their own version of these shakes. Their extreme milkshakes come in two different kinds. One is a “Stocking Stuffer” that comes with vanilla ice cream, gingerbread, candy canes, and the option to add vanilla vodka. TGI Fridays also has a Toasted S’mores flavor as well.

Many, however, can see the resemblance between these shakes and the ones from Black Tap NYC. This restaurant, however, isn’t the first to draw inspiration from Black Tap. Many others have gone over the top with these trendy shakes that started in New York City. Perhaps, these flavorful shakes are the way of the future. No longer do people just want simple vanilla and chocolate. New Yorkers started the trend which isn’t surprising. Anything they do, they do big. This includes stuffing different toppings inside of a milkshake.

Pop-up Star Wars Themed Bar Is Blowing Up In NYC

Star Wars fans can now head to a pop-up bar in New York City if they want an immersive sci-fi experience, but they shouldn’t expect to step into the Mos Eisley Cantina. Instead, the Darkside Bar looks more like the basement of the Death Star, you know, before it was blown to smithereens.

Pop-up bars have become all the rage around the nation, but they’re especially popular in the Big Apple. You might remember a popular Stranger Things-themed bar that was open briefly last year. Netflix actually sent the operator a cease-and-desist letter, but it allowed the owners to continue the theme until the last day of October: Halloween.

Darkside Bar will be similarly temporary. It runs only until January 13th. But its brevity will surely lead to popularity. Already there has been a massive line despite the $33 reservation fee ($40 if you just walk in).

Once inside the Empire’s bar, patrons will be able to order drinks that pay homage to the theme and enjoy props and decoration taken straight from the Star Wars universe. For example, Death Star lamps adorn the bar, and the walls make you feel like you’re actually in the death star. The owner, Zach Neil, employs LEDs and dry ice as techniques to make the theme more immersive and unique.

Nightly events also make your experience unforgettable. Burlesque shows, trivia games and interactive roleplaying are just some of the events you can expect to participate in at Darkside Bar. Or you can simply get jiggy with it next to Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper. Many customers have already appeared in their best Imperial gear, but costumes aren’t required.

You can visit Darkside Bar at on Lafayette Street between Kenmare and Broome Streets. Not in New York? Darkside Bar also has locations in Los Angeles and Washington DC.

Richard Mishaan Design Continues 25 Years of Excellence

What does it take to really set yourself apart from the pack? It really depends on the avenue or the medium that you are discussing. In the interior design world you want to be unique and appreciated, but you can’t discard all that comes with working close to clients. Richard Mishaan Design was established by Richard Mishaan himself and centered out of New York. The company has been going strong for 25 years and over that time span Mishaan has made sure to push his style, embrace change, and always give the people what they really want.


Richard Mishaan Design is a statement-making interior design company. The team at Richard Mishaan Design have been revered for their willingness to embrace modernism for the one percenters living in New York’s swankiest suites while simultaneously giving them something more heartfelt and artistic. People say that you never walk into a Mishaan designed room and feel like you are seeing his style. You always feel like you are in a room designed by the person who lives there, because Mishaan makes it so uniquely their own.


Richard Mishaan Design has a host of accomplishments under their belt and not the least of which is their continued work at the highest levels of the city. Richard Mishaan and the rest of the Richard Mishaan Design team have been focused on putting forth craft that belies the need for excessive cash, even if the outcome still isn’t cheap. Mishaan says, “I don’t like it when someone walks away from something because it’s not expensive enough.” Mishaan goes on to detail how he’s had the same couches for decades now, only re-upholstering them and taking care of them to keep the furniture sharp. Mishaan is about effective and quality artwork and that is what you see in his design company.

The Tech Scene In New York Is Completely Changing

The New York tech scene has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. The trend has started to stabilize as the excitement has worn off. In 2014 and 2015 a tech company in New York went public and their valuation exceeded $1 billion. By the year 2016 all of the IPO’s were gone although the year was not quiet. There were 421 new businesses with $9.5 billion in funding and 109 existing with a value well over $5 billion.

The numbers show similarities between the tech scene and traditional economy of New York. The investors and companies are not trying to make thousands by betting on companies that fail. They have turned to companies referred to as cash cows who make money not noise. The biggest private tech company currently in New York is Infor followed by a grocery store called Fresh Direct, the office space business WeWork and the insurance firm of Oscar. For more details on the new York tech scene please visit

The workspaces, accelerators, events, business groups and government initiatives available in New York are supporting the companies. There are programs available to support entrepreneurs, international entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and small businesses in industries from biotechnology to fashion. New York’s tech industry was originally located in Silicon Alley but has begun to expand north towards the Bronx and Harlem. The industry is expected to reach Queens and Brooklyn with all new developments.

Every tech region has a different focus. Silicon Alley consists of traditional tech companies including AdTech and Fintech. Brooklyn has been attracting companies such as CreativeTech and Urbantech while Queens has established Biotechnology businesses like FoodTech. Even the Bronx and Harlem are seeing good social enterprises. The biggest change is the loss of the tech companies’ independence. The line between traditional and tech businesses is becoming thinner.

Knicks Look to Trade Anthony

During the prior NBA basketball season the New York Knicks were the most disappointing team in the league. They had spent the prior off-season bringing in a number of high profile players, including Derrick Rose. While the team looked like they could compete for a playoff spot, they quickly faltered and fell out of playoff contention early in the year. Due to the poor season, it appears that the Knicks are now finally looking to rebuild their entire team. They have already made a number of big moves and are looking to trade away their star player.

For the past five years, the Knicks have been led by forward Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has always been considered one of the most talented players in the league but has not been able to get the Knicks over the hump. Anthony has a no trade clause in his contract which he previously was not willing to waive. However, at this point it appears that both the Knicks and Anthony are willing to approve some select trades. According to recent reports, the Knicks are in talks with the Houston rockets to send Anthony there immediately ( This could be a good move for all parties involved.

If Anthony is traded to Houston, the team could soon be one of the most competitive in the league. The Rockets were already one of the most explosive teams last season and recently signed point guard Chris Paul. If they are able to get Anthony as well, the offense sure to be very hard to stop.

While it will be good for the Rockets and Anthony, it could also be a good move for the Knicks. The team will likely now look to clear space and make a move to be a younger team. With a number of young talented players and high picks, they could be more competitive in the near future.