Two Years After Dropping Out Of College, One Former Student Won’t Give Up Her Dorm Room

A recent article on the Buzz Feed website tells the story of a woman who dropped out of a New York City college and continues to live there without paying rent.

Evidently, a 32-year old woman who dropped out of Hunter College in Manhattan two years ago is refusing to leave her dorm room, even though she is no longer a student at the school.

The college, which is part of the City University of New York system, claims that the former student owes the school more than $94,000 in unpaid residence fees. The school is now suing the woman, stating that she has been illegally squatting in the dorm room since 2016.

According to the Buzz Feed article, the former student was a geography major who stopped paying her residence fees shortly after she began living at the dorm. When the woman was denied housing during the summer months in 2016, she dropped out of the school.

Hunter College says that it has sent the woman numerous notices of the fees that are owed, and eviction notices have even been sent. The former student has ignored these efforts, and says that she should not have to pay the fees.

In the lawsuit filed against the former student, it is alleged that an agreement between the former student and a college would allow her to stay in the dorm if she enrolled in classes again and paid off outstanding course fees.

As it turns out, the woman has not reenrolled in courses and has not paid off her outstanding fees. She claims to be working two jobs, but says that it is unrealistic to think that she could pay off the money that she owes. It is the woman’s contention that because she can’t pay the debt, she should not have to. She also thinks that she should be allowed to remain in the dorm room.

In the real world of privately-owned apartment buildings, not paying the rent for two years and ignoring eviction notices would usually lead to the tenant and his or her belongings being removed from the premises. In this case, the woman says she is going to stay in the dorm room and fight the case.

New York City College President Quits Over Personal Expenses

A New York college has parted ways with its president after questions were raised about her personal expenses. The college, which was recently in the limelight when Michele Obama gave a commencement speech on its grounds, is now struggling to come to terms with the new development. Its president, Lisa Coico, had to resign unexpectedly amidst calls for state investigations on her.

Her decision to resign from her post was provoked by a recent article published in New York Times that questioned how she managed her documented $150,000 expenses. Her departure was treated as her consent, and nobody in the institution was willing to give concrete reasons why she resigned.

New York Times had shed some light on the credibility of Coico’s expenses. They were suspicious of a deal in 2011 that saw Coico benefit from a non-profit organization that raised funds for the college. The foundation paid Coico thousands of dollars as expenses. The expenses included food, furniture and housekeeping. When the news broke out, the Eastern District of New York attorney issued a subpoena to Coico to get more information on the matter.

Coico’s resignation was treated with a lot of privacy with the College University of New York chancellor James Milliken refusing to go into details about her resignation. The chancellor only named an interim president as they await the official appointment in October. He lauded the excellent track record of City College and said that the institution would continue to train students for the real world.

The college have been on the forefront in training millions of Americans since it was started in 1847. The college has produced students in different fields. It has ten alumni who have won the Nobel Peace Prize. The school was chosen by the first lady Michele Obama as the venue for her last commencement speech as the first lady of the United States. When asked why she settled for the school, Michele said that she was impressed by the way the school is diverse. A thorough checking of facts reaffirmed her statement. The college has students from over 150 countries, and they speak more than 100 languages. People are waiting to see whether the recent scandal in the college can affect its good reputation.