New York City Bar Posts Literally The Best Sign Ever

New York City is almost synonymous with unique and trendy places to eat and enjoy a few drinks. The city is a leader in fashion, food, and so much more. It should come as no shock that a dive bar locate in New York City’s East Village has garnered a unique and interesting reputation.

Continental is pretty infamous around the city. They are hard to pass up when visitors are greeted with a sign right outside the door promising six shots of anything for a mere $12. While patrons are accustomed to this sign, a new one has been greeting visitors and has gotten a lot of attention. A patron recently noted the new sign, taped prominently on the window of the bar, states the word literally has been banned in this particular location. It states that anyone who says the word literally inside Continental will have a quick five minutes to finish their drinks and be on their way. If a patron chooses to begin a sentence with the phrase “I literally” they are warned they will be forced to leave the bar immediately. The sign goes on to state that this word is entirely overused and they find it annoying, the bar will not be tolerating it. To view the sign, check out this Huffington Post article. If that sign wasn’t enough to peak your interest, Continental updated their sign a few days after posting the original to throw shade at a particularly famous family with the statement “Stop Kardashianism now!” Some people weren’t as amused with the sign, Twitter users were quick to raise the issue of sexism, noting the sign is a prime example of how people are policing how women speak.

A senior producer of NPR’s “All Things Considered” pushed his listeners to test the bar on their sign by heading to the establishment and dropping the dreaded L bomb. Of course, the sign is just a joke, according to Trigger Smith, the owner of the bar. Trigger also stated that were he to actually enforce the rule, the bar would likely be empty. He was even quoted as saying “I literally feel sorry for anybody who would take this seriously.”