New Yorkers Eat Their Natto

Restaurants in New York City are beginning to carry an interesting food once found only in Japan. However, the food may leave many people squirming. Natto is a dish consisting of fermented soybeans, and it looks like a scoop of brown jellybeans covered in a clear goo. Notwithstanding the strange taste and texture of natto, scientists in New York City are welcoming the addition of natto to New York City menus. Why? The reason is simple. Natto is a food rich in healthy bacteria. The bacteria is tough enough to survive the acid found in the human stomach, and it can take up resistance in the intestines. Here, it can do wonders to promote health.

Most people seems to forget that humans have consumed raw and dirty food for thousands of years. This allowed the human digestive system to host many different types of bacteria that can promote health. Today, we strive to reduce the amount of bacteria in our food out of a fear it can be harmful. Instead, our caution may be harming us by preventing the good bacteria from getting inside of us. Eating a ration of natto every now and again might help curb that trend.

Natto is often served for breakfast in Japan with chives and raw egg. Japanese children are told to eat their natto the way American children might be told to eat their vegetables. If you haven’t given natto a try yet, perhaps you should. You might like it, and it could help your body.