New York City is Getting an Authentic Naples Pizza Place

If there’s one type of food that Americans could eat everyday, it’s probably pizza. That’s because pizza his hot, quick, easy, and delicious. For so many, it’s a staple in their weekly meal plan. Many grab a quick slice for lunch while others gather as a family to watch movies and order pizza. Whatever the reasoning, pizza has found it’s home with Americans.

Many struggle with finding really good pizza. That’s because many believe if you want what is truly authentic, you’ll have to travel to places like Italy where they specialize in pizza. According to Eater, New Yorkers will no longer have to suffer through bad tasting pizza or travel long distances. They’re getting an authentic pizza place right in New York City.

One of Italy’s most famous and beloved pizza chefs is opening up a restaurant in New York City. Long lines are sure to follow while people wait to get their hands on these Neopolitan pies. In Italy, traffic is blocked for people who want to grab a pie so it’ll be interesting to see just how busy the New York City location gets. Gino Sorbillo Pizzeria will open this week and it’s already gaining national attention. Several high profile actors and talk show hosts have already previewed the restaurant.

You may be wondering if New York City really needs another pizza place. Afterall, it seems that there’s one on almost every street with more popping up constantly. This one is different. It’s the real deal. Gino Sorbillo Pizzeria also offers something for everyone. New Yorkers can grab a basic pizza made with marinara sauce or something a bit more fancy, made with quail eggs. The prices range from $12 to $35 which is affordable by New York standards.

This new pizza joint is sure to be a hit among tourists as well. The lead chef wants to give guests a true taste of Naples without ever having to travel that far.