The All-Time Drummer of Heavy Rock Music in Brazil- Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a renowned musician from Brazil who performed in the Viper Band in the 1980s. He founded the band in 1985 together with four of his teenage friends. His leading role was drumming and is recognized as one of the legendary drummers who ushered in the new-age heavy rock music. Cassio was among the founders of the hard rock music that saw the introduction of drumming that brought about the sub-genre in the music. Again, the drumming was marked by brutal unprecedented beats that were loud and disruptive which attracted rock music lovers all over Brazil.

The Epic of Cassio Audi’s Music Career

Notably, Cassio Audi propelled the group into the limelight with the introduction of the emphatic beats of the drum to the rock music industry. The band’s music was inspired by the British rock music that existed from the 60s by Iron Maiden. Moreover, Cassio Audi and his band-mates first made it to the public scene when they met a presenter in Sao Paulo who operated a program which was known as “Praca Do Rock”. Cassio Audi’s drumming attracted the presenter and who gave them a platform to showcase their music for two days at the SP Metal Project. Further, the experience of the performance motivated the group to record a demo album by the name “Killera Sword”. The demo album contained tracks that Cassio Audi helped in its composer as he was a songwriter as well. The records in the album included Killera Sword and The Law of the Sword among others. What’s more, the demo album became a hit and even earned some airtime on the radio which made the band more popular. Viper band’s popularity saw them perform in numerous shows that further made Cassio Audi’s skill to be noticed which made him become their fans’ favorite.

Cassio Audi’s Exit from the Music Scene

The success of the band’s demo album led the band to record an official album that was launched in 1987. The album was entitled “Soldiers of Sunrise” where Cassio also wrote one of the songs. The tracks of the album were Knights of Destruction, Wings of the Evil, Princess from Hell, Killera, Soldiers of Sunrise and many more. The viper music band grew to become a household name in Brazil, and its environs as Cassio and his mates performed even to the United States. Nevertheless, Cassio was at the peak of his music career when he exited the band for education in other areas of interest.

Yoko Ono Is One of Eleven to Give Legendary Farewell Performance

Certain cities are only as great as the businesses that inspired the citizens throughout their existences. New York City’s record store, Other Music, decided to shut its doors, but it certainly did receive a warm and heartfelt send off that was accented with the sounds of big name musicians on June 25.

Offering show-stopping performances to pay homage to the legendary record store were artists, such as Sharon Ven Etten, Bill Callahan, Yo La Tengo, Frankie Cosmos, OM, Julianna Barwick, and three other artists, including an incredible performance by Yoko Ono.

Ono’s song choices for the night were heard throughout this bittersweet affair, and included works, like “Will I Miss the City Lights? and “Will I Miss Touch?” Paired with Van Etten for an unforgettable duet, the couple sang “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye.” If that is not a fitting piece to perform for this occasion, then what really is? Other performers, like Callahan, performed his classic, “Cold-Blooded Old Times” that allowed listeners to not only reminisce about the times of the record store, but also of the disheartening moment itself.

Plenty of footage was captured by fans and those fortunate enough to attend the farewell concert and event, and each one told tales of the past in the most talented way possible. Many citizens of New York City will miss Other Music, but they have this event to keep as a memory.

Moby Releases Memoir about New York City

Acclaimed musician Moby launched his book tour in New York City on May 17, 2016. The memoir recounts his decade involved in the New York City DJ scene that helped launch his music career. Entitled Porcelain, Moby recounts his lifestyle between the years 1989 and 1999. Appropriately, 1999 is the year his fifth studio album, Play, was released. The sixth single from Play provides the book’s title, and that song helped Play accumulated over 12 million in sales, a feat that made Play the best selling electronica album of all time.

Moby was inspired to write the book after attending a party. He related to one reporter, “I had been at a party in Brooklyn four or five years ago, and I was telling these stories about what New York had been like in the Eighties and early Nineties. The people I was talking to were really fascinated because all of them had just moved to New York in the last few years. Someone said, ‘These stories are interesting. You should probably write them down.’ And that was the genesis of the book.” The stories Moby relates involve the glory of the rave days in New York City and Moby’s own shame, degradation, and alcoholism.

Moby reports some incredible things about his life in his memoir. For example, did you know he spent his early years squatting illegally in an abandoned lock factory? You can check out more in his book and his corresponding CD.

Beyonce NYC Concert Event

The Queen B has returned with a phenomenal album titled “Lemonade”. She performed in Queens, NY last night at Citi Field on June 7th, 2016. She will be performing again tonight on June 8th, 2016. Beyonce frequents NYC so more up-coming shows with her new album featured is safe to assume. This event will be amazing as fans that have traveled the nation to see her get what they have come for. A night illuminating an extremely talented songstress that has stayed relevant for many years in the music industry now. Last night’s performance was considered riveting and powerful, which is no surprise coming from Beyonce who seems to “slay” like it’s effortless. See what all the fuss is about Beyonce’s Formation world tour is something we should all keep tabs on. Her releases have been nothing short of flawless, and her live performances are just that much more charging. Her most recent album release “Lemonade” is widely-believed to be a personal narrative of her relationship and the issues that have come with it, also centered around themes of forgiveness, “Lemonade” is an eclectic album, definitely the most eclectic album Beyonce has recorded. Other themes in the album include anger, resentment, race relations, self-empowerment after betrayal, and the nature of womanhood. “Lemonade” displays many moods and characteristics, as well as various genres that Beyonce delved deep into. From Rock to Country, Hip-Hop to Alternative, this is an album everyone needs to listen to this year.

Blue Note Jazz Festival

This year’s Blue Note Jazz Festival is going on from June 3-30 in NYC at various times and at other various locations. Some of Jazz’s finest names will be performing, as well as new talented Jazz acts. Both the legendary and contemporary have all been part of The Blue Note Jazz experience. Those featured include pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Ron Carter, and drummer Roy Haynes. Other highlights that are performing this up-coming week include Rosa Passos, a singer/songwriter from Brazil, and Arturo Sandoval, a Cuban Jazz trumpeter, pianist, and composer. Among the various locations where these musicians will be performing include the Blue Note Jazz Club, The Town Hall, B.B. King Blue’s Club, Highland Ballroom, and Carnegie Hall. Other featured shows will be starring Kamasi Washington, Christian McBride, Rebirth Brass Band, Scofield/Mehldau/Giuliana, Al Jarreau, Talib Kweli, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Michael Franks, Joshua Redman Quartet, Avishai Cohen Trio, and the Robert Glasper Experiment. Get tickets and see exclusive press information The Blue Note Jazz Festival is the perfect NYC event if you’re a Jazz aficionado. It’s also a great public event to bring your spouse, friend, or family member since it’s all-encompassing and is on-going for the rest of the month. Good music will most definitely be played and enjoyed by NYC’s music appreciators and culturalists. There will be over 100 events in ten different venues throughout New York City. If you’re in the city, be there or be square!

Radio City Music Hall Coming Events

No venue beats the Radio City Music Hall in Rockefeller Center in New York City for outstanding entertainment. There are 5,933 spectator seats, and it was the world’s largest movie theater at the time of its opening on December 27, 1932. In 1978, the interior was declared a city landmark.

These are just two of the spectacular shows that will be coming soon.

New York Spectacular
Starring the Radio City Rockettes
June 15 through August 7, 2016

Billed as “the ultimate New York adventure with the Rockettes”, this will show a family’s day in New York City that magically comes to life with splendid wonders and also brings the family closer together.

LIVE Conversation with Mel Brooks and A Screening of “Blazing Saddles”
Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 7:30 PM

“Blazing Saddles” is considered to be the epitome of a masterpiece and one of the all-time top comedy films. First the movie will be shown on the big screen and then be followed by a personal conversation with Mel Brooks. He will tell of the making of the movie and follow that with a Questions and Answers session between him and the audience.

Mel Brooks is one of the very few entertainers who has earned all four major entertainment awards, those being an Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy, and a Grammy. His career has been extremely varied and has included television and screenplay writing of long-running shows, comedy albums, books, and being an actor in numerous renowned comedy films.

Dixie Chicks Singing In New York

The famous country music group, Dixie Chicks, is making a comeback. One of the first stops on their tour is in New York City. They will be playing at Madison Square Garden on June 13. The female group is one that had several hits in the 1990s and early 2000s. Their voices come together in a melody that is beautiful. “Not Ready To Make Nice” and “Cowboy Take Me Away” are only two of the noted songs that made the group famous.

You can hear the passion for singing that the women have. However, after a few years from touring, no one really knows what to expect from the women. They could still have their rich voices, or they could come out with a completely different aspect of how their music is portrayed. The crowd is sure to be large at the event in New York City. They have taken some cues from Beyonce and her music style, so this could play a factor in the shows that Dixie Chicks performs. The group has also done covers of Prince songs. If they stay with their unique country sound, then the group will likely be a success on their comeback. If they start to take the pop route with their music, then there is a possibility that they could see fewer fans as there are many expecting to hear the soulful country sounds on stage.