New York City’s Museum of Ice Cream to Open in August

Maryellis Bunn is fulfilling a lifelong dream in August, when her co-founded, Museum of Ice Cream is scheduled to open in the Meatpacking District. The idea was sparked by a childhood desire to swim in a pool of sprinkles (which is an exhibit that will be featured at the museum). Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) the sprinkles at the museum will not be real or edible, but will be designed to look and feel just like swimming in sprinkles might.

Of course, admission to the museum will include a delicious ice cream snack, and unique flavors will be created by well-known food scientist Irwin Adam and local New York shops. Exhibits will include education on the history of ice cream, interactive children’s exhibits, ice cream-themed art, and ice cream samples, all in a “maze-like” structure that fellow foodies (and kids) will explore together. Bunn hopes to help people “embrace this idea of delight and indulgence” and the exhibits at the Museum of Ice Cream were clearly designed with delight and indulgence in mind.

In an unexpected pairing, the dating app, Tinder, is scheduled to sponsor an interactive exhibit of their own at the museum. In the Tinder exhibit, patrons can be “matched” with their perfect ice cream flavor. The exhibit also features a seesaw in the shape of an ice cream scoop and a swing made out of an ice cream sandwich.