Reason Interviews Yeonmi Park

In an interview on Reason, young Yeonmi Park tells her story, and she explains she didn’t know what freedom meant. Yeonmi Park is the young author of a new book entitled “In Order to Live, A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” The interview gives an insight to the contents her saga, and she gives an overview of her journey. Yeonmi is a North Korean native who after nightmare experiences in her homeland made her way to freedom in South Korea in a dangerous journey across Asia.
Her family decided they needed to get out of North Korea for safety, so the family started out one dark night and crossed the Yalu River with her mother and sister. Her father was incarcerated in a concentration camp for selling merchandise to support his family. He had one goal, and that was to get his family to freedom. The women made their way to China, and there they were separated when captured by bounty hunters. They were sold and sexually abused, starved and her sister was lost and presumed dead. Young Yeonmi made a deal with her captor, sex for release, and he kept his word. She found her mother, and they were joined by her father then they made their way to South Korea.
The outspoken Yeonmi Park travels the world spreading the word on Youtube of the human rights violations in North Korea, and the North Korean government rages a campaign against her. She doesn’t scare of give in however, and she keeps speaking at colleges and universities across the world. She says in the interview that she knows the truth of North Korea, and she carries it to anyone who will listen. She is one of the youngest lecturers in the world, and her valor is beyond question. She refuses to be silenced by the North Korean regime, and she plans to continue to travel the world spreading the word and praying for peace.