Man With Magical Voice In New York Subway

A man with what can only be called a golden voice has taken the internet by storm. A video of Mike Yung singing the classic “Unchained Melody” in the subway of New York City has gone viral.

Mike Yung, who’s Twitter account is fairly new, posted a thanks to all those who have complimented his magical pipes. Many accounts shared the video of his amazing rendition of the song and nearly all of them garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and shares. Comments flooded in complimenting his immense talent quickly, and people even began requesting he sing more classics like songs by Luther Vandross. Some even called for him to receive a contract with a record label.

People noted his immense talent as his voice reached over the rumble of subway trains and crowds of people passing through. He stirred up emotions in people with the words of this powerful song, some even commented that he sang as if he just went through the hardest breakup of his life. As hard as it is to imagine with all the praise flying his direction, true to New Yorkers who simply go on with their lives, some just simply walked right past Yung as he sang his heart out.

Yung makes his living singing in the subway. From morning till night he belts out the classics in an underground world. Those who travel through the station at 23rd and Sixth Avenue are familiar with his presents, though until recently many didn’t know his name. Years before he found fame in a viral video, Yung was signed to a music label under Teddy Vann. He met the music mogul when he was only 15 and he quickly got Yung signed to a label. He followed that a few years later with a contract under Jim Tyrell under T-Electric who also signed Etta James and Love Committee. Yung was set to have an album released after Etta James’ “Changes” in 1980 but the record never made it to shelves. Tyrell went bankrupt and was never able to get the album out for sale.

The life-long New York had a brief sting working for the Parks and Recreation Department, but the majority of the past two decades he has spent making his living doing what he loves and is best at, singing. He has sung with a few local bands, and he sings in the subway everyday to pay his bills.

Some would assume Yung would be brimming with excitement as his video takes the internet by storm and even makes appearances on late night TV, but Yung isn’t running to the bank just yet. Back in October he had another video go viral and he received calls, he even got a few shows out of it, but no cash came his way.