Not Surprising: Compasionate Caring Memorial Health President and CEO–Maggie Gill Makes List of One of 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know in 2016

Maggie Gill, President and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health, in Savannah, Georgia was recently featured as: “One of One-Hundred Thirty-five Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know in 2016”. The folks at Memorial Health, who embrace Gill’s leadership, as second-to-none, are not surprised by Gill making the distinguished list.


Maggie became the hospital’s CEO and President, in 2011. She had previously served Memorial Health, in her capacity of Vice President of Finance/Managed Care, and afterward as Chief Operating Officer of Memorial University Medical Center.


Maggie, prior to joining MUMC, served as the CFO of Tenet South Florida Health. Maggie, during her tenure, at Tenet, was recognized and presented with the award of “Tenet Outstanding CFO“, on three separate occasions.


Ms. Gill earned a bachelor’s degree with honors from Florida State University—located in Tallahassee, Florida. She acquired a Master’s degree—with honors, from Saint Leo (Florida) University.


Maggie has had a progressive career within the healthcare dynamic, constantly improving the quality of care at each of the distinguished health care providers wherein she oversaw departments and operations. She continues this same dedication in her role at Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia.


Maggie is a personable CEO and a very professional role-model with respect to refined leadership–important attributes in assuring the needs of the healthcare populace are properly addressed. Maggie is knowledgeable of it: and points out that she wishes to improve the lifestyles of the populace in Savannah by way of preventative healthcare measures; and in assuring the highest level of healthcare service is achieved, with regard to the areas and departments she oversees.


Ms. Gill is undoubtedly devoted to healthcare excellence. Her achievement in making the preceding distinguished list is well-applauded and recognized by the clients she serves in Savannah, Georgia and, once again, the staff at Memorial, Health.