Three Grand Flavors From EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm is the rising star in the lip balm world, and they are proving their flavors are better than options from their competition. They have worked quite hard to ensure their customers are receiving the finest products, and they are helping young customers who want to remain on the cool side of the street. This article explains three flavors from EOS lip balm that are fun, and each one is a sight and smell to behold.

#1: Honeysuckle

Honeysuckles are a fun flower for kids to suckle in the park, and they have a light flavor everyone enjoys. The flower has been used an inspiration for this new lip balm, and it is a soft flavor that is easy on the nose. The flavor that is provided by the lip balm helps kids remember the park, and the color is lovely to see.

#2: Blueberry Acai

The blueberry acai flavor is a special one that reminds users of the smoothies they quite enjoy, and it will remind kids of summer trips to places that serve them cool drinks. The flavor on the sphere of lip balm is soft, and it helps every kid enjoy what they smell. The taste helps make the lip balm, and the smell floating in the air is pleasing to everyone.

#3: Strawberry Sorbet

The three-pack of summer flavors comes to a close with strawberry sorbet, and it is fun to smell because it reminds kids of the ice cream they get at carts around town. They will wear it happily, and they will smell it because it is such a familiar scent.

Each of the three scents listed will help kids enjoy their new lip balm, and they will learn to take better care of their bodies. Trying any of the scents online now ( is quite fun. Purchase EOS lip balm at your nearest Target store or via select retailers like Lucky Vitamin.