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In this current period, corporations have come up with a plan of saving money by not providing stock options to employees. Even if the businesses claim that money saving is the real reason, there are other reasons which are stated by Jeremy Goldstein. These reasons include:

  • There may be a drop in the value of the stock hence it would be tricky for the employees to use these options.
  • Many employees have known the dangers of these stock benefits. They are aware of the economic decline hence making the options worthless. These options resemble gambling at some point.
  • Stock options lead to accounting afflictions. The cost at the end may make the financial status of an employee worthless. The main aim of an employee is to get a good salary at the end of the month.


  • Stock options lead to additional wages to an employee salary. There is also the addition of insurance coverage and equities. The employees understand all about stock options hence can efficiently manage.
  • If there is a share increase in an organization, the personal income of an employee is likely to be more. These can encourage the employees to work hard to make sure the company achieves its best towards the customers.
  • According to Jeremy Goldstein, some companies find it hard to give equities because of the internal revenue service rules. Giving of shares is found better compared to providing options.


The company may want to give the benefits to the employees, but they have to do these and at the same time eliminate excessive costs.

The answer to these is the use of knock out barrier option. In this strategy, the employees still receive the stock options still retaining their original features, but they can lose them if the employee share reduces to certain limits.

It may not solve all the issues but is usually the recommended one.

Jeremy Goldstein was the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. It is in this firm that all the critical meetings and all legal activities are performed.

Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in managing the teams, advising the compensation committee and also he acts as a CEO.

Jeremy Goldstein has published many articles regarding the law, companies, and employees related issues. Shareholder Activism and Executive Compensation is one of the many articles Jeremy has published advising the organizations on issues of shares and equities.

In conclusion, Jeremy has extensive knowledge when it comes to the law field. In case an organization has issues on shares, stock options, equities and others, they should get advice from him.

It is advisable for both business managers and employees to read his articles to gain a clear understanding of the company-employee relationships.

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Bringing The Law With Ricardo Tosto

Brazilian law differs greatly from that of the United States. While the legal system in the United States is based upon English law and is considered a common law system, Brazilian law is borne from the civil law system of Europe and focuses on codified law versus the laws of precedence.

While there are similarities between United States lawyers and Brazilian lawyers, such as the right to practice in any area after passing their Bar Exam, there are some striking dissimilarities as well. In Brazil, the judge takes over the duties of examining evidence, questioning witnesses, defendants, and plaintiffs, and even appointing experts that may be able to better interpret the case.

One of the top lawyers in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto. He is known for his expertise in business criminal law and credit recovery. When it comes to making sure that his clients win their cases, Ricardo Tosto is at the top of their game. He has been named by Who’s Who Legal as one of the best attorneys in the field of Commercial Litigation. Ricardo Tosto is also a co-founder of the firm of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, where he still practices to this day.

When not busy practicing law, Ricardo Tosto spends his time writing legal articles, giving lectures, and writing books, such as the noted O Processo de Tiradentes. Ricardo Tosto is no stranger to staying busy in the field of law, no matter what field of expertise that may entail.

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Jeremy Goldstein – New York’s Most Competent Lawyer in Executive Compensation

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Jeremy Goldstein On Knockout For Employers

Jeremy L. Goldstein is a founder and partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. It is a law firm specialized in counseling compensation committees, CEOs, management groups. It also advises corporations in corporate governance constituents. Jeremy L. Goldstein is a graduate of the New York University School of Law.


Jeremy. L Goldstein has been a participant in many of the largest corporate transactions of the last decade. Some of them include the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies, Duke Energy by Progress Energy, and the merging of Phillips Petroleum Company with Conoco Inc.


In recent years numerous corporations have stopped providing their employees with stock options. Some do it to save money, but it’s not always the case. There are three reasons for companies to cut on these benefits:



  • The stock value may plummet.
  • Employers know that the economic downturns make these options worthless.
  • These options result in accounting burdens, as the relevant costs may eclipse the financial advantages.



Stock options have many advantages that overweight the ones gained through additional wages, better insurance or equities. One of the reasons for this is the simplicity of stock options for the staff members, as they are the same for all employees. Stock options also raise personal earnings as long as the share value of the corporation rises. This presents the company in a positive light which can encourage and motivate staff members to a better performance. In the case of equities, some rules of the Internal Revenue Service make it harder to supply employees with them. This is especially true for top executive staff members. Also, the taxes are often higher than the ones paid for stock options.


The solution to using stock options is to minimize the overhang and the initial and ongoing expenses. There is a barrier method for stocks known as “knockout.” Knockout stocks have the same time limit and vesting requirements as standard stocks. The only difference is that employees lose them if the shared value drops under a certain amount. If the share value drops for a few hours or days, employers can set stock options in such a way that they get canceled only when the shared value is low for a longer period of time. The knockout option can reduce initial accounting costs since each option is valid for only a short period. Existing stockholders have less worry regarding ownership shares shrinking. In the yearly disclosure documentation, knockout clauses have lower executive compensation figures, which reflects the annual proxy more accurately. The knockout solution to stock options is a great way to stimulate employees to keep the share value of the company above a certain threshold.


Though knockout is a good solution to stock options, officials still need to be clear on all the details around supplying such options to employees. It is advisable for businesses to provide new options only after a six-month period has passed since any changes can affect negatively the quarterly financial statement and be treated by accountants as repricing expenses.

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) which is a go to Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) for New York residents for the past 35 years, has launched a 24/7 online portal for confidential legal services. The portal was developed in collaboration with, a national provider of marketplace referrals for the legal industry. Residents of New York can now choose to either continue using the LRIS telephone service or conveniently search from the website for a reputable and highly experienced lawyer for their legal matters.


The lawyers enlisted in the database have had their credentials reviewed by the NYSBA to ascertain they only provide the most trusted legal services. According to the CEO of, lawyers from New York will be able to upscale their legal services to a large online population at an affordable rate.


How the online legal portal works:

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Referrals are free, but a fee of $35 is charged for the first 30 minutes of consultation. Exceptions for the consultation fee are made if the issue is a personal injury, medical malpractice, military law, social security, or worker’s compensation. No one is under obligation to retain the lawyer following the initial consultation. Additional attorney fees are deliberated between the lawyer and client.
Jeremy Goldstein
About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a boutique law firm that provides legal advice on executive compensation matters that arise from mergers and acquisitions. Jeremy Goldstein offers CEOs, compensation committees, and corporations legal help on sensitive issues about their corporate governance. He has extensive experience in many significant transactions, and prior to starting his firm, he was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen &Katz law firm. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has a law degree from New York School of Law and an M.S from the University of Chicago.


Board memberships

Jeremy Goldstein is the chairman of Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of Executive Compensation Committee, a member of Professional Advisory Board of NYU journal of law and Business, and a Director of Fountain House dedicated to adults recovering from mental illness.

Visit his official website and LinkedIn profile

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Jeremy L. Goldstein the Great Corporations Legal Advisor

Jeremy L. Goldstein is a partner at the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The boutique law firm is dedicated to advising its clients on the best compensations methods. He has been on the frontline providing the risks and solutions of stocks options and shares as methods of employees or rather companies’. He advises CEOs, corporations, compensation committees and management teams. There are so many issues that arise in the field of the transformative and growing corporate industries.He has played major roles in some of the major transactions that involve huge companies like Duke Energy, Merck, Chevron, Verizon, AT & T etc. He has also worked as a board member in several prestigious law journals and a company called Fountain House.

Several corporations have stopped providing stock options to their employees as Jeremy Goldstein puts it. Some firms stopped this method in order to save money. The major reasons behind this are usually very complicated. Below are some of the problems that restrict companies from implementing these benefits are;

  1. Stock value can drop thus making it impossible for employees to enjoy the benefits of the option. This may make the employees lose their money and may think options are not a viable form of payment.
  2. Economic downturns may make these options worthless. Jeremy Goldenstein compares them casino tokens instead of cash.
  3. These options result in considerable accounting practice burdens. Many staff thinks it is not beneficial to them. They always think that higher salaries are much better than stock options will usually fluctuate depending on the economic climate.

Stock options though being disputed by many staff have very many advantages to a company.

  1. Staff members easily understand stock options and therefore becoming preferable than wages, insurance coverage, and equities.
  2. Also to make it clear, stock options will help boost corporation’s value. This will encourage employees and other stakeholders to specialize on the company’s success. The staff works harder to satisfy customers, develop competitive services and also attracting desirable clients.
  3. There are also internal revenue services which help make them considerably difficult when supplying employees with required equity. They face tax burdens when they provide shares instead of options.


Jeremy Goldstein also provided several solutions regarding stock options. He says that the company must always adopt the right strategies. They should also exercise the “knockout” barrier. The stocks have the same time limits and some vesting requirements as their conventional counterparts. It does not make sense when eliminating these benefits when the prices plunge for a few hours. It should only be canceled when the low price maintains the lower value for more than a week.


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Jeremy Goldstein on the Importance of Knockout Option

Many corporations have stopped giving employees stock options due to some complex reasons. The three most important problems that cause the companies to limit these benefits are the drop in the stock value that may make it impossible for employees to practice their options. Since the businesses still need to report associated expenses, the stockholders, therefore, face the risk of option overhang. The employees are also cautious of the compensation method since economic depression causes options worthless. Finally, options result in significant accounting burdens.

This type of compensation still have benefits such as better insurance coverage, equities, and additional wages. If the corporation’s share value rises, the options boost personal earnings, and this can prioritize company’s success. It makes the employees work towards satisfying the current customers and attract more clients. Options are also better compared to shares since they don’t draw more tax burdens to the company. A firm that is interested in awarding options to its employees can enjoy the benefits aforementioned and avoid extra costs by following the right strategy. The company can also adopt a type of barrier option known as knockout.

Knockout options help to get rid of the obstacles associated with stock-based compensation. The company officials need to discuss with the auditors concerning the consequences of giving these options to the employees. The businesses can also benefit by waiting for about six months before providing new options; otherwise, it may have an adverse impact on the quarterly financial statement.

Jeremy Goldstein did Bachelor of Arts at the Cornell University. He earned his Master of Arts degree at the University of Chicago. Jeremy Goldstein got his Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law. Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He was also a partner in Lipton, Rosen & Katz from 2000 to 2014.

Jeremy provides legal advice to companies seeking to know about employees benefits. He has experience of over 15 years as a business lawyer. He has played important roles in major transactions involving top companies such as Chevron, AT & T, Duke energy, Verizon among others.

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Jeremy Goldstein; Finding Lawyers of his Caliber

When in a fix requiring you to go to court, you should consider working closely with a lawyer. A new strategy has been designed to enable people to link with reliable lawyers, thanks to the New Yorkers. There is an online platform for individuals seeking legal advice and representation. The interface was done by The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). You can access the portal anytime you need it. The platform works ideally in linking people with their befitted professionals, without so much pressure. Referrals are free, and one only pays when they communicate with the lawyers to whom they have been referred.



Fundamental Truths About Jeremy L. Goldstein Law Practices



Jeremy L. Goldstein is a renowned lawyer who has been practice for some considerable period. He is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Before launching his initiative, Jeremy L. Goldstein served as a partner in Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz law firms. He has actively participated in most of the significant corporate transactions made within the last ten years. Some of them include; procurement of Goodrich by United Technologies, the Dow Chemical Company/Rohm and Haas Company, Cingular Wireless Corporation/ AT&T Wireless Services, Inc., to mention but a few. He has also chaired several executive boards.






Jeremy L. Goldstein is an excellent figure in law. He is highly educated, having earned his J.D from New York University Law School. Jeremy also takes pride in having attended the University of Chicago, where he attained his M.S. Jeremy is also an alumnus of Cornell University, where he earned his B.A. cum laude. He left an indelible mark after getting a distinction in all his subjects. Most of the people seeking highly professional law services are referred to Jeremy L. Goldstein. He has been in the industry long enough, and therefore his skills are unmatched.

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New York Residents Can Connect with Attorney Jeremy Goldstein with the Click of a Mouse

For more than 3 decades, the New York (NY) State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) has operated a phone service to match New Yorkers with qualified, credentialed attorneys. In addition to the phone line (1-800-342-3661) which operates during regular business hours, the LRIS now offers online referrals. This confidential online referral service operates 24 hours per day at

Obtaining a referral through LRIS’s website is as simple as a click of a mouse. A person go to the site and completes a confidential questionnaire about their legal needs and address. State Bar Association suggest an attorney based on geography and expertise after reviewing the questionnaire. Some referrals are forwarded to locally run county bar associations. LRIS’s referral services are free of charge. However, there is a $35 fee if an individual has a consultation with an attorney. Waiver options exist for certain legal issues including personal injury, social security, and medical malpractice.

Jeremy Goldstein is just one attorney you could be linked with through LRIS. Goldstein graduated from the NY University School of Law. He is a partner at Goldstein and Associates, LLC. He was previously a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. His specialties include Corporate Government, Executive Pay, Mergers and Acquisitions. He is a member of the Professional Advisory Board of the New York University Journal of Law and Business. Goldstein has been involved in many large corporate mergers and transactions over the last 10 years.

Goldstein is very accomplished. He writes and speaks about corporate government and executive compensation. Additionally, he gives back. Goldstein has an interest in mental illness and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fountain House, a charity for mentally ill. Goldstein’s involvement with the Fountain House is one example of his community involvement.

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The Passion of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is an individual who is known for his many selfless accomplishments that have helped individuals who have lacked a voice in some of the most oppressive and militaristic countries in the world that prevent not only speaking out against the regime, but also prevent a freedom of choice. Thor Halvorssen has always been on the path towards human activism and has always thought of himself as a citizen of the world. Thor Halvorssen has explored and traveled the world and has been to numerous countries that would otherwise be restricted to outsiders. Thor Halvorssen has demonstrated his passion for fighting for human rights through his experience. Thor Halvorssen has not only been beaten on numerous occasions within oppressive and closed off nation-states, but has also been imprisoned as well as threatened several times by nation-states such as North Korea and even by Angola, a nation-state that is located in Africa.

Thor Halvorssen comes from a family of human rights activists and new thought to pursue a path other than what his parents pursued. Even at a young age, Thor Halvorssen dealt with hard issues and dealt with them with hid dignity. Even as a young boy, Thor Halvorssen watched his parents beaten and imprisoned on numerous occasions for the purpose of fighting for the rights of others. His inspirational parents have given him the motivation to continue down that path and to make sure that not only individuals around the world are informed, but also makes sure to promote universal freedom through basic rights such as the right to speak and the right to practice a religion of choice.

Thor Halvorssen is so dedicated to what he does that he became the President of the Human Rights Foundation, a large foundation that was founded in 2005 and that is currently located in New York City, one of the most widely known cities in the world. Thanks to the work of Thor Halvorssen and his hard working employees, the foundation receives numerous and generous donations to the foundation from individuals as well as from businesses from the private and public sector.

Selecting a competent Business Lawyer

Are you in need of effective legal representation in Brazil? Do you want to consult with one of the most powerful lawyer in Brazil? When it comes to corporate or business law matters, you need to get in touch with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a renowned Brazilian lawyer.

Some people who have a legal problem think they can save money by not seeking advice from a lawyer. This is not recommended because if something goes wrong and you find yourself getting into a more difficult legal issue you will end up messing everything up.

There are many ways to go about finding the right lawyer for your situation. Start by researching online, using sites like attorney directories and local bar associations. These are top resources that can point you in the right direction as you.

Find an attorney who is well experienced and has fantastic know-how in the area of law you require assistance with. With an experienced lawyer, you will generally have a much better outcome with litigation issues.

And you should to pick a law office or lawyer that you’re comfortable with. Having an attorney that you can trust will give you self-confidence. Having a knowledgeable and reliable lawyer on hand is a great idea, and can benefit you in many ways.

Mr Ricardo Tosto has been practising business and corporate litigation law for many years and is regarded as one of the best in the industry. Ricardo Tosto is one of Brazil’s many trustworthy lawyers. Ricardo Tosto runs his own prominent litigation law firm in Brazil. His law firm is popular and is comprised of a team of highly qualified legal practitioners.

Ricardo Tosto takes the time to listen to his clients, and be aware of their predicament. He has defended high profile people, including public servants and business people, and he has an established track record of success. Mr Ricardo Tosto has also acjieved great results in representing big corporations, institutions, entrepreneurs and multinational organizations in high and very challenging profile cases. Mr Ricardo Tosto runs several successful law firms in Brazil.


For further information please visit

Ross Abelow: A Powerful Attorney in NY & Hero to the Animals

Ross Abelow is a no-nonsense type of lawyer that entertainers want in their corner. He also deals with divorces, making sure the party he represents is properly protected and awarded. But he is also a man with a huge heart that melts at the sight of a needy animal, which is why he started a GoFundMe campaign that seeks to benefit strays.

How Rose Abelow Became a Name in NY

There are well over 19 million lawyers in New York alone so make no mistake about how competitive being a lawyer can be. But Ross Abelow is not the type of man who backs down from a challenge, which is something that he has actively showed in court, as well as in life. Abelow knew that he had to stand out from the crowd, which prompted him to be versatile. He noticed that many lawyers specialized in just one industry.

Abelow did not have to be restricted to just one industry because his knowledge of law was extensive and covered many areas of law, like marital law or entertainment law. He understood that entertainers have to deal with contract loopholes or intellectual property issues. And he also understood just how important it was to make a divorce a more personal affair rather than just a legal case because the gravity of the situation should be taken into account. These are just some of the attitudes that made Abelow stand above the rest.

How Rose Abelow Got Involved with Strays

Abelow has always cared for those in need, just like in his practice. Abelow is simply the kind of person who cannot see a defenseless creature not get a fair chance. This is is what prompted Abelow to start the GoFundMe campaign to raise 5,000 dollars, which should provide much needed resources to animal shelters. These resources should help animal shelters continue to help and protect strays.

Abelow is very adamant about making sure that every animal shelter is ready to help the poor strays of NY, especially before the winter hits the city. Sure, winters are beautiful, but stray animals are in particular danger because they may not be able to survive the extremely cold temperatures. Abelow knew that by lending his name that the issue might get more coverage, which is very important in order to raise awareness and hopefully assistance.

So, it is easy to understand a man like Abelow because his actions truly speak volumes about who he is.

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