King of New York City’s Subway

Matthew Ahn, a transit and infrastructure-obsessed New Yorker has set a new record for the fastest travel time throughout New York City’s subway stations – hours: 21, minutes: 28, and seconds: 14. He just broke the fastest trip throughout New York’s subway stations that has been recorded in the Guinness World of Records.

The Guinness group congratulated him for the amazing job he did. Mr Ahn, 25 years of age, has completed the 469 subway stations trek throughout New York City in just 21 hours, 28 mins., and 14 secs. It was indeed a record-breaking trip.

Mr Ahn told the reporters that what is important during the trip is the endurance. He further said that there is no opportunity to even take a nap. It was a pretty long day and all he had was five granola bars to keep him stay swift on his feet.

Mr. Ahn, a lawyer by day, had to make sure that he abides to the strict set of rules provided by Guinness throughout his trip. He also meticulously gathers all evidence, which include time-stamped pictures and witnesses’ signatures, for the judges.

After clocking in 21 minutes and 21 secs. faster, Mr. Ahn broke his own record from last year, which has been invalidated due to the Hudson Yards station that opened later that year.

While growing up, Mr. Ahn’s desire is to become a cartographer one day. In his diary, he wrote that he was able to do it for something far less important than scraping money to eat, far less valuable than anything that can be called “a cause” and far less exciting than a subway acrobatic.

So which route did he take? That stays his secret.

Mr. Ahn spent hours, days, and maybe months analyzing the train’s schedule, creating spreadsheets and calculating routes. His trip started at 2:02 in the morning on the A train at the Far Rockaway Mott Avenue. It ended on the 7th train at the Flushing Main Street in Queens. His unforeseen obstacle is the 93 degree summer heat and his foreseen obstacle is the train delays.

He further stated that along the way, his trip is more or less trying to hope for a good fortune and that this time, he was just incredibly fortunate.