Kabbalah, a Rapidly Growing Religion in Hollywood

Madonna was one of the most recent celebrities to open up about her fascination with the Jewish Kabbalah religion and it seems to have spread like a wildfire from there. The religion has been popular back since Elizabeth Tayor, Marilyn Monroe Sammy Davis Junior and much more.

The question is why has a large number of non-Jewish celebrities found their way to become more involved with the Jewish Kabbalah? According to Paris Hilton, she stated to magazine publication that is helped her cope with depression and everyday stress when she split from Nick Carter. Soon after her split she started attending the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and attending services there on a regular basis. She mentioned that attending the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles has had tremendous strides in helping her deal with the problems of everyday life. It seems like several of the other celebrities has started attending studies and feel the same.

Sammy Davis Junior was attracted to Kabbalah, not because of problems, but because he wanted to become part of a 5,000-year history and cherish something, not just materialistic. Something which would help give him the inner strength spiritually. As an African American, he felt as though he had an extra special bond that was tied to Judaism. This was one of the reasons that he became a Jew to help find that spiritual peace that was lacking in his life for more info: https://livestream.com/Kabbalah-Centre-Europe  click here.

The majority of celebrities all have their personal reasons for their interest in Kabballah. Madonna said that, according to Kabbalah, we were put on this Earth to help people and spread the message across the world. Elizabeth Taylor developed an interest after watching the documentary “Genocide: The Story of the Holocaust” and while she was not as outspoken as other celebrities on her religion it maintained her belief in helping to make the world a better place.

The website for the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles states, as their main statement that Kabbalah ancient wisdom that tools for creating joy and a lasting fulfillment. It will change the way that you loo at the world and strive to make it better through the teaching of Kabbalah. The site goes on to define that the word Kaballah means “to receive” and they reference that as meaning how to receive fulfillment in your life.

At the Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles, was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 and now has facilities all over the world where they strive to teach a better life and creating a better world versus teaching at a scholar level of learning. The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles is also a non-profit organization. They continue to offer the tools and guidance to help make the world a better place with the tools of Kabbalah.

How Does The Kabbalah Centre Teach An Open Spirituality?

 The Kabbalah Centre was started by the Berg family at a time when seeking alternative religion was quite important to the world population. The first Kabbalah Centre started in Los Angeles, and the Berg family opened more around the world to teach all-comers the mystic discipline of Kabbalah.

#1: There Are Quite A Few People Who Study Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a method of interpreting text, and the scholars used the mystic teachings to look deeper into the words of God. The Jewish people believed that God was speaking to them, and they wanted to find the presence of God as they studied. Studying is quite important, and the Kabbalah Centre helps everyone learn how to study text.

#2: What May They Do In The Building?

Studying, meditating and praying in the Kabbalah Centre is an option, and there are several different people who come to the Centre knowing they may find refuge. The refuge they discover makes them feel as though they are among the proper company, and they may make friends in the building who will help with study and meditation. The presence of God is quite important as it may be floating in the building, and there are several different people who may learn what they need to know when they come to the Centre.

#3: What Is The Beauty Of Studying Kabbalah?

Kabbalah imposes no beliefs on the student, and it helps the student learn what is said underneath all the words in the text. What the text says is quite hidden, and the people who wish to see between the lines will learn what to do when they are using Kabbalah as a method for study.

Everyone who wishes to learn about how the presence of God may exist in the building. The Centre is a place of hope, love and cooperation in a broken world.