High NYC Flier Escorted Off JFK Flight After Trying to Open Door Midair

This is a nightmare that you hope never happens as you sit during your flight in midair.

According to Alaska Airlines officials, a 28-year-old barber from New York City attempted to pry open one of the jet’s rear emergency exit doors during a flight from New York City to Seattle.

Authorities claim that Jordan Fragiacomo was high on drugs when he allegedly went beserk, arose from his seat and began talking incoherently, even trying to grab a kiss from two flight attendants.

“If you continue to restrain me, there’s going to be problems,” he had said to the attendants. That wasn’t all; Fragiacomo was disturbing other passengers by reaching for their drinks and headphones.

It took two off-duty pilots on-board and several flight attendants to restrain the fit Fragiacomo and his blonde Mohawk.

The Boeing 737 made an emergency landing at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, after an announcement that the plane would be “dropping off one of our passengers early,” and someone at the gate would “greet this customer, [who was] having a difficult time working and playing well with others.”

Airport police were there waiting to escort Fragiacomo off the plane and take him to an area hospital for evaluation. The flight then continued on to Seattle without further problems. His Alaska Airlines seat-mate, Shoshana Godwin, had claimed she saw him acting weirdly before the flight took off, allegedly going into his bag and then taking a pill out of the bag. She believes he was under the influence of something. He had dozed off during the flight, only to awaken when the flight attendants brought the beverage cart around. That’s when he announced that he wanted to cancel his flight and get off.

Fragiacomo’s Facebook profile has since been removed, but the page said he was a self-employed barber and former go-go dancer. Some of his selfies show a shirtless Fragiacomo with a black Batman logo tattoo on his left chest.

The latest development on the midair scare says that Fragiacomo has since admitted he took GHB, cocaine and Xanax, according to a police report obtained by the NY Post newspaper.

By the way, it’s impossible to open a jet door while the plane is pressurized and in flight.