Panic Sweeps JFK Airport When 911 Call Reports Shots Fired

Just a few short days ago panic shook New York as rumors ran rampant of an active shooter at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Fire Department of New York received a phone call Sunday evening about 9:30pm that claimed there was a shooting at the airport and the New York Police Department immediately responded with a very massive presence that included the Hercules Strike teams, Critical Response Command, Strategic Response Group, Emergency Service Unit, and patrol cops. Social media immediately lit up and went crazy as people posted and the rumors began to spread like wildfire.
Late Sunday evening, Port Authority released a statement informing the public that they were unable to actually confirm that any shots were ever fired. There were no reported injuries or arrests, and the NYPD later confirmed that they believe there were no shots fired in the airport.
Due to the chaos that spread so quickly, numerous flights were grounded. Terminals 8 and 1 were also closed as a precaution along with sections of a major highway that runs near the airport. The airport quickly swirled into a scene of utter chaos as travelers were confined to security areas or asked to leave terminals. The airport resumed normal operations around midnight that night.
After a thorough investigation and search of the entire airport both Port Authority and the New York Police Department were unable to find an active shooter, victims of a shooting, or anyone who actually saw or heard any gunshots within the airport. No one is sure how this actually started, or if it was a mistake or a complete hoax. At this time Port Authority and the New York Police Department are still looking into the incident and trying to decide what happened. The current speculation is that a hoax call was placed to 911 and social media spread the rumors and escalated the situation like wildfire.
More information on this as well as any updates can be found at the Huffington Post.