Tarallucci e Vino a Suburb Event Venue

Italian dining is actually one of the healthiest meals you can eat. Italian food is full of healthy ingredients, many of which are extremely good for brain function. For instance, tomatoes are full of the antioxidants that are known as carotenoids, which will help to protect brain cells that can be damaged from free radicals which in turn can be one of the causes of dementia. Garlic, which the Italian’s use freely, according to researchers could help to prevent and slow the growth of brain cancer. Olive oil, another widely used product could possibly reverse your memory loss and also improve the persons learning ability.

When you walk into an Italian Restaurant the smell of the fresh vegetable being steamed, and the herbs that you smell gives you an ambience that relaxes your body and makes you ready for the great food you will be eating.

So to summarize the Italian Restaurant dining experience you can relax and know that you are eating good healthy food and enjoying the Italian atmosphere which makes you feel good.

When looking for a venue for a private event such as a wedding reception, anniversary party, or any other event that requires a large space the best place in New York City would be Taralllucci e Vino.

This customer friendly restaurant gets rave reviews from print media and word of mouth advertising. They have five locations in and around New York City. East Village, Union Square ,NoMad, Upper West Side ,and Cooper Hewitt.

They have been in business since 2001 and their name is taken from the classic Italian cookie, the Tarallucci. As the saying goes, you can solve any problems over a Tarallucci cookie and a glass of wine.

They offer hand crafted pastries that are baked fresh every morning, fresh pasta, and an iced expresso that is shaken in the Italian style. They have takeout and delivery service as well as excellent in house service. When weather permits, there is outdoor seating to enjoy the evening.

If you are planning a wedding reception, there is an event planner on site to help you with all the details. She will be flexible and very detail oriented for your special day. They will take care of all the details, furniture rental, plates, napkins, tablecloths and anything else that is needed. She will also correspond with the vendors and your wedding planner to coordinate all phases of the wedding day.

If you have guests that have dietary restrictions the menu will be tailored to encompass these restrictions.

The food at Tarallucci e Vino is always raved about by their guests. The wait staff is friendly and helpful as well as being well trained in the art of serving food.

As it was previously stated, Italian food is very healthy and beneficial to the consumer. So if you are looking for a great place with exemplary food and service for your event, please check out Tarallucci e Vino at the location nearest you. Then prepare yourself for a great event.