Shervin Pishevar Discusses Global Shifts

In a surprising return to Twitter after a two-month hiatus, billionaire and founder of An investing firm, Shervin Pishevar, recently took to the platform in order to discuss a wide array of issues that are primed to affect the US economy from here on out. While he is no stranger to making controversial statements, Shervin Pishevar’s consistent track record regarding the implication of incoming trends has been stellar to date, and he was one of the early investors in a number of thriving companies, including Uber, Dollar Shave Club, Airbnb, and Warby Parker.

In what many people are referring to as a tweetstorm, Shervin Pishevar unleashed a string of 50 tweets at a furious pace, taking on global powerhouses Amazon, and Google, as well as predicting the future of Bitcoin. He also touched on the state of the US stock market, which he revealed will drop 6000 points in the upcoming months in his estimations are correct, and just one day after, quickly began said descent, dropping 500 points in under an hour.

When speaking on Bitcoin, which has been one of the more polarizing subjects of recent history, along with cryptocurrency and blockchain, Shervin Pishevar discussed the recent drop, which saw the price dip from a high of nearly 20k, to around 8k. If he is correct, the drop may continue for a period of time before correcting itself and climbing back up, although at a much more deliberate pace; he believes this will occur over the next 24 months.

He also discussed the failing infrastructure of America, citing that it has fallen behind competitors like China in a significant fashion. The level of innovation seen across the world is beginning to lap that of the United States, as Silicon Valley no longer has a stranglehold on the tech market. He would go on to reference a train station in China that was completed in under 10 hours to support his claim. Mr. Pishevar believes that innovation has now become “borderless” and the innovation that has traditionally belonged to Silicon Valley, can now be implemented on a global scale.

A Brief Look At Agora Financial

Over time, it comes to light that having adequate information before investing is crucial to your investment journey. Having the right partners who will take you through is gratifying, and it bears fruits. Agora Financial is the right partner for your investment journey as it is a private publishing company specializing in financial data.

Agora has been in existence for over a decade as they continue offering financial advice to their readers. They have ways in which they advise their readers on how to protect their wealth from opportunists. Agora Financial has free newsletters, books, documentaries and seminars that are focused on helping people get more information on wealth creation among other things.

For Agora, they identify unique companies that have high potential growth. Uniquely, they don’t concentrate on one area of the market but rather on diverse markets. Additionally, they have set up a budget which is specifically for traveling expenses. The expenses are for their analysts who dig up unique ideas from around the world. Their principle is finding ideas that are yet to hit the main market and urge people to invest early enough.

Agora has been able to make significant predictions that came to pass eventually. There was the mortgage bubble which they predicted four years before it happened. Readers who took them seriously benefited. There was also the oil price hike prediction which also happened a year after.

Every daily article is written by an experienced columnist in the company. The company was founded in 1999 by Bill Bonner, a financial writer. Agora Financial helps it’s over half a million subscribers understand different market changes.

The company has over 20 publications. The Agora Financial Investment Symposium is an event held every year whose aim is to bring people together and discuss some financial trends that are emerging. They invite influential speakers in their panel for people to learn more.

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How Agora Financial Can Help Protect and Grow Your Savings

If you’re an average person looking to establish a nest egg to prepare for retirement, you’ve probably already considered investing your money. Whether you’re paying a professional broker to handle your investments, or even just using the Robinhood App on your phone, you’ve likely discovered that properly investing your money can be complicated. There are constantly companies and groups looking to profit off of your savings.

The truth is, most of the investments that drive strong profits are discovered before they’re widely known. It can seem almost impossible to find these opportunities, without losing high percentage commissions to brokers sitting in a high rise office somewhere. That’s why Agora Financial’s approach is so appealing to the regular person looking to build their wealth.

Agora Financial provides unbiased market commentary and market news to help you find the opportunities that will help you grow your investments, without paying high fees or commissions. Being independent is key to protecting your wealth. Learn about upcoming market opportunities through Agora Financial’s independent economic commentary publications and build your wealth by yourself, with expert advice.

What’s unique about Agora Financial? They have been helping their readers keep their savings safe while building their portfolios for over a decade through a diverse array of free newsletters, online publications, books, seminars, and documentaries. Their publications educate readers to help them manage their money and find upcoming investment opportunities to grow their wealth.

Rather than simply sitting in offices and running the numbers, Agora spends more than a million dollars in travel and research costs. They are constantly sending out experts to investigate possible opportunities on-site. This way, they always get the real facts about the market.

Agora Financial doesn’t simply claim to predict market trends, they have a history of it. They predicted the mortgage crisis four years before the bubble burst. They foresaw the spike in oil prices in 2007 before the price of oil hit an all-time-high in 2008. They even covered the rise of Biotechnology, Personalized Medicine, and Regenerative Medicine long before the mainstream media began reporting on it.

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With such a strong predictive history, a veritable team of experts in multiple fields, and an approach that regular people can trust and believe in, Agora Financial stands as one of the best services the intelligent investor can trust.


The Great Achievements of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the Founder of Kerrisdale Capital where he is also acting as the Chief Investment Officer. He has been in the front run of ensuring his business has succeeded since its inception in 2009. Kerrisdale Capital Management Company is a firm based on research.

Mr. Adrangi specializes in publishing research and short selling. He makes public his company’s views on stocks often misunderstood in the market. Kerrisdale writes on the misunderstood aspects of stock to educate masses. The company uses their website and twitter to disseminate their research.

Mr. Sahm is a learned entrepreneur. He attended Yale University and finished with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He was employed at Deutsche Bank immediately after graduation. He carried out high-yield and leveraged loan debt financings at the bank. He also served at the Chanin Capital Partners in the advising creditor committee.

Kerrisdale Capital carries out publish research and shares findings with either the public or relevant authorities. Mr. Adrangi in the recent past centered their research on sectors where Kerrisdale is familiar with. They focused more on the biotechnology and mining sector. On the Biotechnology sector, Adrangi’s firm has researched and published on companies that are in their development stages including Sage Therapeutics, Zafgen, Unilife, Pulse Biosciences and Bavarian Nordic among other companies. The company also looked into the mining prospects and market evaluations of companies including Northern Dynasty Mineral and the First Majestic Silver. The firm has also written reports on companies in the telecommunication center.

Apart from publishing research, Mr. Adrangi is also an activist. He plays activism roles for investment companies. In 2013, he assisted Lindsay Corporation management in enhancing their cash deployment and allocation policies. He also led a contest in 2014 to replace the Morgan Hotel Group’s directors.

Mr. Sahm has also taken active parts in combating fraud. In 2010 and 2011 he exposed some fraudster companies. The companies which were mainly Chinese include Lihua International, China Marine Food Group and China-Biotics among other companies.

Mr. Adrangi is also a speaker. He has spoken in a number of national and international conferences including the Value Investing Conference and the Distresses Debt Investing Conference.

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Remarkable Contribution of George Soros Philanthropy to the Open Society Foundation

George Soros Philanthropy is the founder of Open Society Foundation. The donor has been supporting the formation since its existence. His donation of $18 billion to the foundation is the most significant private transfers ever made to a lone establishment. The endowment is established to support future work of the organization

Open Society Foundation has been in existence for over 30 years. Its core objective is the promotion of democracy and human rights in over 120 countries. The founder Mr. Soros has contributed more than $30 billion of his fortunes to support the foundations work around the globe. The organization has made a tremendous impact in the world for the last two decades. Also, the Open Society Foundation has invested in programs that protect the rights of lesbians gays. It also focuses on reducing their abuse by the police.

The democratic donor through his foundation supported Roma art and culture treatment centers in 2004 during the Ebola epic. He also protected United States people in 2016 during the national hate incidents. The investor contributed $10 million towards the violence prevention at the time. Mr. Soros was determined and fought to end the election crisis in the United States.

Under the leadership of the renowned donor, the foundation has supported organizations and individuals around the world. It has focused its operation on government accountability, promotion of injustice and equality and freedom of expression. Through the guidance of the philanthropist, the foundation has offered school fees support to promising students who would have otherwise missed opportunities.

Open Society Foundation has collaborated with several leaders in the civil society. Contributing widely and deeply impacted its programs to the roots of the humanity. It has worked with Roma in Eastern Europe and as far as Africa Americans in Cleveland despite their class of justice. George Soros has supported other independent organizations, and also one of the America’s medical marijuana movement pioneers.

The philanthropist has supported democratic politicians with donations. During Mr. Clinton the last election, the investor donated millions to super PACs, geared towards the Mr. Trump defeat. Also, he placed $1 billion as a bet that Trump will not win the election.

About George Soros

Mr. Soros is the leading philanthropist in the world. He is a renowned hedge fund executive who managed customers’ funds in New York since 1969 to 2011. The well-known investor expanded his treasure and formed Open Society Foundations in 1979. He later established the Budapest Social science studies center.

His life influenced the establishment and funding of the Open Society Foundation. Mr. Soro was born in 1930 in Hungary and faced the Nazi occupation in 1944-1945. Witnessing the death of more than 500,000 people, with his family surviving the saga. The experience inclined his thoughts to fight against discrimination injustice.

Mr. Soro left his country Hungary to London, where he joined the London school of economics. After his education, he worked as a railway porter and waiter. Later in 1956 he migrated to the United States and secured a job in finance and investments, which served as the path to his fortune and Follow him

David Giertz Provides His Expertise in Finance

Finance professional David Giertz sat down for a recent interview. During this interview, he talked about social security. Since many individuals are looking to get social security for their retirement, it is important that they know all of the fundamentals about it. As a result, David has said that financial advisers need to provide in depth information about social security so that investors can more easily plan their retirement on With the help from advisers, individuals who are looking to use social security will be in better position to find out a number of things such as how much they can get, when they will get it and how to finance their lifestyle during retirement. The help from advisers is also beneficial in that it can help people find out the policies regarding social security. This knowledge will enable individuals to have a better understanding of what benefits they can get with social security.

David Giertz has worked in the financial services industry for over three decades. With his many years of experience he brings a lot of expertise. One of the things that David has done is help various financial services companies increase their revenues. When he was the President of Nationwide, he helped grow the firm in terms of its annual revenue. During his stint at the firm he helped it go from $11 billion in annual revenue to over $17 billion. As a result, the firm was able to exceed its revenue goals each year. By helping the firm increase its revenues, it would have the ability to provide more services to its clients.

One of the things that has made David very successful is his philosophy. When managing a financial services company, Giertz emphasizes innovation and growth. David believes that it is important for a company to find ways to improve on its services. By offering more services and new ones, a company will appeal to more clients. As a result, it will also experience growth as it will make more revenues on a regular basis at

The Capital Group Provides Expert Investment Advice

The way that people make investments and research investments has changed dramatically over the past few decades. One of the main reasons why investments have changed regarding how people approach and handle investing is because of technology. The use of technology has become a core aspect of the investment industry.

Before technology became a common part of the investment industry, almost all people interested in making investments had to get help from an investment company at least to some degree. However, technology innovations over the past few decades have allowed people to make investments and acquire investment information without the direct assistance of an investment company.

The way that people are able to handle some aspects of investing on their own is through technology such as the Internet. With the use of the Internet, people are able to utilize online resources such as investment websites and other investment related online resources. These resources allow people to do a wide range of investment related tasks that once required the assistance of an investment company.

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While people can do a variety of things related to investments on their own with the use of technology, it is still good for people to get investment advice and assistance from a good investment company. One of the investment companies that has an outstanding reputation in the investment industry is Capital Group.

Tim Armour is the current chairman of the Capital Group. Tim Armour brings over 30 years of investment industry experience to his role as chairman. With the vast experience and knowledge that Tim Armour has acquired over the years, he provides Capital Group with a high level of executive leadership.

Tim Armour was chosen as the current chairman of Capital Group after the passing of the former chairman Jim Rotherberg. Before his passing, there was a succession plan made in the event of the passing of Jim Rotherberg. As the newly selected chairman, Tim Armour has demonstrated his leadership capabilities over many years of working at Capital Group in other executive positions.

The review of Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten, born on July 9 1959 in the state of Florida is supposedly an expert when it comes to the topic of investment. According to given sources Martin Lustgarten is a firm advocate when it comes to international investments. It is stated that Martin goes and spread his own wealth throughout several counties which allows him to be able to control and limit any risks as well as making sure that he is able to benefit from the local growth.

Martin Lustgarten is said to have an eye for market as he is able to quickly react when a market seems to be going in a downward spiral. Him being able to watch the market trends so constantly allows him to be able to get the best outcome results for the clients that he works with. Martin seems to be the ideal investor for he is always prepared, one step ahead of the games and is able to work her and think hard on the job already planning his next move before the last minute.

It seems that the article pushes Martin into a bright light explaining his accomplishments and strategies he uses in the market world. Martin also seems to be an outgoing and down to earth person as it seems that he enjoys vintage items and is stated to collect things he finds beautiful. In one of the given sources he is shown in a picture with two other women, possibly family members. He not only seems to enjoy his career and stay on top of the game at work but also has a lovely family life able to spend time with those he cares about. Showing this side of him will no doubt give clients interested in working with him a friendly vibe.

Lustgarten poses a serious yet somewhat calm tone attitude both in the written sources and within the picture he posted. He is an intelligent man with the way he is able to run his business and not stop for a moment to hesitate. He is an ideal role model for any inspiring investors.

Instagram: @mlustgarten