Keith Mann – Maintaining a Business Through Common Sense and Hard Work

UPDATE: October 18, 2016

Dynamic Search Partners has now announces their partnership with New York Uncommon schools. They were able to visit the senior class of Crown Heights Charter High School for resume drawing. The students received advice, editing and even review of their resumes from the five members of Dynamic Research Partners. This will help the students when applying for college this fall.

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Keith Mann is a highly-respected recruiter and staffing expert for the finance industry. For a decade and a half, he helped national and multinational corporations find suitable individuals for primary positions. As one of the principal administrators for Dynamics Executive Search, he came up with impressive ideas to promote and expand the industry. The Alternative Investment Practice was one of the notable concepts that allowed him to profit from the hedge fund market. Keith Mann served clients in this business sector for about four years before recognizing the potential in private equity firms. Once he gained enough experience to operate on his own, he started Dynamics Search Partners in 2009.

By making the decision to focus on alternative investment firms, he put himself in a very demanding position. His profit potential increased greatly, right along with his responsibility to high net-worth investors. On a daily basis, he meets the demands for his clients by assisting them with hiring and internal development strategies. Many investment firms across the globe will seek his assistance whenever they need a new executive candidate.

Who or what inspired you to launch Dynamic Search Partners?

It was a decision that came about naturally over time. I worked for Dynamics Executive Search for years, and I learned a good bit about the industry while I was there. Starting my own company was just the next step for someone with my experience. I had a different name for the company in the beginning, but I changed it later on for marketing purposes. I wanted to be distinguishable in this New York area where the demand for our services is great.

Would you consider your office environment fast-paced or relaxed?

I am pretty much running around all day. From the start of business to the end, there is always something to do. If I am not in a meeting, I am answering emails and making phone calls. The excitement never ends, so I must work out regularly to keep up with the pace.

Is it tough to run a business that requires new concepts often?

It may be tough for someone who doesn’t know the business, but I learned to deal with changes years ago. When I’m busy doing what needs to be done, I don’t have time to think about the difficulties. When our clients ask for new ideas, we come up with them as quickly and efficiently as possible. We don’t have an arsenal of concepts to hand out for every request, even though this would be nice.

Can you give me an aspect of your business that remains consistent year after year?

I can tell you what clients are always searching for in each candidate. They want someone who is distinct. Someone who is different than everyone else and who can adapt to sudden changes. This seems to be the desired characteristic for every client.

Which one of your lifestyle practices makes you valuable and useful as a business owner?

I must stay healthy, which is why I try to work out every morning. If my health declines, I will not be able to keep up with the fast strenuous environment. It seems like a simple thing, but working out keeps my energy high so I can work.

Did you ever have an employer or a job that was grievous?

I worked for a major foreign exchange bank. There was no excitement in that job at all. I thought I would learn more as the trading assistant, but I was wrong. It was not an enlightening experience.

Do you have any huge regrets that you think about regularly?

Not at all. I made a few mistakes but I learned from each one. They all lead me to where I am today.

If you had a chance to speak to a new entrepreneur, what routine would you tell him or her to repeat consistently?

Always look for new ways to operate efficiently, and always ask questions when you don’t know the answer. As a business owner, it is important to put pride aside from time to time.

Would you be willing to share a particular secret that placed your business in the profit zone?

I changed with the times and realized the importance of using technology. When I started in this business, we met our clients face to face and communicated by telephone only. Needless to say, this limited the amount of clients we could service on any given day. With technology, we can operate remotely and hold meetings via video. Technology really saves time and increases our productivity.

Did you ever try to start a business or project that did not pick up steam?

To be honest, I would have to say no. I never really went against the grain in my entire career. Whenever I made a decision, I was always in the right position–so it was always the right time. I made minor mistakes that affected the business slightly, but I corrected them all. I always try to remain inside my comfort zone so I can keep my mistakes to a minimum.

When was the last time you spent $100 on something enjoyable?

I recently took my kids to a pizza making class. It was an enjoyable experience.

You need reliable applications to keep your fast-paced business running. Which programs do you rely on?

I like to keep it simple. I use Google for just about everything, and my team does as well. We also use LinkedIn because it is very fitting for the executive search industry.

If you had to endorse a particular book for this industry, which one would it be?

Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow. It is a great book for any ambitious person in any industry. It really is a great book!

Do you look up to anyone, even after accomplishing so much?

I look up to Michael Bloomberg. I think his accomplishments are absolutely amazing.

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