Felipe Montoro Jens, Seeking Brazil Infrastructural Improvements

The Brazilian government is anticipating giving concessions to organizations who show proactivity in Brazil. They will give extra subsidizing to foundations that extend resources, take the weight off of the state, enhance personal satisfaction, and the economy. Felipe Montoro Jens weighs in on this mission and has expressed that it will give Brazilian society some reprieve.

His reputation demonstrates a solid awareness of other’s expectations to the betterment of society; with his direction, water improvements in Brazil are nearly ensured to succeed. He has sat on multiple boards and even served in the public sector. He has experience in both sides of the business of infrastructure improvement which provides him a rare insight.


Felipe Montoro Jens started working on infrastructure as a member of the Board of Directors for Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A. where he oversaw the implementation of water irrigation systems in Brazil. The project was successful under his leadership. His other experiences in the private sector are astounding. Jens has voiced his masterful opinion that the establishment of Brazil’s clean water framework, and conceivable redesigns, are primary to upgrading life in Brazil. Jens has communicated that the shortage of clean water is the critical driver of public funding for state projects. Banks and loan specialists are willing to provide resources for infrastructure projects provided they receive government concessions.

The president said that, at this moment, Brazil requires the investigation of concession contracts so that there is transparency in the way disbursements are arranged and executed. Felipe Montoro Jens supports this idea and agrees that companies must be responsible in the way contracts are handled. He can be viewed as a philanthropist and discerning businessman