Cancer treatment campaign through the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer cells are believed to affect each individual differently but cases of prostate cancer have been common to all men. The figures of men being reported to contract the disease are always increasing monthly. It is through this factor that the National Football League Alumni Association with collaboration with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have taken the opportunity to create an awareness of the disease and the benefits of its early screening.

Through a campaign that they started in early September, they have been on the streets to educate men and increase the access of screening services right at their doorsteps. All that one requires is signing up for the free treatment and any eligible member will be free to receive treatment in the over 1,750 locations that are well fitted with specialists from CTCA.

CTCA have been in place for over 30 years now offering cancer health services with the help of an advanced technology that meets a personalized approach. Just as its name sounds, the main aim of the establishment of the cancer treatment centers of America was to offer Cancer health care services to patients throughout the US. Its main headquarters are situated at Boca Raton Florida where it was initially meant to work as a profit network of five hospitals.

Among the key approaches that the facility offers include radiation, immunotherapy as well as chemotherapy for the treatment of the cancer cells. Other than this, CTCA is also known to facilitate integrative therapies that are meant to manage side effects such as nausea, fatigue, anxiety, malnutrition, pain and depression. The key founder of the organization was Richard J Stephenson back in 1988.

He came up with the idea about it after the death of his mother who was suffering with cancer cells. Richard was never satisfied with the kind of treatment options that were being offered to her mom and since he never wished see another life lost he facilitated the establishment of the center.

The very first hospital opened In Zion Illinois and between now and 1988, the facility has undergone massive expansion. Currently, the CTCA health centers have grown to the recognition as the best performer through the strong satisfactory patient scores they offer.

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