Shinto and Kokkinides Lead InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is one of the leading healthcare providers in all of North America. InnovaCare works to provide access to quality healthcare, primarily through provider networks and medicare advantage. InnovaCare focuses on building strong patient-provider relationships, and works with its subsidiaries to establish managed care that is cost-effective, coordinated, and quality.

InnovaCare Health has remained at the top of its field due in large part to its leadership. The current President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InnovaCare is Dr. Richard Shinto, who came to InnovaCare with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field. Prior to working at InnovaCare, Shinto served as the President and CEO of Aveta Inc.

Shinto has been recognized throughout his career for his success. For example, in 2012 Rick Shinto received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award. This award is given to entrepreneurs who show success in areas such as innovation, financial performance, and commitment to their businesses. Shinto also came to this position with clinical experience. Shinto started out practicing internal medicine and pulmonology. He excelled in the clinical field, and eventually became the Chief Medical Officer of North American Medical Management in California. Prior to that he served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management Company.

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Another vital member of the InnovaCare leadership team is Penelope Kokkinides, who serves as the company’s Chief Administrative Officer. Kokkinides came into this position in July of 2016. She also has over 20 years of healthcare experience, and came to this position after previously working for InnovaCare as its Chief Operating Officer. She also previously served as the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations at Aveta Inc., and also served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight HealthCare.

Kokkinides is a life-long New Yorker who loves to travel for business and pleasure. She also maintains a blog where she shares her passion for health care, in addition to sharing other stories such as news pieces and personal experiences. She began the blog in July of 2014 and continues to write for it today. Kokkinides also participates in social media through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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What to Know About InnovaCare Health’s Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

It is very important to receive services from a well-recognized institution so you can always be satisfied. InnovaCare is one of the leading providers in Medicare as well as Medicaid Advantage Plans to ensure all their clients are served in the best way. You can also be in a position to receive physician services since they are committed to ensure they provide quality healthcare services to their clients. All models in InnovaCare are sustainable, integrated with the latest as well as modern technology and cost effective. In this way, they are trustworthy and their services are more reliable and fast. In Puerto Rico, they operate two different Medicare Advantage Plans serving 200,000 individuals who are served by 7,500 providers. There are also two Medicaid Advantage Plans which are in the Government Health Plan of Puerto. No matter what they do, their patients are always their priority to ensure they offer and provide them with the best services.

About Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the President at InnovaCare Health since the year 2012. The institution has been improving since then and clients are satisfied with their services. Before working at InnovaCare, he was the CEO at Aveta Inc. since the year 2008 until 2012. He has a wide experience especially in the field of managed care which gives him the best knowledge on how to operate and manage the institution.

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Penelope Kokkinides (Chief Administrative Officer)

Penelope joined the company in the year 2015 and is currently working as the Chief Administrative Officer. She has also worked at Aveta as the Vice President in Clinical Operations as well as the Chief Operating Officer at InnovaCare Health. She has a huge experience of around 20 years in government plans as well as managed industry which gives her knowledge on how to handle Medicaid and Medicare needs of clients.


There is great leadership working together to ensure InnovaCare Health is the best healthcare institution which offers the best services. They coordinate everything done at the institution to make sure all the needs of their clients whether it is about Advantage Plans or physician services are met. You will be in a position to work with qualified and trained experts in InnovaCare who will not rest until they fulfill all your needs. The leaders at InnovaCare ensure they hire the right experts to work at the institution so clients can feel safe and loved while receiving services.

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Rick Shinto Implements New Changes to Leadership of InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health Announces Three Additions to Leadership

Dr. Rick Shinto, the CEO of InnovaCare, recently made several changes to the leadership of the company in an effort to improve its organizational efforts. For those unaware, InnovaCare is a healthcare organization that specializes in helping people in Puerto Rico get access to Medicaid and Medicare Advantage. Despite the complexities of this mission, Dr. Shinto and his team have seen considerable success and continue to help those in need on a daily basis. In fact, it could be argued that it is precisely because of these successes that there has been a greater need for Dr. Shinto to bring in new team members.

The first of these new recruiting efforts is Jonathan Meyers, who has stepped into the role of Chief Actuary Officer. Although Meyers has served as the Chief Actuary Officer for other healthcare-related organizations, he is also known for his work with a variety of unions and large-scale employers. By building a reputation for having both valuable insight and experience, Meyers was the clear and obvious choice for InnovaCare’s position.

Dr. Rick Shinto then brought on Penelope Kokkinides as his Chief Administrative Officer. Kokkinides has been working in the healthcare industry for several decades, ensuring that she is more than equipped for any situation that InnovaCare might find itself in. In fact, she has served in a strategic capacity for a number of organizations, including AmeriChoice. Given her expertise in developing a company’s health model from the ground up, she is poised to be one of InnovaCare’s greatest assets.

The last change that Dr. Rick Shinto has made to the leadership team is with the hiring of Mike Sortino, who will take on the role of Chief Accounting Officer at InnovaCare. In this capacity, Sortino will bring his unique experience with the insurance industry to InnovaCare. Before joining the team, Sortino had previously spent more than 20 years in the insurance industry in a variety of roles, and also did considerable work as a public accountant.

For his part, Dr. Shinto believes that these hires are reflective of InnovaCare’s plans for the future. Dr. Shinto hopes to restructure the current team and develop a viable plan for InnovaCare’s expansion. With the health insurance landscape constantly changing, and especially with a new presidential administration in January, Dr. Shinto hopes that InnovaCare will be well-equipped for whatever comes its way.

Before serving as the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Dr. Rick Shinto was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Aveta and MMM Healthcare. With several decades of clinical expertise, there are few executives in the healthcare industry who are as knowledgeable as Dr. Rick Shinto.