An Eye Opener on the Requirements and Benefits of Life Line Screening

Each screening performed by Life Line using ultrasound is ensured that it is painless and non-intrusive. This is also the case even when one experiences an irregular heartbeat. The blood screening is done using few blood drops. This screening does not require much preparation. Depending on the type of screening performed, loose clothing may be required while on other occasions, proper fasting is needed. The process is made easy to enable the clients to monitor their health accordingly.

The screening exercise ensures that the privacy of the patient is ensured way before the start of the process. An appointment is scheduled after a reliable Life Line Screening event is located near the patient. The organization answers any screening questions that may arise and gives screening instructions before the exercise. High-quality services are assured at an affordable price.

While the screening is underway, a warm welcome is accorded to the patient. Professional medical staffs perform the screening after ensuring that the client has the required information on the exercise. Efficient medical equipment is used in all the medical procedures performed which ensures correct results. The screening exercise is time sensitive as client’s time is highly valued. Confidential results are given accompanied by proper medical advice depending on the screening results and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Once the screening exercise is over, well-trained medics review the results and give a report that is easily understood and well detailed. Life Line ensures that it keeps track of health developments of their clients and shares the same with them. Upcoming visits are scheduled to help maintain a healthy life trend and resume their.

Cardiovascular diseases results to many death cases annually. Research shows that more than twenty million cardiovascular patients die worldwide. The screening allows the identification of any risks after which a doctor’s attention is sought and treatment exercise commences immediately. Early diagnosis and treatment reduce the effects by the vascular disease and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

Screening of some diseases like carotid artery disease helps to prevent serious diseases like heart attack and stroke. Early screening allows patients adjust their lifestyles to suit their health conditions. This enables the doctor to impel the necessary therapy while reducing serious health risks and read full article.

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Maggie Gill Provides Inspiration to the Healthcare Community:

Maggie Gill is the leader of Memorial Health in the stylish and traditional area of Savannah, Georgia. This is a very interesting region of the United States. Savannah is one of antiquity; yet, state-of-the-art thinking. The community is one that continues to restore; yet, looks to the future, greatly anticipating the best in technological advancement and delivery systems.

Maggie Gill, as leader of the progressive health care team, of Memorial Health, in Savannah, fills very “big shoes,” indeed. However, Gill is a leader: a described visionary–and never loses her focus, as to the healthcare issues at hand. This makes for the perfect partnering, with regard to a community, that evolves and has a diverse sampling of many healthcare woes and concerns.

Maggie is strongly aware of the challenges of the healthcare industry. She has been an award-winning executive, in her role at Tenet South Florida Health System, prior to coming to Memorial. Within her current leadership capacity, at Memorial Health, Maggie views challenge as opportunity: and she is not shy about facing those challenges–head-on.

Maggie has a terrific track record. She began her ascent, to her current post, attaining a B.S. degree from sunny Florida State University. True to Gill form, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree with honors. She went on to attain an MBA from St. Leo University in Florida. She earned this degree, with honors, as well. It is obvious, from the beginning, that Maggie Gill made it a point to perform all of her endeavors with a great deal of optimism–which easily translates into success.

She launched her executive career, as briefly mentioned above, at the Tenet South Florida Health System. She worked for 3 different health care institutions, within the Tenet System. She then made a move to Memorial Health.

She started out, in 2004, as Memorial Health’s Vice-President of Finance and Managed Care. She quickly “accelerated” to a new post, that being, COO or Chief Operating Officer, in 2005. In 2011, after several CEO’s, within a short period of time, the progressive health care organization knew the true answer, to providing its facility with the perfect brand of leadership, was right in its own backyard: It made the clear choice of having Maggie take the post of CEO, in 2011.

Maggie Gill combines spirit of caring with that of fiscal responsibility. She has done a terrific job in assuring Memorial Health’s operational success. It is this dedication to “standards of excellence,” that provides the progressive healthcare institution, with the ability to provide, its segmented populace, with award-winning healthcare–year-after-year.