Renown Health’s Newest Primary Care Clinic Nears Completion

The Renown Health healthcare network is expanding. Already the largest not-for-profit healthcare network in Northern Nevada, Renown is in the process of building a much needed primary care clinic in South Reno.The clinic will be the 12th of its kind. Renown has 11 other primary care clinics in the greater Reno-Sparks area. According to Dr. Marie McCormack, Renown Medical Group’s medical director, the area’s burgeoning population has increased the need for facilities that provide fast, effective care at a moment’s notice.

The clinic was designed to calm anxious patients with a waiting room that resembles a comfortable living room. Three vacant storefronts were combined to form the 10,000 square foot medical center. Twelve local contractors employed over 50 South Reno residents to build the modern health clinic.Renown has plans to expand upon the services offered at the location, but with uncertainty about a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, those plans have been temporarily delayed.

Renown Health

The locally-governed Renown Health network provides invaluable services to Reno and the surrounding area. Every cent earned by the healthcare network is reinvested into the organization. This allows Renown to utilize groundbreaking medical advances, and invest in the education of future medical practitioners at Stanford University School of Medicine.Renown Health was originally known as the Washoe Health Network. Washoe was founded in 1862 to provide relief during a major smallpox outbreak. The healthcare network has been expanding ever since. The network now includes two regional medical centers, a children’s hospital, a rehabilitation center, an occupational health center, an x-ray and imaging center, and lab services. The network is also home to Northern Nevada’s only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Get A Hearty Breakfast With Assistance From The OSI Group

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day according to many sources. With a filling breakfast, people can get the protein they need to have enough energy to get them through the rest of the day. Many people find it hard today to get the breakfast they need because they are on the run. They often look for places where they can find the calories they need in a form that they can enjoy eating. At the OSI Group, the aim is to offer items for breakfast that allows each person to grab what they need and grab it as quickly as possible so they can get on with their day. Items that are on the menu of OSI Group are items that will please a large group of people of all walks of life and highly varied backgrounds. Many people want products that let the break their fast and break it with items that will let them feel as full as possible for as long as possible.

Classic Breakfasts

Breakfast items are timeless. For example, many people like to start off the day with a plate of breakfast sausage. They can do with the help of the OSI Group. Clients can choose from fully cooked breakfast patties that are ready to go and easy to serve to large groups. They can also try other products such as all kinds of breakfast sausage. Those who like bacon can also choose from bacon products that include fully cooked bacon or par cooked bacon. Clients can take these items and then combine them with other products available from the OSI Group to create a full breakfast. A client may pair chicken they have cooked onsite with sausages offered by the company and their bread to create special breakfast sandwiches that will be highly popular with their own clients. The net result are products that can be customized to each client’s specific population as desired. They can stock on items when expecting more people or order less when demand might be expected to slack off. This allows the client to respond well to the needs of their own clients as needed and also create breakfast specials that will be right for a given population.

Full Service Meals

At the OSI Group, they know that they need to be on their toes at all times to make sure that the products they serve their clients are just right for today’s qualified and demanding clients. This is why they are always working on new ideas and new ways to help bring their clients what they need. They work hard each day to help explore new ways on to bring delicious and nutritious breakfasts to their clients. In turn, clients can count on them to help them keep in front of the needs of their own clients every single morning. Everyone benefits when working with them as they can reach out and locate the breakfast items they need in the quantities they want to serve every single morning.

How Aerobics Will Improve Your Health

You can now get health and nutrition news in New York City and the USA in general. Such articles are helpful because they offer the public essential tips on how to live a healthy life. You can get different categories of news through the New York Times platform. Here are health tips you can follow if you want to live a healthy life.

Healthy Eating Tips
The types of food people consume, goes a long way in determining how healthy they live. The New York City health and nutrition site will offer crucial information on the best types of food to eat to remain energetic. It is possible to get vital information on the best bodybuilding meals that will help the individuals who love spending time in the gym and desire to have a great body. For men, they love to have six packs and remain physically fit. The ladies, on the other hand, love curvaceous bodies with attractive shapes. It is the best site to acquire recent health news for everyone.

Aerobics Tips
Eating balanced diets and performing body exercises keeps the body strong and bones flexible. It slows the aging process, and a person will remain young. The guidelines on how to do exercises are found on this platform. They are easy to follow and comprehend.

The Cycling Tips and Updates
The cyclists get top notch cycling tips and guidelines. The platform offers updates of the new types of bicycles in the market. The best functioning and perfectly assembled bikes are posted on this site.

Weight Loss Guidelines
The journey of losing weight can be tough and tiresome if the victim does not know the necessary technique to use. There are foods you should stop eating when you are overweight. The journey is made successful by keenly following the news and updates on the New York Health and Nutrition site. It also gives role models who have thrived in the process for people to look up to in their weight loss journey.

The Dos and Don’ts for Pregnant Women
Pregnant mothers should always be keen during the nine months of pregnancy. The platform gives them suggestions of the different types of food recommendable for eating to enhance the proper growth of the fetus.

Electric Bikes May Have Important Health Benefits For Sedentary Populations

Researchers at the University of Colorado recently published findings in the European Journal of Applied Physiology that present strong evidence that use of electric bikes can help out-of-shape riders exercise more regularly. The research may have interesting effects on the rate of electric bike use in the United States and the willingness of cities to allow them in traditional bike lanes.

The participants in the study were all people living sedentary lifestyles that had two main excuses for not exercising: not enough time, and not enough current physical fitness. The researchers chose to eliminate both of these excuses by giving participants electric bikes to ride to and from work every morning and afternoon. Because the motor on an electric bike only kicks in during pedaling, the participants were forced to exert some physical force — but not as much as would be required riding a typical bicycle.

The researchers were pleasantly surprised by their findings: an overwhelming number of the participants reported enjoying the experiment, and recorded levels of aerobic fitness were significantly up.

Although there are several impediments blocking the widespread adoption of electric bikes, notably the astronomical price of many top models, researchers believe that these bicycles have the power to encourage exercise in segments of the population that would never get on an entirely manual bicycle. They are hopeful that when prices inevitably decrease, people will ride electric bikes on their commutes — this adoption will cut down on fossil fuel usage, trim carbon emissions, and encourage a healthier population.

American Red Cross Asks Donors to Wait 28 Days After Travel to Prevent Zika Virus Spread

Following the Zika outbreak in Central America the American Red Cross has slightly altered their blood donation policy to prevent the spread of the virus. The Red Cross is now asking all travelers that have been to the Caribbean or Latin America to abstain from donating blood for 28 days after their return.

Vice President of the Red Cross scientific affairs department Susan Stramer stated that the American Red Cross wants to make sure it only offers the most reliable and safest blood products to those in need. To this end they will continue to put in place necessary safety measures as they see fit to help protect patients against Zika.

Two days ago, Jon Urbana and the American Association of Blood Banks made issued a similar request after remarking that they believe the virus stays in the blood for less than 28 days. In Canada, the Canadian Blood Services also issues a statement that those who travel outside of Europe, the continental USA, and Canada will not be allowed to give blood within 21 days of their return.

At the moment there is no way to screen blood for the Zika virus as there are with other diseases that blood is currently tested for before it is used. 4 out of 5 people do not show symptoms of the Zika virus so relying on whether a person looks healthy or not is not an effective way to prevent spread of the disease via blood.