Talkspace Takes the Stress Out of Finding a Therapist

Stress is increasingly evident in our society these days, yet many people do not seek out help. Finding a therapist is difficult, and it is expensive and trying to find the time to meet with a therapist is often impossible with busy schedules and others commitments. Many people don’t get the therapy that they need, and they suffer for it.

There are ways to help combat stress such as exercising, finding time to take a break, or not over-committing time to various obligations, and focusing on one thing at a time but sometimes some extra help is needed.

People deal with stress differently, but our bodies produce a stress-fighting hormone to help to get through stressful times. Some people have actually become addicted to this feeling and is an inclination that there may a larger problem beneath the surface.

Talkspace is a great way to connect with a licensed therapist on your own schedule and is much more affordable than the more traditional therapist in an office setting. It is also much easier to text or type as a way to communicate.

Talkspace is the evolution of therapy and has many advantages over meeting with a therapist. Talkspace makes it easy to find a therapist and to even switch therapists without having to redo all the initial paperwork since it all gets transferred over to the new therapist. Your therapist is available pretty much all hours of the day or night, and if you don’t like the idea of meeting face-to-face, you don’t have to since it is all over the phone or computer.

Talkspace makes it possible to get the needed therapy without the headache of trying to make an appointment that you can keep and without having to break the bank. It’s a modern way to get help.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health On The Go With Talkspace

Talkspace is the mental health therapy platform of the future. It helps you find, match and connect with great mental health professionals conveniently from your mobile phone.

The app is heaven-sent for people in difficult situations. We are in the mobile era. The phone is always on you. Even in your darker moments. It is reassuring to know that support is right at your thumbs. Consider the classic setup.

You have to wait until morning, go over to your health center, check to see if the provider will take your insurance, and at best, book a time to start your therapy session.

Why set yourself up for additional stress when you are trying to get relief from your stress? In like manner, it can be a headache finding a great therapist online.

Mostly, all you have to go by is a photo and a couple of lines of bio.

Talkspace is always on, and someone who is ready to share your experiences is a simple subscription away. In fact, the process is simple. After you sign up for the app, someone will contact you, and you are good to go.

Just answer a few questions and fill in an online form. They will search for a matching and qualified therapist for you. Sometimes you can get a list to choose from.

It is cheaper than similar services in the market, and you can quickly check to see if your insurance is acceptable. The matching service is quick, and you will be chatting with your primary therapist in no time.

TalkSpace: Affordable, Convenient Therapy

One of the most unnerving thing for many, many people is wanting to see a therapist, yet not wanting people to see you visiting the therapist’s office. It has long been a sore point for many, but just like the internet seems to bring us new gifts every day, we now have TalkSpace. Now therapy, once off the menu for so many because their health insurance did not cover it, and the out-of-pocket costs were just prohibitive, is suddenly affordable and ubiquitous.

TalkSpace brings therapy to the patient, via the internet, and it brings it with a very small price tag of generally less than $50 for a week for unlimited messaging therapy. They have thousands of licensed therapists, are available across a full spectrum of devices, and now therapy can be had from the comfort of your living room. TalkSpace might just heal the world, one therapized person at a time.

Once signed up, clients are matched with a therapist, and they can pretty much start messaging that therapist immediately. Generally speaking, therapists respond 1-2 times per day, yet if client finds themselves in the throes of a crisis, they can schedule a video chat. There might be few things more comforting than knowing help is only a video chat away.

The idea of being able to anonymously connect to a therapist is a very nice feeling. This platform is likely just seeing the beginning of what could become a very solid working model going forward. If it does eventually become approved by health insurance plans, this could really gain traction. In the interim, however, it is a beacon of anonymous light for those wanting to have therapy in a cost-effective way.

Live Talk Therapy is an option for $79 a week and there is also the availability for couples therapy as well. Overall, this could be a viable business model that can help thousands of people get the therapy they desire at a price they can afford.