Troy McQuagge: Philanthropic Works through HOPE

Troy McQuagge is the president of the USHEALTH Group, and as the leader of the company, he initiated some programs that would benefit their employees and their customers. One of the most popular programs initiated by Troy McQuagge is HOPE, an acronym that stands for Helping Other People Every day. This acronym applies to all of the employees working for the USHEALTH Group, and according to Troy McQuagge US Health, they chose this name to describe the readiness of each employee to assist their customers anytime. They have been translated the acronym into their daily mantra, and it has been a life mission for the employees working at the USHEALTH Group to leave a positive impact on every person that they assist.

Troy McQuagge USHealth created the initiative in 2010. As the new president of the USHEALTH Group, he would like to have a program that will be synonymous with the company’s objectives. After the introduction of HOPE, the USHEALTH Group managed to receive more customers because of the positive word of mouth marketing that they have been experiencing. The total number of customers serviced by the USHEALTH Group is around 15 million, and the majority of these people became their customers because of recommendations. The USHEALTH Group under the leadership of Troy McQuagge experienced tremendous growth, and the revenue that they are making today have expanded their expectations. In the present, the USHEALTH Group has grown more than ten times since Troy McQuagge became the head.

The USHEALTH Group is also active in philanthropic activities, and through the HOPE initiative, the company is directly helping those who are victims of natural disasters and other calamities. One of the first activities that they sponsored is the rebuilding of homes for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the city of New Orleans. They have asked thousands of skilled carpenters to help them out with their project. The USHEALTH Group was also reported giving away millions of dollars’ worth of clothes to children who are in dire need. Troy McQuagge stated that as long as he is the president and the CEO of the company, charity projects will continue. Read:

US Health Advisors: Achieving Industry Success through Teamwork and Customer Satisfaction

US Health Advisors attributes its success to teamwork and paying keen attention to customer needs. The company operates in the healthcare insurance industry and is known for offering customized insurance plans, depending on a client’s needs. Having been in the industry for more than half a century, the company also pegs its success to innovation, which is needed for any business to survive.

Teamwork is Key

For teamwork to work, US Health Advisors has invested heavily in all its staff. From the company’s top leadership to the agents on the ground, everyone is aware of the need to work together to not only deliver services, but also to create harmony in the workplace. The company’s agents know that they can depend on top manage for support in order to execute their duties. The firm’s top leadership, on the other hand, knows that it has to pay keen attention to feedback from the team on the ground. Through this approach, the company has managed to not only create a name for itself in the industry, but to also set industry standards.

Career Training

If you work at US Health Advisors, you are eligible for continuous training offered by the firm. This training is crucial in helping you grow your career, not only at the firm, but also in the industry. Everyone at the company is encouraged to enroll for training sessions whenever the company is training its employees. Additionally, the company ensures all new recruits are properly trained before being released to go work on the ground. Consequently, professionalism is at the center of service delivery for all company employees. However, this high level of commitment and professionalism is not in vain. The company is known to be one of the best employers in the industry, with staff earning anywhere between $71,000 and $200,000 per year.

About US Health Advisors

US Health Advisors’ main office is in Fort Worth Texas. The company provides insurance cover for family and businesses alike. Some of the covers it provides include sickness insurance, critical care, accident insurance, dental cover, and short-term accident disability, among others. The firm prides itself in having a workforce committed to customer satisfaction. Consequently, its mission is to provide HOPE, Helping Other People Everyday.

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Dependable Health Coverage Provided at USHEATH Group Inc.

USHEALTH Group Inc. is an insurance holding firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. The company performs its services through its subsidiaries like National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom of Life Insurance Company of America. USHEALTH Group Inc. was primarily formed to provide innovative life, disability insurance and specific disease insurance answers for small business employers and their employees and self-employed families and individuals.

Moreover, USHEALTH has served more than 15 million clients with solutions catering to their needs of over 50 years. USHEALTH Group Inc. offers services through licensed and honest USHEALTH Advisors agents who meet particular training and qualification standards before being authorized to provide the services. USHEALTH Advisors has been recognized globally as the leader in customer service, business growth and innovation making USHEALTH Group Inc. an award-winning company.

The company understands that each customer is unique and also believes that the policy of “one size fits all” is not always a solution. Therefore USHEALTH Group provides a variety of affordable insurance solutions that a client can have a broad choice. The customer service of the company is incredible and was named the 2013 Top 50 North America Call Center because of their high performance in dealing with customers and many other awards.

USHEALTH Group Insurance is offered in different types depending on the customer. Families can choose the specified disease/sickness and accident coverage to protect them in case of any misfortune. Moreover, for patients who cannot afford other insurance products, USHEALTH Group provides a portfolio of incredible products that are beneficial by covering services and are also offered at discounts thus affordable.

Other clients want a more precise tailored coverage approach by listing a specified level of cost sharing. In this case, a flexible, reliable and affordable plan is given, for example, the family insurance of specified disease/sickness and accident plan is provided which will deliver customer satisfaction.

USHEALTH Group provides health coverage solutions that help customers improve their protection when in critical situations. Moreover, USHEALTH Group Insurance companies believe in creating a productive long-term relationship with the clients to win their loyalty. USHEATH Group Inc. is focused on protecting people through their health insurance plans.

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Benefits of Being Part of USHEALTH Advisor Team

USHEALTH Advisors is the main marketing arm of USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH Advisors specialize in marketing a portfolio of uncompromising health coverage plans which are underwritten and insured by the USHEALTH Group insurance companies. The main target market of the USHEALTH Advisors is the individual American, small business owners and their employees, and self-employed entrepreneurs.

USHEALTH Advisors insurance together with USHEALTH Group specializes in meeting the diverse needs of the healthcare market for more than thirty-five years now. Their product mix provides an opportunity to support the growing needs of individual insurance buyers with the rising cost of healthcare.

The USHEALTH Advisors salary is commission based. They have a commission which is earned monthly, and this provides an opportunity for the USHEALTH Advisors to enjoy six figures salary. USHEALTH Advisors are assured of support for their policyholders as the USHEALTH Group customer service department focuses on the provision of accurate and fast responses to the customers’ inquiries. They provide clarity on issues relating to claims and policies. The company website also allows customers to receive a quick response online.

The USHEALTH Advisors team appreciates the critical role of sales representatives in the company. Each sales representative is a leader who has spent several years in the market as top producing agents. The USHEALTH Advisors are well informed on how to succeed in the health product market and provide the sales agents with training and the right materials which allow them to excel. USHEALTH Advisors use various avenues of communication to ensure that the sales force is informed at all times of new developments and encourages the free flow of ideas.

All those who are interested in insurance sales career are encouraged to join the USHEALTH Advisors team. All USHEALTH Advisors are equipped with the tools and technical know-how to handle the company clients. This means that by joining the team, you get access to an intensive training program which makes you more professional. The USHEALTH Advisors team makes your potential limitless. The USHEALTH Advisors have access to innovative products and active support that one may need to build a dynamic career. Lastly, USHEALTH Advisors have a culture that drives them to be great.

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What to Know when Selecting the Ideal type of Life Insurance Coverage

Although picking the appropriate life insurance is a vital decision, it can prove to be a daunting task. Nevertheless, consider the following pointers to aid you in narrowing down your options.

Term Life Insurance

  • Only opt for term life insurance when you require life insurance for a given duration. This type of insurance allows you to match the length of the need to the length of the term policy.
  • It is suitable for you when you have a limited budget but require a substantial amount of life insurance. The rate per thousand of individuals who benefit is lower for term life insurance as opposed to permanent life insurance. This is because the policy only pays when you die in the course of the policy’s duration.

If you are worried about your financial requirements changing, you may consider convertible term policies. These insurance policies allow you to change to permanent insurance without the need for medical insurance but come at higher premiums.

Permanent Life Insurance

  • Consider this policy if you are in need of life insurance for all your life. Bear in mind that a permanent life policy pays death benefit regardless of whether you die tomorrow or later in life.
  • It is suitable when you want to create a saving element, which will not only grow on a tax-deferred basis but also become a source for borrowed finance for different purposes.

Although premiums for permanent life policies are relatively higher than term insurance premiums, they remain constant regardless of your age. Term insurance premiums hike each time you renew your policy. Furthermore, keep in mind different companies like Freedom Life Insurance offer a wide range of permanent life insurance policies like variable life, universal life, and whole life.

A Closer Look at Freedom Life Insurance

Freedom Life Insurance is one of the ideal companies to consider when looking for the right life insurance coverage. The company also has a reputation for dealing with other offers such as annuities, credit, accident and health products. Previously known as Consolidated American Life Insurance Company of America, Freedom Life Insurance functions as one of the subsidiaries of USHealth Group, Inc.

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Troy McQuagge: The Force Behind USHEALTH Group’s Exemplary Performance

Troy McQuagge was the CEO of the Year 2016 after winning gold in the One Planet Awards. Organizations throughout the globe, no matter their size or purpose, have the eligibility of submitting nominations for the One Planet Awards. The program is a worldwide premier awards project that honors professional and business excellence in all the industries throughout the world. One Planet Awards offers recognition in various categories such as new services and products, executives, marketing, teams, and corporate communications.

Troy McQuagge entry to USHEALTH in 2010 pioneered the restructuring of the company’s captive distribution agency, the USHEALTH Advisors. He got elected as the CEO and President of the company in 2014 following his success in re-building the USHEALTH Advisors. In his occupancy as the head of the group, the firm continues to register remarkable growth, prosperity, and profitability within the personal health insurance field which is highly competitive.

Troy McQuagge expressed his pleasure of receiving the award and acknowledged the company’s teamwork effort in achieving excellence. He said that the award reflected the firm’s continued dedication to solving healthcare affordability issue for their clients by offering them innovative insurance as per their needs. USHEALTH Group aims at combining talents of its agents and employees in marketing profitable and competitive insurance products.

Troy McQuagge is an entrepreneur and corporate executive originating from Panama City. He currently lives in Coppell town. He studied at the University of Central Florida. Troy has more than 30 years background in sales-related posts. He began his career with the selling of health insurance and joined the Allstate Insurance in 1983. In 1995, Troy joined UICI Health Market. It was in 2010 that he joined USHEALTH Group.

Troy McQuagge is an expert in the provision of decisive administration and motivation to cross-cultural and multi-functional groups. He is a driven and dynamic sales expert who achieves remarkable results in highly competitive setups. Under his leadership, the USHEALTH Group produces record-breaking results for profitability and growth.

Troy manages to lead the company to excellence despite the highly competitive nature of the health insurance market. He is a humble person and has an unfathomable commitment to his work.

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The Phenomenon United States Health Advisors

The United States Healthcare is one that is not affordable easily by every individual.The act has been showcased on every platform to popularize it. The healthcare was introduced after president Obama introduced the Obamacare. Majority of the population did not have any idea about the act. The Obamacare was being mishandled thus the healthcare was introduced to counter it.

Insurance companies had taken greatadvantage of the people before the healthcare was introduced. The healthcare came up with products which were new to the market so that the population could benefit from it. The main aim of the healthcare was to protect the population from oppression. The individuals used to pay a lot of many for their medical cover.

The Obamacare included individuals paying for abortions through the ACA plans which they had to comply with them. The United States health benefit offers a lot of benefits to its population. The health benefit involves citizens paying little money which can be accessed in situations when individuals have been injured or they become sick.

The healthcare’s staff have benefited since a discount is given to them. Doctors working with the healthcare get a good discount from those who work outside the network. The individuals working outside the network get a slightly lower discount than those in the network. The healthcare has gradually changed ideas in many hospitals in the United States.

The amount indicated on the price sheets when individuals visit the hospital resembles what the health facility pays for the individual. Most of the individuals have ended up being paid for their services by the healthcare because the amount they have used is little.Some individuals have had the chance of their money being returned to them since what they have paid is higher compared to the amount in the healthcare act.

The healthcare has been of good use to the customers since the hospital outlines what the customers will pay and the amount it will pay.Individuals who have signed up for the lowest cost- benefit but after three months in the event, something has occurred within that period. They are eventually upgraded to the higher cost meaning the healthcare increase the amount to pay for the individual in context. Read more on USHealth:


USHEALTH Advisors, Providing Reliable Insurance Policies to Enhance the Quality of Life

USHEALTH Group as a whole has several subsidiaries operating under its wings, among them being the USHEALTH Advisors. The USHEALTH Advisors majorly plays the role of distribution and national sales of the mother company’s products. They sell individual health insurance policies to their clients, inclusive of supplementary products. These transactions are made possible following the command of The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, a part of USHEALTH Group that is wholly-owned thus co-coordinating other subsidiaries’ activities. USHEALTH Advisors target clients include self-employed people, small-scale business owners, families, and individuals. This privately held company was founded in 2010 and has gradually grown to accommodate up to 500 employees, with its headquarters at Grapevine Pkwy.

Some of the coverage offered by USHEALTH Advisors includes Accident Coverage, Innovative Fixed Indemnity Health Plans, Health Coverage, and Guarantee Issue Plans among others. The company has a super-responsive team that always comes in handy when it comes to serving their customers. It is anchored on strong leadership which offers a driving force to reach their ultimate goals. With real support, their clients are assured of sound back up at all times.

For one to secure a position as a USHEALTH Advisors Agent, thorough training has to be done to ensure that at the end of the day they are assured of exclusive services from their team. One has to be armed with the necessary tools for best customer service. The company runs by the philosophy that their success is entirely dependent on the success of their personnel. Their team of experts works hand in hand to ensure that even the small service details are attended to with utmost professionalism. USHEALTH Advisors agents, therefore, base their careers on active support and innovative products to ensure that their growth is dynamic and pays off.

USHEALTH Advisors is among the few companies where their personnel enjoy both professional achievements and personal satisfaction. Individuals working on sales careers at USHEALTH Group are not only privileged to bag home significant income but also get the opportunity to build a long-term fortune for their future. In place are innovative compensation plans which hands individuals the mantle to control how much income they intend to achieve in every year. The company also offers unique bonus plans to spice up the earnings of its employees. With these strategies in place, the clients get quality services while the agents receive salaries worth their dedication to serving. Visit Natew York Monthly Herald at Facebook.


A brief look at some of the achievements of Troy McQuagge

In 1982, that’s when McQuagge decided to join the University of Central Florida so that he could major in legal studies Bachelor of Arts. He has not only worked with the USHealth Insurance. He worked with other companies like hope kids phoenix, health market, trinity habitat and the Semper Fi Fund. After he graduated from the university that then he started his career journey, he worked with an insurance firm Allstate, and that was in 1995. TroyMcQuagge worked with other companies that have the same capacity as the Allstate like Freedom Life Insurance.

Later in his career journey, he attained a position at the UICI insurance agency. In 1997, he went on to join the UGA, and because of him the company did well that year, and it attained a single sales records. He had so many expertise that made his success story like he had business management skills, strategic plan, product design an administration.

In 2010 that’s when so many things changed in the life of Troy McQuagge as he got a job at the US health group. Where he was going to deal with the restructuring the company operation. He worked so hard in his job, and that did not go unnoticed because he was made the CEO of the same company. As he was the CEO, then his leadership skills would be taken to another level because he was expected to apply them worldwide. With the education background that he has, it made him suitable for other fields like the finance, accounting, and banking. Through his so many achievements in his work when it comes to the US health group that’s what has made him so popular.

The USHealth is an organization that will give health coverage to those people that are not employed and those people that are just starting up. In his career, Troy McQuagge achieved so many things that people could have considered as impossible. When he joined the USHealth, the company had issues when it came to the distribution channel and the supply of the products, so he went ahead and transformed the whole thing. Since then, the company has been growing, and it’s becoming one of the most known companies worldwide. His work is evident because even the clientele doesn’t have anything but praise for Troy McQuagge.

He is committed to the company and the result that the company will achieve. Troy McQuagge is a total definition of what commitment and passion to a certain thing is. He is committed to what he does, and he is not only a believer of his dreams, but he works hard towards them. His educational background has helped him so much, but he has an extra thing, and that is something that is inborn. Check more: