Dr. Jonathan Rand: Brief Information

This will give information regarding physiatrist Dr. Jonathan Rand. First off, some information about Dr. Rand’s work life, Dr. Rand is motivated to assist patents who have healthy aging issues. His help is given by the offer he gives from experience and training to give relief. He is from the Healthy Medical Center where he is an advisor to patients on weight loss along with the different conditions that go with the aging patients. His take on medicine that’s regenerative, gives option for the patients who can do well from his integrative care.

The treatment’s offered by Dr. Rand assists in many things. For example, restoring health, guaranteeing an access of optimum healthy aging, and restoring health. The willingness Dr. Rand shows to aid patients in facing issues that usually reduce the joy living has given them the chance to look for relief from conditions related to age. Also, some examples that his recommendations of healthy aging cover are memory loss, night sweats, as well as fatigue.

The role the physicians at Healthy Aging Medical center is dealt with analyzing the symptoms of the patients. This is through the specific blood work of his or her. Then deficiencies of theirs will be identified in order to create an individualized program.

Now, some more biographical information about Dr. Johanan Rand. The Doctor has a practice that deals with the replacement of bioidentical hormones. In New Jersey it is legal for him to practice medicine. He also has an affiliation as well with Chilton Medical Center. He got his training at a distinguished place in New York called Albert Einstein Medical Centers.

The Dr. Rand has served as a role model to the patients he has. He also has expertise in health fitness. Currently, he is working on a book of his own called “It’s not too late to live past 100”. He shows his expertise in displaying the “evidence based support” that bio-identical hormones has. He shows a great passion in the field he is in. He also shows his opposition for a Band-Aid approach called “pill for ill”.