What Admen Can Learn From the Great Advertising Executive, Nizan Guanaes

Marketing has served a crucial role in the business area. Through marketing, sellers can effectively compete for the attention of customers. Whether the goods or services your company sells are luxuries or necessities, you will need a strong marketing campaign to maintain a steady stream of customers.

From old-fashioned sales letters to digital marketing campaigns, marketing your business can be carried out in many ways. It is done using different marketing tactics depending on the one that suits your business. A great marketing campaign boosts the sales of your company and increases brand awareness. Failing to market your business makes it hard to find new customers hence reducing the sales of your company.

About Nizan Guanaes

Nizan Guanaes is an advertising executive who has co-founded a string of advertising agencies in Brazil. He is the co-founder and partner of ABC Group, the biggest Latin American communications group and the 19th largest communications agency in the world. Mr. Guanaes studied at Colégio Marista and graduated with a degree in business management from Universidade Federal da Bahia.

After working for several advertising agencies, Nizan established his company known as DM9DDB. Mr. Guanaes led the agency’s growth to be one of the three largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Under Nizan’s leadership, DM9DDB became the first agency to merge with YPY Group currently known as ABC Group. Mr. Guanaes is also the founding partner and president of Africa Propaganda, a well-known advertising agency in Brazil.

For more than two decades, Nizan has devoted a great part of his time to several causes related to entrepreneurship, education, and preservation of Brazil’s cultural heritage. Mr. Guanaes plays an active role as a member of Clinton Global Initiative, Women in the World Foundation, World’s Economic Forum and Endeavor. He was a key participant in the establishment of Together for Girls, an organization that addresses the issue of sexual violence against girls and women.