Here Are The Best Markets To Buy Fresh Seafood From In New York City

The well-known food website Grub Street recently set out in an article to determine which of New York City’s many seafood markets provided the best overall customer experiences. Here are the markets that were chosen.

Located at 114 Nassau Avenue in Brooklyn, Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. has been chosen as the best overall seafood market in New York City. Since opening in 2014, this ethical business has consistently been providing customers with impeccably fresh seafood, great service and reasonable prices.

In addition to year-round lobster, Greenpoint Fish & Lobster offers striped bass, bluefish, flounder, salmon, clams, crab, and much more. If you’re in the mood for Lionfish, sea urchins, caviar or gravlax, it is likely that you’ll find it at Greenpoint. This market features another location in Long Island City.

The second-best seafood market in New York, according to Grub Street is The Lobster Place at 75 Ninth Avenue. This massive seafood market reportedly steams 7,000 pounds of lobster every week, and people regularly line up to purchase their delightful lobster rolls. More than 20,000 people visit this market every week, where a huge selection of fresh finfish and shellfish are attractively displayed.

The next restaurant on Grub Street’s designation of the best seafood markets in New York is the famous Randazzo’s Seafood at 2327 Arthur Avenue. A broad spectrum of fresh fish, smoked fish, fresh fillets, live lobsters and seafood imported fresh from Italy are available at Randazzo’s Seafood. Other specialties at this classic market include crab, crab meat, lobster tails, shrimp, eels, clams, squid, mussels, oysters and snails.

Osakana at 290 Graham Avenue is especially known for its exquisitely prepared fresh tuna and Japanese marinated mackerel and is the next seafood market listed by Grub Street.

The high-end Dorian’s Seafood Market at 1580 York Avenue always offers a nice assortment of fresh seafood items and is particularly known for its luscious halibut and swordfish.

Mermaid’s Garden at 644 Vanderbilt Avenue in mentioned for being a sustainable market that features a wide variety of fresh seafood items. The multiple locations of Blue Moon Fish are listed as being among the best seafood markets in New York City, and ten other vendors were given honorable mentions.