Goettl Air Conditioning Cares About Your Pets During the Hot Summer Season

Whether you believe in the science of global warming or not, it shouldn’t be hard to agree that the temperature is continuing to rise as the summer moves along, especially in dry arid locations like Las Vegas, Nevada. With it being hot like this everyone is just looking for a way to beat the heat. Fortunately, human beings have invented tools like the air conditioner, to help them do just that.

Unfortunately, people have yet to put any real effort into inventing tools that can do the same for their household pets. This has put avid animal lovers and pet owners at a disadvantage when it comes to keeping their pet safe from the dangers extreme heat can bring about. Las Vegas-based Goettl Air Conditioning knows that pets can be vulnerable to high temperatures and advises pet owners to plan ahead to keep their pets healthy during this summer season.

Goettl has even provided a few helpful tips for protecting pets from the heat. This list includes:

Hot Surfaces

Surfaces like cement and asphalt can get very hot with the sun beating down on them throughout the day. According to the the American Veterinary Medical Association, pet’s paws can be seriously burned while walking over hot cement and asphalt. Because of this, the association strongly recommends keeping your pets off of hot surfaces like these. If you insist on walking your dog the association recommends going for walks in the early morning and late evening when the the temperature’s at its lowest point.


Most pet owners don’t know that pets can suffer from sunburns just like humans. Specifically those with light colored coats. The application of a pet-safe sunscreen on your pet can protect their skin from the rays of the sun.


Keeping your pet hydrated is probably the number one tip to help them beat the heat. Since pets do not sweat like humans The Humane Society recommends that pet owners make sure their pets have access to cool water and shade.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning has been a thriving business for over 70 years. Originally founded in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl, the company provides heating and air conditioning installation and service. The company moved to the Las Vegas area in the late 1960’s. It would moved again in 2007, this time to Arizona. Businessman Ken Goodrich the company in 2013.