AVAAZ: A Place to be Heard and Gain Support

0nly 10 years old now, Avaaz is a civic based organization founded on the theory of change. The theory of change to Avaaz means: why this, why now, how will it work, and what will it achieve? It is an organization that encourages people to “take an action”.

Anyone can become a member, or affiliated with Avaaz. All you need do is start a petition on it’s website. You don’t have to subscribe to anything. In addition, there is no annual fees or renewals. They do, however, accept donations as a means of support. It is an Non-Profit Independent Entity.

Whether your issue is animals, politics, health, humanity, or bees, Avaaz is the place to go to get your petition signed. Their website is welcoming and inviting. You can see a “live” ticker scroll of members joining in “real time”. “AVAAZ’, means “voice” in many languages. And the organization has millions of members who stretch through 195 countries.

The common goal of a petition is to win victory. Avaaz has won its share of victories. They have an entire page on their website where you can see the victories from petitions of everyday people that have been won.

The list is many. They have won petitions regarding climate change, fossil fuels, free internet, marine reserves, mobilizing aid to victims, and many more. It is a community based website that gives power to the people, and helps others to see the world in a different light. Avaaz has a simple effective structure that allows change to happen fast. The organization is a symbol of hope, a vision of change, and a global movement. When you press the button to start a petition on the Avaaz website, you are not alone. Millions will join you and give you a sense of being supported.

Avaaz is truly dedicated to making the world a better place.

Avaaz Succeeds Free of Government or Corporate Sponsorship

Avaaz is a huge social network of 45 million people who all work to change the world for the better through member-sponsored campaigns. The Guardian has featured Avaaz – Persian for “Voice” – as a network that operates much like a social network focused solely on changing the world through these large, member-sponsored campaigns. The issues on Avaaz are as vast and broad as the members themselves. This is truly a global network for social change.

As Avaaz itself explains, it’s the members who inspire the issues that Avaaz acts on, not Avaaz who asks members to respond. Thanks to the ever fluent number of issues that race through Avaaz’s petitions in any given year, you never quite know what these motivated people are going to take on next. It might be an animal rights issue, a human rights issue, or a world hunger issue that strikes a deep note in the hearts of Avaaz members and inspires them to get more involved.

Campaigns are completely funded through member donations, NOT through sponsorship from government and corporations. This is an important part of this network that has been growing since 2007. Since they don’t take sponsors, they don’t answer to anybody. The members themselves pay to sponsor their own causes, millions of other people get on board, and then the cause moves forward when the time is right. What this means is that Avaaz can proceed forward without approval from anyone. Their campaigns are powerful because they’re independently funded by people who truly believe in that cause.

Joining up with Avaaz is easy but the causes themselves take time. It takes a lot of promotion and passion to bring a cause to what Avaaz calls the “tipping point.” If you have something you believe in strongly, there’s no better platform than Avaaz to make your voice heard.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avaaz