JIL Speaks on the Full Moon Festival

JIL And New York’s Full Moon Festival

Festivals and New York City are something that go hand-in-hand more often than not. The art scene in the city is nothing if not fantastic and full of the expressions of all groups of people.

The Full Moon Fest is one of the many celebrations occurring in New York and brings a new type of excitement to the city, with the festival happening at Governor’s Island on August 20th through the 21st. The festival will have several artists performing, including Santigold and Black Coffee, so naturally people all across the world will flock over in all of their excitement to attend this summer festival.

Among other artists performing at the festivals is JIL, a band of three men who will be at the show that Saturday. The band members generally hide their faces and when interviewed about their upcoming appearance, they spoke about their recording process and what it means to them personally to be making their festival debut. The first thing they said was that they are mysterious and their band consists of an urban cowboy, a young neuroscientists and a “skating gator.”

The group was also asked about the song “All Your Words,” and so they members spoke about the creation behind it, saying that they spent long nights recording new parts for the song while also removing some other parts. They added that they went to various locations across New York City to make the song, something they have done for many of their songs, and found it easier to write lyrics once they found the perfect tune for the song.

JIL was also asked about their influences in the music world, and they stated that different eras and genres of music were influential to them, including classical music and modern hip hop. Artists such as Marvin Gaye, Radiohead and J Dilla were mentioned as some of their favorites of all time. As far as doing any collaborations in the future, they said they would love to work with Flying Lotus, Mike Dean, Frank Ocean or even Kanye West, as doing so would be considered an honor to them.

JIL described their LP, which debuts in September, as a modern space odyssey into the soul.