Founder Of Real Wealth Strategist, Matt Badiali, Provides Industry Insight

Matt Badiali began his career path working in the field of science. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University before attending Florida Atlantic University where he added a masters degree in geology to his academic resume. Next, Matt would attend the University of North Carolina for five years in pursuit of a Ph.D. until one day a fateful conversation with a friend in 2004 convinced him to turn his attention to Finance.

The friend, who held a Ph.D. in finance, wanted Badali to help him to develop a system of investment methods that would appeal to the average person. This friend knew that Matt’s expertise in the fields of science and geology would be a great asset in crafting these investment strategies.

Matt would find that he enjoys providing investment advice to people and continues to help investors discover the best options for investing in natural resources, metals, and energy. In order to reach more investors, Matt began a newsletter in May 2017 that he titled the Real Wealth Strategist. Many that have followed the investment advice of Matt Badiali report gains of double, and sometimes even triple digits.

Recently Matt sat down to provide answers to a few important questions.

What Prompted The Start Of Your Newsletter

The newsletter is a natural fit for my particular educational background and skill set. I began my career by providing financial advice to everyday people in 2004 after being encouraged to do so by a friend. The newsletter is a way that I can reach more people in this endeavor.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like In Your Life

Days for me usually start at about 6:30 A.M. After my daughters leave for school I usually enjoy a quick cup of coffee, check the day’s weather reports and scan through the morning headlines.

I am usually at the office around 8:00 A.M. I like to spend the first part of the day writing because that is when I focus best. Next to their emails, and checking the activity of the companies in our portfolio. I wait until after lunch for phone calls and meetings. Learn more on crunchbase about Matt Badiali

How Do You Make Your Ideas Become Reality

I think they are already a reality because I draw on actual experience. This I feel adds a certain level of authenticity for my readers. I have spent many years in different parts of the world working as a geologist and I try to bring these experiences to those that I serve.

Is There A Present Trend That Excites You

A major transformation in the way we consume energy is at hand. The shift that is underway to becoming a world that is powered mainly by electric power is as big as Kerosene becoming the energy of choice over whale oil

If You Had To Start The Path Over What Would You Change

That one I can answer easily. I would take advantage of internships. I would provide free labor for companies I want to work for. Build a resume with entries that are applicable to your field of interest.



The Great Achievements of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the Founder of Kerrisdale Capital where he is also acting as the Chief Investment Officer. He has been in the front run of ensuring his business has succeeded since its inception in 2009. Kerrisdale Capital Management Company is a firm based on research.

Mr. Adrangi specializes in publishing research and short selling. He makes public his company’s views on stocks often misunderstood in the market. Kerrisdale writes on the misunderstood aspects of stock to educate masses. The company uses their website and twitter to disseminate their research.

Mr. Sahm is a learned entrepreneur. He attended Yale University and finished with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He was employed at Deutsche Bank immediately after graduation. He carried out high-yield and leveraged loan debt financings at the bank. He also served at the Chanin Capital Partners in the advising creditor committee.

Kerrisdale Capital carries out publish research and shares findings with either the public or relevant authorities. Mr. Adrangi in the recent past centered their research on sectors where Kerrisdale is familiar with. They focused more on the biotechnology and mining sector. On the Biotechnology sector, Adrangi’s firm has researched and published on companies that are in their development stages including Sage Therapeutics, Zafgen, Unilife, Pulse Biosciences and Bavarian Nordic among other companies. The company also looked into the mining prospects and market evaluations of companies including Northern Dynasty Mineral and the First Majestic Silver. The firm has also written reports on companies in the telecommunication center.

Apart from publishing research, Mr. Adrangi is also an activist. He plays activism roles for investment companies. In 2013, he assisted Lindsay Corporation management in enhancing their cash deployment and allocation policies. He also led a contest in 2014 to replace the Morgan Hotel Group’s directors.

Mr. Sahm has also taken active parts in combating fraud. In 2010 and 2011 he exposed some fraudster companies. The companies which were mainly Chinese include Lihua International, China Marine Food Group and China-Biotics among other companies.

Mr. Adrangi is also a speaker. He has spoken in a number of national and international conferences including the Value Investing Conference and the Distresses Debt Investing Conference.

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