OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe As Part Of International Expansion

OSI Group, one of the leading meat manufacturing companies in the entire country recently embarked on a journey of acquiring the European division of Flagship Food Group, which operates out of Colorado. Flagship Europe was mainly involved in the production and manufacturing of food products like pies, sauces, and dressings. The company also produced a fair amount of poultry-based products and tried to divulge into the sector of fast food.

With the acquisition deal, both companies will be able to benefit off each other. OSI Group for one will be able to tap into the European poultry market and also diversify themselves into other food products that are high in demand. For Flagship Europe, this acquisition means access to a larger pool of resources and raw materials for the product lines that they already have, and can potentially come out with in the future. The two companies will be able to aid each other even though the opening up of new markets and the access to new customers receive.

Russell Maddock, the CEO of Flagship Europe recently came forward to state his excitement with the acquisition that was being undertaken. He noted that this was precisely what the company needed to be able to diversify their interest and reach essential and better avenues. It is a plan of action that can help them develop tremendously, and expose them to a whole new world of opportunities. The acquisition will also enable Flagship Europe to meet the long-standing goals that they had, and fulfill the demands that their customers have had for them. Overall, the company will now be able to serve their customers in a much better manner.

For OSI Group, this acquisition is proven to be an incredible step in their goal of international expansion. OSI Group already has an extensive portfolio of companies that they have acquired and partner with, which they only want to increase and improve over time. David McDonald, the COO of OSI Group also came forward to state the reasons for opting to acquire Flagship Europe. In his statement, he said that this was a company that complemented the business model that OSI Group currently works on. It is a business that will significantly benefit from the strengths and resources that OSI Group has to offer, which is why the acquisition will prove to be a brilliant move for both the companies involved in it.

About OSI Group

What started out as a simple meat shop as turned into a multibillion-dollar company whose territorial reach is the entire world. OSI Group stands as one of the leading meat producing and manufacturing units in the country and sets the industry standards for other companies to follow. The company leaped into the industry when it becomes the primary supplier of meat to McDonald’s outlets in the United States, a deal that it still holds to this very day. The company recently has been embarking on a number of international ventures to improve their overall reach.

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The OSI Group is leading in the Food Industry

OSI Group was founded in 1909 in Chicago, United States. The meat processing private company has made a lot of progress over the years. It is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company that is family owned began supplying products to McDonalds in 1955 when it was just starting. On the list of the largest private companies by Forbes, OSI is ranked at number 58. The company is currently valued at $6.1 billion.

The OSI Group operates in 16 countries and has over 60 facilities. This is to enable them to meet the consumer’s demand. The demand has now grown beyond the United States to Europe, Asia, and other North American countries. In the United States, they have facilities in various places such as Fort Atkinson, Utah, West Jordan, Iowa, and West Chicago. They mostly deal with meat products including bacon, fish poultry, and pork but also have dough and vegetable products.

The facilities of the OSI Group have gotten various awards. This is the product of their operating healthy and safe facilities. The group is also concerned about the environment and does its best to take care of it. The company’s mission is to improve the social, environmental and economic conditions in the areas they operate.

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of the OSI Group. He said that although the company has rules and regulations, all employees are important to the success of the company. The commitment of each employee regardless of the role they play has contributed to the company’s growth. The company has become a major supplier to many leading brands in the food industry. To maintain the leading role in the industry, the quality of products is not compromised. Their products are also affordable.

The main aim of the OSI Group is to offer food solutions to companies worldwide. To accomplish this, they hire people who are passionate about food production. The whole team seeks to ensure that all clients are satisfied with the products and also the service at the OSI. The relationship between the management, suppliers and employees are unique. They are also able to take advantage of the new opportunities especially when it comes to getting their supplies. Getting quality products at a reasonable price will have a very positive impact on the profits of the company.

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The company has also embraced the use of technology to improve its operations. It makes work easier and faster. To meet the ever-increasing demand of their products they have to ensure that the production is timely. The innovative ideas have also helped them to remain relevant in the current market. Technology is also used in ensuring food safety.

Acquisitions are also another way through which companies grow. OSI Group recently acquired Baho Food, which is a meat processing company. It operates in the Netherlands and Germany. This partnership will increase its operations in Europe. The President and Chief operating officer of OSI David McDonald said that it would also improve service and product delivery in the region.

Learn more about OSI Group here.