Jim Hunt’s Take On Being Proactive In Investing

Jim Hunt runs a business for those who are self starters and eager to follow their financial goals using all available means. His company is VTA Publications which is based in the UK. VTA Publications is a source of information about important financial tools and tips to follow for running a business. Hunt does a lot of research on both UK and international markets and is always talking about which funds should be invested in or traded at a given time and how you could take advantage of an upcoming bear or bull market.

Hunt talked to Ideamensch about how he makes things happen at his business and said he likes to work out in the mornings before doing the research and making his investments and trades on Twitter. He said he often likes to hear about ideas from his customers and after spending his whole day in research he finds time to relax and let them come to life. Hunt is also an avid reader and recommends books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator to help people understand the fundamentals of investing.

At VTA Publications, Jim Hunt has put together quite a collection of business courses available in both print and electronic media formats. One of the first places a new investor might start with is the course about learning how to read and use stock charts followed up by the course on little-known trading options and strategies. VTA Publications also have a course on retirement planning as found in the bible, and many speakers have come to seminars hosted by the company and shared information available only on DVD.

Hunt also started two YouTube video series and other publications titled “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” The idea behind “Wealth Wave” was to inform people of what really happens in bear market and how there are maneuvers that can be made behind the scene to capitalize on the money transfer. “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about the simplicity of stock trading and how only 10 trades could make someone rich. All of these programs can be ordered by going to vtapublications.co.uk.

Discover A Leading Online Financial Institution With Interest Bearing Savings

NexBank leads the financial industry in Dallas with over $4.6 billion dollars in assets and 37.6% in returns on the average equity. Their superior liquidity and capital has their shareholders optimistic about their projected growth and productivity. NexBank is based in Dallas, Texas and spearheaded by CEO and President, John Holt. They are backed with a strong team of leadership professionals that are committed to superior banking, innovative services, and maintaining their valued customers that consists of over 246,000+ patrons worldwide. They are committed to three core services that include investment, institutional, and commercial banking.

Why Customers Are Choosing NexBank?

Amazingly, NexBank has a strong focus on providing a high level of customer service to their customers. They have been serving the local community for over 60+ years and have added online services to their portfolio. PRN has dubbed them one of the largest growing online financial institutions in the industry. Their leadership and management team is always creating innovative ways for their clients to maximize their money including 1.9% interest with a savings accounts after 6 months. Their institution is also committed to company success to improve their overall services.

NexBank Services:

– Mortgage accounts

– IRA accounts

– Free direct deposit

– Free online bill pay

– Free checks

and more…

If you’re interested in saving on college tuition and other college expenses, NexBank has over 1,500+ college savings programs through a merger with New Jersey based College Savings Bank. College students and their parents are complaining about the rising cost of a college education. John Holt says, he is glad to offer these additional services to their customers.

They also have a first time home buyer program through the local Dallas based Habitat For Humanity. They offer lower mortgage payments and interest that makes the dream of owning a home a reality. You’re invited to learn more about becoming a NexBank customer by visiting their exclusive website or speaking with a friendly customer service professional at a local branch today.