End Citizens United Eyes To Expand Its Battle Ground Against Big Money With The Mid-2018 Elections

The prominent fighting group against Big Money, End Citizens United is preparing grounds to make a strong presence in the political spectrum of the United States with the mid-2018 elections. The PAC that wants to control the corporate money groups has already communicated its action plan. It wants to elect as many representatives, who are supporting legislation controlling the corporate money groups, as possible in the coming elections. By doing so, it hopes to pass the legislation restricting corporate groups from unlimited spending in the political campaigns and elections. End Citizens United feels that the mandate of the common American is overwritten by the money groups.

Interestingly, the PAC has set its target of raising $35 million for the elections this year. ECU is known for collecting small contributions from its massive volunteer network. To go on par with its fight against Big Money, the PAC has set a limit for the contributions towards it at $5,000 per individual. While its average contribution always stands less than $15, it could still collect nearly $25 million for the 2016 Presidential election. The biggest asset of End Citizens United is considered as its massive network of grassroots volunteers and significantly large small contributions.

This time, the PAC has promoted many liberal candidates who vowed to fight against Big Money. On February 22, 2018, ECU declared that it would endorse Gil Cisneros for the elections in the 39th Congressional district of California. Tiffany Muller, the leading political activist and the President of ECU, said that Cisneros has strong commitment to repair the broken system of Washington and the decision to avoid the corporate PAC money is showcasing his pro-people approach. Interestingly, more candidates are realizing the dangers of money groups and how they are damaging the system. Due to that, a large number of candidates and people are rallying behind the mission of End Citizens United.

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While it is working to elect maximum campaign reform supporters, the PAC is also intensely campaigning to defeat the supporters of Big Money. End Citizens United has created a list of 20 Republican candidates to target in this year’s elections according to wikipedia.org. The candidates are known for favoring special interest groups by supporting legislations leveraging corporations and money groups, rejecting campaign fiancé reform efforts, and accepting big donations. The list included Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas; Paul Ryan, the house speaker and candidate from Wisconsin; Dean Heller, the Senator from Nevada; and more.

Interestingly, the PAC named the group of candidates as “Big Money 20” and confirmed that they are the worst of the Houses. ECU was established in the year 2015 and headquartered in Washington, D.C. The PAC has nearly 4 million members, and it received almost 2.7 million individual contributions so far. Also, the PAC has endorsed 20 candidates for Senate and more than 100 candidates for the House to date. The PAC connects with people through its social media pages and particular that its message against Big Money is reaching the every American as the corporate money is endangering the democratic system of the country.

The Next Real Estate Mogul of the United States: Todd Lubar

The real estate industry is filled with present and past entrepreneurs. Many high profile real estate moguls have either taken many years to attain their high level of success or inherited it from their family. Yet, even more people become nothing more than just hopefuls having starting out in real estate only to fail at their endeavors. This fact is why the story of Todd Lubar is so remarkable. In such a cut-throat industry, such as real estate, Lubar has amassed a level of success that is not normally seen.

Lubar’s first position within real estate was not as a real estate agent but rather as a loan originator. Working for Crestar Mortgage corporation, this position gave Lubar his initial experience in the strategy of conservative mortgage banking. Following Crestar, Lubar purchased a position in Legacy Financial Group. This moved enabled him to broker loans to not only investors but also the ability to loan as a direct mortgage bank.

These initial positions garnered Lubar the experience and knowledge to open his own real estate firm, Legendary Properties, in 2002. Legendary Properties was founded as a residential development company. Instead of focusing on commercial properties, such as corporate offices and businesses, this firm dealt with the investing and selling of a wide range of properties such as single family homes and multi-unit apartment complexes.

After forming First Magnus Financial Corporation, which would become one the largest privately held mortgage firms in the U.S. , Todd Lubar would go on to create Legendary Financial. This would be an affiliate to his already successful Legendary Properties company. Rather than purchasing and selling real estate properties, Legendary Financial would serve as a lending source to individuals and even large corporations.

With Todd Lubar’s experience in the acquisition, selling and funding of properties around the nation, his success in the real estate industry is not only impressive but something to watch in the future.