Amicus Therapeutics Leads The Holistic Health Industry

Amicus Rx Therapeutics has over 10+ years of expertise in pharmaceuticals and are currently based in Cranbury, New Jersey. They specialize in exclusive rare and orphaned diseases associated with lysosomal disorders. Amicus Therapeutics is focused on research studies that will benefit patients prone to these diseases. Thousands of people face debilitating diseases with minimal care which is focused on limited case studies. Combined with other like minded partners they have raised millions of dollars in funding and have great stock options on the NASDAQ. Their stockholders are proud of their growth in pharmaceuticals and have agreed to back their further growth initiative 100%.

Chief executive officers, John Crowley (Amicus Therapeutics: Small Biotech Seems To Have The ‘Big Mo’), has a lot vested in pharmaceuticals and is there for the long haul. He aspires to improve the quality of health and happiness for thousands of people around the world. In fact, he believes quality healthcare should be affordable and readily accessible to all the people who need it along with their prescription medication. Their primary focus at Amicus Therapeutics is enzyme replacement therapy while sparking the interest of several big name capital venture firms. If you’re suffering from a debilitating illness, they were established with your needs in mind. They make it easier to get treatment for all people regardless of your economic stability.

Their patients enjoy getting treatment that gives them a shorter recovery time versus traditional treatment. They offer their customers advanced technology and actual clinical trials performed on patients with similar illnesses in defense of your remission and recovery. Amicus thrives on helping you get healthy and not their patients quota versus other competitor big name pharmaceutical companies. Get genuine care that is centered around putting the patients needs first. They’re responsible for the recovery and improved health of thousands of patients worldwide.

You’re invited to learn more about Amicus Therapeutics by visiting their website for more details and donation projects for additional clinical trials. They are actively working to improve the life o one patient at a time. Become an active member and save a life with your generous donation. Amicus stands for an improved quality of life for everyone.

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David Giertz Provides His Expertise in Finance

Finance professional David Giertz sat down for a recent interview. During this interview, he talked about social security. Since many individuals are looking to get social security for their retirement, it is important that they know all of the fundamentals about it. As a result, David has said that financial advisers need to provide in depth information about social security so that investors can more easily plan their retirement on With the help from advisers, individuals who are looking to use social security will be in better position to find out a number of things such as how much they can get, when they will get it and how to finance their lifestyle during retirement. The help from advisers is also beneficial in that it can help people find out the policies regarding social security. This knowledge will enable individuals to have a better understanding of what benefits they can get with social security.

David Giertz has worked in the financial services industry for over three decades. With his many years of experience he brings a lot of expertise. One of the things that David has done is help various financial services companies increase their revenues. When he was the President of Nationwide, he helped grow the firm in terms of its annual revenue. During his stint at the firm he helped it go from $11 billion in annual revenue to over $17 billion. As a result, the firm was able to exceed its revenue goals each year. By helping the firm increase its revenues, it would have the ability to provide more services to its clients.

One of the things that has made David very successful is his philosophy. When managing a financial services company, Giertz emphasizes innovation and growth. David believes that it is important for a company to find ways to improve on its services. By offering more services and new ones, a company will appeal to more clients. As a result, it will also experience growth as it will make more revenues on a regular basis at

Equities First LLC, Creating Alternative Funding in the Financial Industry

Equities First is a financial institution offering securities-based lending products to its clients, both individuals and business alike. For 15 years, the company has been providing financial services, and their business model has been credited for its growth over the years. The company prides itself in having successfully offered over 700 transactions and expanded its operations through its 9 global offices. This translates to over $1.4 billion in the value of the transactions. Equities First’s operations are overseen at the company headquarters in Indianapolis, in Indiana, USA.

Its global focus has allowed the company expand its client base as well as diversify its products. Due to this, the company has been able to penetrate the equity market that banks do not venture in. An example would be borrowers seeking capital but are unqualified to receive the credit-based financing. Equities First has filled the gap by offering stock-based loans. Clients have been able to meet their professional and personal targets thanks to the financing they receive against the publicly traded capital.

The business model adopted by Equities First is unique. The stock-based loan product is not new. However, Equities First Holdings is changing the rules. As a private equity firm, the company is able to offer 80% of the value of stock to the borrower as loan. Most companies are legally allowed up to a 60% threshold. In the event the stock performs better than expected, Equities First refunds the entire collateral and the borrower takes the extra profit. In the event the stock underperforms and is lower than the 80% mark of the loan’s value, the client pays the deficit to the 80% mark for the loan to be considered as out of the default status. In other situations, the client has the choice of abandoning the loan and the stock altogether.

This business model has greatly helped individuals and business alike, and it goes without say, Equities First profits from the same. for more.

David Osio’s Real Estate Agency Embarks on a Mobile Journey

This is the era of mobile applications and what a wondrous fact that really is. There is a mobile app for anything, each one designed to abate the stress of everyday life. From what you should wear to where you should eat to information regarding purchasing property, there is an app for that, thankfully so. Recently, the experts who work at Davos Real Estate Group launched the first of a series of applications that will educate investors on property buying tips, investment in general, and which properties will help them work towards their goals.

The Davos CAP Calculator is the first app launched by this real estate agency and it is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. Designed to help current and prospective investors, this app educates them on property listings, the price, and really just general information about the property and why it is a good investment for both the short and long term. For those who desire a bit more information, the experts at this agency are continuously eager to assist, specifically David Osio.

David Osio is a leader in the real estate, finance, and investment industries. He is a financial advisor expert among other things, but the most intriguing aspect of him is his cultural influence and his appliance of that influence to his work. Specializing in the Latin American market, Osio has over two decades worth of experience in dealing with the Latin American population and the properties that serve them the best culturally. His marriage of cultural affairs with real estate broadens his horizons and greatly stimulates the American economy. The CEO of the Davos Financial Group possesses strong leadership qualities that help him tackle such competitive industries.

Currently, David Osio is in compliance with the launch of his real estate agency’s mobile app. By embarking on a journey in the programming industry, he is able to proudly boast of further accomplishments alongside his co-workers who are equally as skilled in the same line of work. A man of many trades, David Osio does not believe in resting until his job is done, people are properly educated in a plethora of industries, and his future work has been decided and put into action.

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How NYC Lost $60 Million by Mistake

Since 2011, New York City has lost nearly $60 million by giving property tax exemptions to deceased people. According to New York Post, city’s Department of Finance for 10 years didn’t request property owners to certify that they are still qualified and alive.

This department is supposed to check this every two years and now its incompetence is costing New Yorkers tens of millions of dollars. These losses come from a program known as Senior Citizen Homeowners’ Exemption (SCHE). Its aim is to reduces property taxes for those who are over 65 years old, and who no make no more than $37,400 per year.

“I cannot believe for the life of me that over 10 years, the city never wondered what happened when someone died and the tax break continued,” announced Comptroller Scott Stringer.

This negligence on part of the Department of Finance resulted in more than 3,000 homeowners getting these undue exemptions. These are not the only properties which were owned by deceased that were given tax exemptions.

On top of it, some of these properties were improperly qualified for Enhanced School Tax Relief Exemption that exempts $62,200 of the value of a home from school taxes.

In addition, over 70 properties owned by corporations were given tax breaks for which they weren’t qualified. Some other property owners were qualified for tax exemptions, but were given excessive breaks.

Mayor de Blasio claimed that this problem goes prior to his administration and pledged to fix it. This probably means reclaiming the money.

Sanjay Ray Believes in Autism Rocks

Sanjay Ray knows what creating a successful business is all about. As the head of the London-based brokerage house Solo Capital, Ray has a track record of making companies happen and for raising the funds needed to keep them going. All of this is why the businessman, philanthropist and entrepreneur was asked recently to sit down for a chat with Eric Dye of the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio Show.

During their wide-ranging discussion, Ray spoke about what’s involved in really making a startup company succeed. The two keys, he said, are in knowing how much money is required to really get the company launched (there is never quite enough money around, he said) and in knowing you can’t do it all alone. He also stressed that no matter how savvy and talented you may be, no company ever succeeds without a solid team in place to cover every aspect of what has to happen. That’s why it’s crucial to bring together the right talent at the outset, so the team can guide the company through the rough early days as a startup gains stability and credibility.

One of Ray’s most recent ventures is Autism Rocks, which is a charitable organization that produces rock and roll shows with major acts as a way to raise money for research. Ray became involved with launching the charity when his young son was diagnosed with the disorder in 2014. Since its launch the group has produced several successful (and highly entertaining) events for the cause.

For Ray, it’s all about putting together his passion for music with his talent at finance, to produce something that can provide help where it is really needed. Autism Rocks is truly a passion project, and it is dedicated to making a difference.