Michael Burwell And How Experience Strengthens A Business Leader’s Expertise

It is said that the greatest teacher in our life is experience. It is with the experiences that we have that we are able to vanquish future challenges, meet the taut hurdles in our career with vigor and courage and we are able to find tractable solutions to our problems. In the case with Willis Towers Watson’s decision to hire Michael “Mike” Burwell as its new CFO, it is confident that the previous work experiences of Michael Burwell would be a valuable asset to Willis Towers’ ability to withstand the challenges of the modern market.



The Experience


It cannot be denied that Michael Burwell is one of the indomitable and valuable executives that can play the Chief Finance role in the company. You don’t need to go beyond the 31 years of finance in the name of Mr. Burwell to understand his acumen and level of robust expertise that can push a company to rise. His 31 years of finance and professional services experience that he gained at Pricewaterhouse Ltd (PwC) have emboldened him to stand sophomoric and strong in facing the new challenges of Willis Towers. His experience as the previous company’s Head of Global Transformation, Senior Leader Executive, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Financial Officer in its United States branches is also an added strength to his credentials.


There’s a lot of reasons to be incredulous in the way the market behaves in the global economic scale, but the fact that Michael Burwell is showing evidence of previous work experience means that he is most likely to be able to contribute to the strengthening of the foundation of Willis Towers Watson.


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About Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is now the CFO of Willis Towers Watson. His 31 years spent for the management of Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) is the foundation that he has for being selected for the position.


Mike holds a bachelor’s business administration degree from the Michigan State University. He is a certified public accountant by profession and has been recognized by his alma mater as Michigan State University’s Alumnus of The Year. Right now, he’s interested in the ideas of InsureTech and the potential it brings to B to C markets.


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