Cheryl Blossom Lime Crime Lipstick Revelation

Cheryl Blossom is known for her unique and perfect festive look that stands out. She dresses in red from head to toe that includes her always-flawless rouge mani, perfect glam curls, and her bright red wardrobe. Her perfect signature lipstick is the striking final touch for the Riverdale queen, and it puts to shame her Christmas look.

It is to our advantage that no one in Riverdale is keen on keeping secrets: that includes the awesome make products Madeline Petsch uses, for the classical Blossom Red Kiss. This has led to the revelation that Cheryl favorite lipstick comes in the form of Lime Crime’s Red Velvet and is pretty affordable. This is considering that she is all about the high-end life.

The Red Velvet Lipstick vanilla scented color is inspired by red roses, is richly pigmented and comes straight from Lime Crime’s Matte Valentine collection. It matches perfectly with Cheryl’s character in that it is additive and it is proof to kiss and touch. Madeline told Teen Vogue that she is obsessed with the Lime Crime because it does not rub off and a layer of Nivea chapstick works for the additional slicker and gloss finish.

Would recommend Cheryl Blossom to try out other Lime Crime products and have a complete look. For instance, Lime Crime Zodiac Glitters that can be used on hair, nails and anywhere sparkle is needed as they shift colors depending on the angle you see them from.

To take her lipstick game to the next level, she can use Lime Crime Red Velvet together with their diamond crushers to add glitters and enhance the liquid matte. It can be used on under the bow, collar bones and on cheeks. It never runs, adds gritty feeling or dries and never ruins the liquid matte lipstick.

For the eyeshadow would recommend the grunge eyeshadow palette and it is available in 8 shades namely: unconventional neutrals, burgundy, brick brown and rust red. This eyeshadow never falls out or fades. She can also try the Unicorn hair from LimeCrime a semi-permanent hair color that is gentle enough to avoid hair damage and lasts longer.

What’s New At Lime Crime, You Ask

Lime Crime continues to be a popular cosmetic brand designed by successful female entrepreneur, Doe Deere. She says, a part of being successful is constantly reinventing yourself while being true to your brand. For example, a new PURR cosmetic line with a 5 buttery palette designates a portion of their proceeds to the homeless Los Angeles feline population. Cosmetics lends to socializing, litter training, and housing stray cats with your help. You get trendy new colors and hundreds of cats are saved each year. The PURR line carries a rich line of eye-shadow products including bundles for make-up professionals.

So, what’s new with the Lime Crime brand? They never hesitate to offer their clients a new array of colors and cute eye-shadow and lipstick under unique brands. The Polly Pocket Candy palette is a reflection of the 90’s with a bright case. They offer a few new bright colors that take you back to a time when you put your doll in the back of your Jordache jeans. Young adults love their new Polly Pocket Candy Palette their 2.4 million Lime Crime Pinterest followers. You can also get great color options for your hair with a new Unicorn hair dye.

Give your best features an opportunity to stand out with unique colors. Each cosmetic blend is meant to empower their wearers to find their unique identity. There is always going to be new products under the Lime Crime brand and you’re invited to visit their website to learn more today.

Experience Intricate Colors With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Unicorn fantasy-inspired hair dyes are being offered to thousands of girls and guys around the world that want to change their dull neutral colors. Lime Crime the popular cosmetic line is popular for their super-foil shades that enhance your eyelids and lips with amazing colors. now, they’ve taken the initiative to create hair dyes that offer one of a kind hard to find colors that cannot be matched with their competitors. their customers have always had a color scheme choice that offers revolutionary colors that match any mood or any outfit. they completely leave their customers unapologetic about their color options.


their hair dyes give you thirteen amazing colors to choose from. you get a full jar of semi or permanent hair dye that measures 700 ml per jar. get reliable color that lasts through 14 washes for their permanent dye and up to 8 washes for their tint. bring out the unicorn inspired deep within you. they offer completely hypoallergenic and cruelty-free products that are safe for all skin and hair types. you can rest assured, that you still get that trustworthy leap bunny approved product that you’re use to. take charge of your dull neutral colors with colors like purple sorbet or metallic.


their 2.4 million Instagram customers have said that they have been able to successfully blend their hair dye products with their cosmetics. you can find their products exclusively on their website and take part in several promotional offers available to first-time customers. you’re invited to visit the exclusive Lime Crime YouTube tutorials for more ways to mix, match, and blend their products. Thousands of users around the world have decided to make customer tutorials of their testimony of LC products. You can also mix and match their hair dyes and cosmetics with clothing and accessories from their sister company, Dolls Kills.


Lime Crime would like to invite you to try their bold new colors today and enjoy the benefit of waterproof cosmetics and long lasting hair dyes.

Christopher Burch a Creative Innovator

J. Christopher Burch the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital and co-founder of Tory Burch LLC was born March 28, 1953. Christopher Burch was raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania and had a middle class upbringing. His father was one of ten children and owned a company that distributed mining equipment.

Burch Creative Capital based in New York City is a firm that manages brand development and venture investments. Early in his career Christopher Burch attended Ithaca College and in 1976 started Eagle’s Eye Apparel with his brother Robert. He would buy sweaters for $10.00 and sell them for $15.00. He soon expanded, finding a factory to produce his new preppy sweaters for door to door sale.

The business quickly expanded from campus to campus and later into retail stores. Within 10 years the modest door to door sales had grown into 140 million in sales. In 1989 the company was partially sold to Swire Group and fully sold in 1998. The sale of the business valued the brand at $60 million. In 2004 J. Christopher Burch helped to start up another business venture.

The Tory Burch fashion label which is now his former wife’s label. Burch served as co-Chairman. In 2012 the Tory Burch fashion label was estimated to be worth $3.5 billion. Burch sold half of his 28.3% December 2012. In addition to assisting his wife start up her label, Burch was also involved in establishing J. Christopher Capital LLC in 2008 later renaming the company Burch Creative Capital.

In 2011 Burch launched C. Wonder that retailed accessories, apparel, and home decor. Xcel Brands purchased the company in 2015. Christopher Burch has been involved in a variety of different investments and business opportunities over his nearly 30 year career span. He has contributed to many brands including PowerMat, Poppin, Voss Water, Jawbone, Nihiwatu Hotel, and Faena Hotel + Universe.

Chris Burch founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital is also a former board member of Guggenheim Capital and the Continuum Group. According to, Christopher Burch believes that fashion and technology can grow together and that taking a glimpse into the past and present can give insight into future trends. Burch is a creative visionary who has grown and continues to grow in the fashion industry.