Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Brings A New Experience In Fashion Shopping

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are both excellent entrepreneurs with a stellar track record. At just the age of 15, Adam had founded his first company by the name Gamers Alliance, which was later sold to Intermix Media in 1999. They met at Intermix where Don was an entrepreneur and an expert in brand building. Don had also sold his company and had helped firms make over 1 billion dollars in sales. Their first endeavor was an e-commerce incubator program. They aimed to merge cutting edge fashion and social interaction at an affordable price. They called their new firm Intelligent Beauty.

JustFab was a result of a significant expansion of Intelligent Beauty. Ressler and Goldenberg knew that for fashion to work online, it had to be extremely social, engaging and at the same time fun. They created JustFab to enable their people to get a selection of their best clothes made to fit their customized needs. After they launched JustFab, they have made remarkable steps as a fashion firm.

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JustFab has also acquired five other online subscription service brands which include FabKids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. FabKids is a company that is more focused on children’s fashion on YouTube, despite the similarity in their names the companies had no prior association whatsoever. Fabletics was launched with the help of Kate Hudson. The firm was focused on filling the market niche in the active wear sector. They formed Fabletics to provide quality and stylish gear at an affordable price.

JustFab has now acquired a new headquarters in El Segundo, CA. The 97,000 square feet campus is to house all the corporations affiliated with JustFab Inc.. this is a perfect location for a fashion firm due for to its vantage position. JustFab has grown quite expansively in its short lifespan. They have been able to expand to become an international company serving markets on across Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. They have six brick and mortar locations as of today. JustFab has also announced to open about 100 new stores in the next five years.

The men behind the success of Fabletics are creative and dedicated. With a team of like-minded associates, they have been able to actualize that the dream of an ideal online marketplace. They have come up with an all-inclusive brand which provides quality products at affordable prices. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have shown outstanding competence and creativity. They have revolutionized fashion and offered a perfect platform for clients to shop and interact as they stay fit, and good looking all the times.


Fabletics Speaks to Everyday Women

When Kate Hudson launched her athletic clothing company three years ago, the plan was to create an affordable product that inspired women to be active. For customers, the well-designed hoodies, sports bras, and leggings were a welcomed option. The so-called “athleisure” trend is on fire right now, but it is not just fitness models and athletes looking for comfortable outfits that can be worn both in and out of the gym. While brands like Nike and Lululemon can be trying on the wallet, for around $40 a member of the Fabletics VIP club can dress themselves head to toe.

Nearly every woman and their mom have taken a liking to the fashion trend that means comfort, but for larger women, it has been a particular struggle to find athletic clothing that both fits and compliments their unique shape. In a direct response to consumer requests, Hudson has revitalized her promise of creating an all-inclusive product by announcing a more expansive selection of sizes in Fabletics clothing. While the line began with the quintessential athleisure item, leggings, they now offer items of all sorts for children, men, and women.

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While the company is currently in the midst of an expansion to brick-and-mortar stores, products were once only available online. Internet-based companies have become increasingly popular with consumers, who appreciate a direct link to the company. Fabletics still has a strong social media presence, where it posts fashion tips, fitness advice, and specified workouts on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. These sites give Fabletics an opportunity to share their products with potential customers, but also demonstrate their unique desire to be more than just an average clothing distributor.

So is Fabletics living up to its promise? According to popular review sites such as My Subscription Addiction, the company is worthy of a four-star rating across the board. Consumers seem to agree that the products are attractive, durable, and competitively priced. Moreover, they seem to find the monthly subscription service to be easy-to-use. While the company is still in its formative years, its online-only sales seemed to be a viable trial. Already at $150 million in sales, Fabletics projects that their brick-and-mortar stores have a potential to unlock an 85 percent increase in sales. With the only downside to Fabletics being that popular items are quick to sell out, Fabletics seems to have a bright future ahead of it.


The Brown Agency Has Fresh New Opportunities For Fresh New Faces

The Wilhelmina Austin agency has joined with Heyman Talent South to for the Brown Agency. The Brown Agency is now a world-renowned and well-respected modeling and talent agency that provides the very best talent to thousands of client across all industries all over the world. Brown Agency models can be seen on some of the largest runways across the country. The Brown agency has recently launched their acting segment of the company at the Austin Formula One party. All of the who’s who in the area came out to celebrate. There was an exciting fashion show that featured some of the freshest faces and fashions.

The Brown Agency now has a location based in Austin, Texas. The reason that they chose the location is because Austin is becoming one of the trendiest and upcoming cities in the nation. They have all of the newest styles and there are new faces that are perfect for the types of jobs that the agency is looking for. The agency’s talent scouts are thrilled to be in the city. They know that there are plenty of men and women that re talented and fresh.

Brown agency parties are always fashionable, fun, and exciting. The Brown Agency’s fourth of July party in Austin was no exception. There were a variety of both models and clients out to have a great time. There was a pool party that lasted into the evening. Some of the best talent in the city was featured for musical entertainment. Everyone can for a good time and the modeling agency definitely delivered. Everyone could be seen having the time of their lives.

The Brown Agency is constantly looking for the best talent not only in the fashion industry, but in the acting industry, and the music industry. They make sure that once a model or an artist signs on with them that they have them working and making a solid name for themselves. They are committed to making sure that their careers are blossoming and growing. Signing on with the Brown Agency is a move that could change the course of someone’s life. Because the Brown Agency has a superior reputation it is very easy for them to insert their clients into opportunities that would otherwise not be available.

How Does Fabletics Make Getting Dressed Easier?

Every woman who is trying to get dressed in the morning does not have much time to play around with their clothes. They are running out the door, and they do not want to be in a place where they feel like they are stuck with just one set of clothes they left the house with. The woman who is able to find the best kinds of clothes like Fabletics can get dressed in seconds, and then she can go about her day without even a thought.

There are a lot of women who can see the Marie Claire article and see all the clothes they could ever want to wear. They will see that Kate Hudson made this athletic wear brand easy because she wants it to be easy for herself. She would prefer to spend seconds on her clothes, and then she can get more done during the day. Women who are trying Fabletics will also notice that they are partaking in the athleisure movement that is so popular. There are a lot of women who are going to learn that they can take care of their clothing needs in seconds, and they can even pack their bags with clothes they just use during the day without thinking. Read full article at

The woman who is trying to make the most of their clothing can keep their clothes in a gym bag, and then they can pull out the things that they really need. They will learn how to keep these things together without much of a problem, and they will be able to use Fabletics clothes every day if they want. Fabletics are gym clothes that look sexy, and that means a woman can walk down the street in her athletic clothes and feel like a million bucks. Her choices get bigger, and her style grows.

The New Arrivals for Plus-Sized Women at JustFab

The new arrivals at JustFab are in, and many people will be thrilled to discover that these new clothes cater to a different group of women. It is official. JustFab has started to look out for the interests of the curvy women, and curvy women love it. Much of the fanfare has to do with the great marketing that is behind this.

When women check the site they will see some garments that are worn by beautiful curvaceous women. These are ads with women that are looking good and feeling confident. For so many curvy women it was about the presentation. JustFab found favor with plus-sized females because the company offered something that was alluring.

It comes at a good time because JustFab has partnered with Fabletics, and this website is hot. The concept of sporty gym wear has got more people checking out Fabletics, and this will result in more hits for the JustFab website as well. The market for consumers is filled with a lot of curvy customers that are just waiting for the chance to shop online.
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JustFab is a site that will grow because the company is not afraid to take these types of risks. According to the Curvy Fashionista, this is just the beginning of the line of clothes for curvy females. More women are going to embrace these clothes, and the brand is going to become even more popular because the prices are affordable. That is another thing that makes this brand shine. The company also took a real risk with making clothes that would be both affordable and high in quality. This is a rare combination, but JustFab took the risk to get these type of clothes made for consumers. Now that the product line on The Curvy Fashionista has expanded it will be even easier for more people to embrace the clothes that are offered.

Many people are choosing to search the web for clothing. This is so much easier than leaving the home. There are people that may not have the time to go to store to shop. JustFab is the best alternative for these people.

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