Online Fashion Company Everlane Opens Its First-Ever Store in NYC

Everlane, which started six years ago in San Francisco, is a successful online fashion apparel company with a cult-like following. Everlane prides itself on what it calls “radical transparency.” The company only buys from manufacturers that follow high ethical standards in their factories and disclose the actual cost of making the products.

Everlane offers accessories, clothing, and shoes for women and men that are made from quality materials. This fashion line is both stylish and affordable. For example, a tank top sells for $20, a cashmere sweater for $100, a puffer jacket for $198, and a pair of elegant high-top boots for $225.

Since its inception, fans of this fashion line had mostly only the choice to buy online. A few “pop-up” stores, such as a special section within Nordstrom stores in New York City were tried. Besides that, there has been no physical retail presence for this company.

Business Insider reported that this is about to change. Everlane is opening its first-ever retail store on Prince Street in the SoHo district of New York City on Dec. 2, 2017, just in the nick of time to capture holidays sales. If things go well, stores will then open in San Francisco and other major cities.

Everlane clothes come in solid colors and have a classic yet contemporary style that makes them desirable for any wardrobe. Going against all fashion industry trends, Everlane does not introduce a new line of clothing each year. Instead, the company releases new products in small groups throughout the year. Decisions about new products are made after considering feedback from customers, reviewing the items that have been returned, and listening to the comments from focus groups that the company calls “fit clinics.”

The new store in NYC is called Everlane “IRL” for initial retail location, one must presume. The company will hold community events and fashion panels at the store in the three attractive lounge areas. The company embraces state-of-the-art technology to personalize and improve customer experiences. Once you become an Everlane customer, you can shop without needing to have an ID or credit cards in hand. The company uses facial recognition technology to recognize a registered customer for sales and even to issue credit for any returns.

Shopping at Everlane is like meeting up with friends to try on new clothes. It’s really fun.