Event Planning As A Career

Planning and designing an event can be exhausting. Just having the resources and know how as to how to plan an event is mind blowing. But make no mistake, this is an industry that is growing and growing. It is estimated that each year about $500 billion dollars is spent on event planning. Special events that may require planning could include parties, weddings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, conferences, meetings, graduations, and even civic events. Events can be business related or social.

So exactly what is event planning? People who are paid to handle the details related to hosting an event. This can include finding the venue, arranging the food, decorations, and entertainment, transportation to and from the event, and any necessary accommodations.

Why do people use event planners? Individuals needing to host events often lack the time needed to plan the event. Some people lack the organizational skills to put an event together. Some people don’t want the responsibility of planning the event. Whatever the reason, professional event planners are available.

There are two markets for event planners. The first market is the social market. This includes events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations just to name a few. The second market is the corporate market. This market is much larger and events happen more than once or twice a year. Corporate events can include events such as charity events, gala fundraisers, receptions, and athletic competitions.Some companies host trade shows, conventions, and holiday parties. For large groups of people, organizing and planning is a must.

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Event planning is a growing profession and will continue to grow as long as professions and social groups need to host events. If you are a great planner and are extremely organized, this could be a great career choice for you. www.wikipedia.org, www.intitute-of-event.com