Market America Is Changing How Shoppers Shop

An undeniably successful business which has been serving its customers for more than two decades, Market America is serving customers by both internet and direct sales. The company sends its products to various affiliations to outside businesses. The products that are shipped and sold are made exclusively for Market America.

There are more than 180,000 consultants for shops spread out all around the world. With that number of consultants and the internet sales, the Market America company serves more than 3 million registered customers. The brand carries a number of products ranging from jewelry to household cleaning agents and even personal care items to many other things.

Each year, Market America is coming up with new products and new lines to stay in front of the competition. They will invest in long term relations with various manufacturers which help them to produce the consistant quality items which change from year to year. As far as the brand goes, they are product brokers which store just a small amount of products at any one point in time. It will cut down on the consumers cost by keeping their products down and shipping from various shops.

Do you know what a product brokerage concept is? With the business, the business is able to carry a large number of products which are in addition to the services and products offered from various well known stores like Target and even Apple. For you, the cost is the exact same as if you were shopping directly from that specific store but you are able to receive cashback when other sites are unable to do so.

There are constantly a number of stores being added to the number of partners they hold and there is always the chance for a number of smaller, less known shops to be added to their site. By offering these services and products, they are able to reach a wide number of consumers around the globe.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Aesthetic Maverick and visionary.

Dr. Mark achieved his medical degree at Tulane Medical School. He completed his degree in 1999. During his session in the school, he discovered that by just being a doctor he would not make a fortune. He instead started a business in New Orleans that deals with real estate business. After Hurricane Katrina of 2005, he liquidated his company. He later started a company called ShapeMed in Atlanta. It specialized in and treated cosmetic problems. He then sold the company to Lifetime Fitness.

Before Dr. Mark McKenna started his first business, he worked for his father for five years. During his time in the university, he offered services at prisons for $50 per hour.

Presently Dr. Mark is venturing into a new business which will be launched next year. His business OVME will entail a group of medical clinics. The patients will acquire the clinics’ services using an OVME application. This app will link the clinic to the patient and a self-employed practitioner registered in the clinic will head to the patient as required. This ShapeMed is a pay-for-service medical business. It does not need any form of insurance.

Dr. Mark used Google AdWords to make his company be at the top of the search results once somebody searched for anything related to what services the company provides. OVME is expressed as “of me.” This means attention to the patient. Its mission is to undertake medical procedures that are not abrasive but enhance self-worth and confidence of the patient.

Dr. Mark McKenna is ecstatic to bring his practice to Buckhead, Atlanta. OVME will entail four states of the art treatment rooms with an office. The four rooms will be private, and the office will act as the consultation room. He focuses on merging medical cosmetics with the top of the line technology. This union will produce perfect results and also improve the health care.

All patients who have passed through Dr. Mark McKenna have confidence in what he is doing and have fully trusted OVME. This is due to his non-abrasive procedures and his advocacy towards his patients’ health.

Dr. Mark McKenna through OVME collaborated with a non-profit organization, Make-a-Wish Foundation. He opened OVME on the 1st of March, 2018.

Shervin Pishevar Discusses Global Shifts

In a surprising return to Twitter after a two-month hiatus, billionaire and founder of An investing firm, Shervin Pishevar, recently took to the platform in order to discuss a wide array of issues that are primed to affect the US economy from here on out. While he is no stranger to making controversial statements, Shervin Pishevar’s consistent track record regarding the implication of incoming trends has been stellar to date, and he was one of the early investors in a number of thriving companies, including Uber, Dollar Shave Club, Airbnb, and Warby Parker.

In what many people are referring to as a tweetstorm, Shervin Pishevar unleashed a string of 50 tweets at a furious pace, taking on global powerhouses Amazon, and Google, as well as predicting the future of Bitcoin. He also touched on the state of the US stock market, which he revealed will drop 6000 points in the upcoming months in his estimations are correct, and just one day after, quickly began said descent, dropping 500 points in under an hour.

When speaking on Bitcoin, which has been one of the more polarizing subjects of recent history, along with cryptocurrency and blockchain, Shervin Pishevar discussed the recent drop, which saw the price dip from a high of nearly 20k, to around 8k. If he is correct, the drop may continue for a period of time before correcting itself and climbing back up, although at a much more deliberate pace; he believes this will occur over the next 24 months.

He also discussed the failing infrastructure of America, citing that it has fallen behind competitors like China in a significant fashion. The level of innovation seen across the world is beginning to lap that of the United States, as Silicon Valley no longer has a stranglehold on the tech market. He would go on to reference a train station in China that was completed in under 10 hours to support his claim. Mr. Pishevar believes that innovation has now become “borderless” and the innovation that has traditionally belonged to Silicon Valley, can now be implemented on a global scale.

Michael Hagele, High-Tech Lawyer and Venture Capitalist

Most people tend to view the law as a professional steeped in tradition. However, Michael Hagele has combined his passion for the law with a love of technology. The Silicon Valley attorney and venture capitalist sat down with IdeaMensch to discuss his unique business model. Hagele, who has served as general counsel for several high-technology companies, set out to prove that a small firm could provide general counsel services of the same caliber as established firms.

After earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Iowa, Hagele went on to the UC Berkeley for law school, getting his start at Fenwick & West LLP in the Licensing and Online Commerce division. It was this experience that inspired him to bring the high-level of representation offered by major firms to a small-firm environment. He attributes his success to his belief in putting the customer first, which he argues is the single most important habit an entrepreneur can develop. Follow Michael Hagele on Twitter.

Starting a law firm is no small feat, especially when launching a new concept as Hagele did. According to the distinguished attorney, one of the best ways of dealing with the stress and meeting the challenge is engaging in regular physical activity and staying healthy. In addition, he cites social media as the main way he acquires new business.

Besides providing general counsel services for aerospace, high-tech, and biotechnology companies, Michael Hagele is also an active venture capitalist. The trend that most excites him right now is Artificial Intelligence, especially the prospect of genetic programming. Although Hagele is enjoys being at the helm of an innovative law firm and working with cutting-edge technologies, he recognizes that it is only possible because of his tenacity. During the interview, he talked about his job washing cars during the winter in Chicago, which taught him the value of hard work and perseverance.

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Troy McQuagge Named the Best CEO at USHealth Advisors

Just the other day, Troy McQuagge was named as the chief executive officer of the year by the One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards is one of the most respected and prestigious honors and awards in the world. Troy McQuagge emerged victorious in the Gold winner category. This is an award that sees thousands of applicants every year. The One Planet Award recognizes professionals and business people for their involvement in changing the field they work in. The one Planet Award does not discriminate on any company. They also don’t look at the size of the company meaning that both small and big companies can nominate their employees. Also, people working in the public and private sector are allowed to submit their nominations. Each year, One Planet Awards encourages start-ups to nominate their employees. Also, non-governmental organizations are encouraged to make nominations. Finally, profit organizations can also apply for the awards. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

Since he joined the USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge made it his main mission to transform USHEALTH Advisors. For starters, this is the distributive agency of the USHEALTH Group, and he focused on rebuilding it after years of underperforming. He recorded significant success, and this led him to be promoted as the president of the USHEALTH Group. In the year 2014, Troy McQuagge was named as the chief executive officer of the US HEALTH Group after helping the company realize profits as the president. Since he became president, the company has recorded significant growth coupled with unprecedented success. He has also helped the company become competitive once again in the insurance market.

When accepting the award, he mentioned that it was an honor and a privilege to be named in this position. He said that this should be seen as the commitment of the USHEALTH Group in honoring their motto which is making the health insurance affordable to Americans. He also insisted that the company will continue with its good work. Troy McQuagge also mentioned that the award belonged to everyone associated with the company. USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that has its headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company has one of the best reputations in the United States.

As for Troy McQuagge, he has been in the insurance industry for long making him realize what it takes to succeed in the field. On a personal level, Troy McQuagge is a social man. He has maintained his presence on social media. Troy McQuagge USHealth has accounts on CrunchBase, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap Chat. Through these platforms, Troy McQuagge updates his followers on the latest trends in the health insurance industry. Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Florida for his undergraduate degree.

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Nick Vertucci Has A Proven System For Investing In Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy which provides education on buying properties and flipping them, and it has proven results on changing the market. It’s the people who have attended and benefited from Vertucci’s knowledge who have spoken on how well it works. The attendees come from all over the US and even from diverse business backgrounds and many have posted reviews about how they became home flippers. One reason Nick Vertucci has dedicated his business to sharing wealth secrets is so others could find it just as he once did.

When talking about his background, Nick Vertucci has always said his family was loving and caring, but they lived in poverty and could barely afford to pay bills. Some of his lowest points include losing his father while still a child, and having to live out of his vehicle when he turned 18. Vertucci was entrepreneurial-minded though, and he started a business in computer hardware sales that soon went online. During the time he ran this business, he got married, bought a home and began a happy family life. But then his life hit another low when the dot-com disaster happened and things took a turn for the worse. He went into deep debt and nearly lost everything except the house, but it was during this point that he learned about something bigger and better than his old business.

Nick Vertucci attended a seminar in town that his friend had mentioned to him, and he was amazed by what the speaker said about flipping homes to earn profits. He decided to start doing it and before long he was running several properties as family rental units and also renovated and resold homes. His NV Real Estate Academy shows others how they can finance property purchases, get in touch with contractors and get a quick turnaround in selling the property.

Seasoned Trader Ian King Joins Bayan Hill Publishing

If you’ve been following the latest marketing and finance news, you’re probably well aware that cryptocurrency is quickly becoming the topic of discussion for many investors. Although not quite mainstream, the popularity of bitcoin and blockchain technology has created unparalleled investment opportunities for investors, especially novice investors. If, however, you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, it is a form of digital currency predicated on the use of encryption techniques. These techniques are used to regulate and generate units of currency, and also verify transfer of funds, all while operating as a separate entity from any central bank.

Although bitcoins are the most popular form of cryptocurrency, it is not the only one; cryptocurrency actually encompasses upwards of 800 crypto assets including monero, ripple, litecoin, and others. As with any new form of investing, there is a learning curve and potential risks. Fortunately, there are investors like Ian King, who have come before you, that can provide invaluable information relative to investing in cryptocurrency. If you’re unfamiliar with Ian King, he is a seasoned cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur who recently joined Bayan Hill Publishing. In his role with Bayan Hill Publishing, King will be serving as the company’s cryptocurrency editor; he is extremely conversant in the world of cryptocurrency and has spent several years working in the hedge fund industry.

Ian King possesses well over 20-years of trading experience and is highly adept at analyzing financial markets. Early in his career, he worked as a desk clerk for Salomon Brothers, a renowned Wall Street investment bank. Soon after, King’s career ambitions would lead him to Citigroup, where he worked on the bank’s credit derivatives, before landing the role that ultimately defined his career. After leaving Citigroup, King became the head trader for New York-based Peahi Capital. Needless to say, King is a welcomed addition to Banyan Hill Publishing; in fact, in an interview with, Banyan Hill Publishing’s Editorial Director, Jeff Yastine expressed great enthusiasm when announcing King as the publishing company’s new cryptocurrency expert, referring to him as a tremendous asset. Read more about Ian King at

So, why is cryptocurrency making headlines lately? Well, it’s a relatively new form of trading and when something is new, people tend to be very curious. If you have been following financial news, bitcoin (the most popular form of cryptocurrency) surged 1,500 percent last year. Additionally, the total market cap involving crypto space experienced exponential growth, going from $18 billion at the start of 2017 to over $600 billion to close out the year. There is speculation that this growth trend will continue well into 2018, and possibly beyond. As a result, more and more people are taking a closer look at investing in cryptocurrency, and they will be looking to experienced traders like Ian King for guidance. Learn more:


The life of Greg Secker

Norfolk is a town found in England where Greg Secker was born on 18 February 1975. He later moved to London. Greg completed his studies in 1997 when he got his degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences from the University of Nottingham. Secker joined the Thomas Cook Financial Services and developed a technique known as foreign exchange trading systems, a method that has promoted growth in the trading sector. Greg invented an online trading platform known as the Virtual Trading Desk in 1998, and he got acknowledged when he was honored with the British Telecom Award.

At a youthful age, Greg was already the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, and this gave him business connections across the globe, but he later retired to be independent in 2003. In the year 2010, Greg founded his corporation called The Greg Secker Foundation with the agenda of making an improvement in the quality of people’s lives in the society. The foundation emphasizes on three elements which include education, life skills and leadership initiatives as they equip people for greatness.

The Greg Secker Foundation has implemented techniques, for example, Flying Trader Project, Youth Leadership Summit and Early Childhood Development program. Greg’s firm became partners with Virgin Unite in order for them to raise funds and take advanced technology in rural areas of South Africa. The corporation joined forces with a foundation project and provided Philippians with relief aid when they were affected by natural disasters such as typhoons. In the year 2016, Greg’s team sponsored the Build House project which built an entire village in Lemery consisting of homes and facilities. The facilities provided the community with quality education, necessary life skills also good care and maintenance.

Greg is a businessman who loves to help those in need thus he was recognized by being placed on the list of the top 200 most powerful philanthropists and elected as an ambassador for the City Philanthropy in 2017. Secker has contributed to the development of charity organizations such as the Royal Princes chosen causes. Greg is a famous speaker who has been interviewed on radio channels such as Bloomberg to give listeners knowledge on marketing.

Drew Madden Encourages Paying Attention To CVS-Amazon Feud

CVS wants Amazon out of its industry desperately, but Amazon does not appear to be going anywhere. Amazon is the company that other companies love to hate. Put another way, they make amazing things that consumers love, and they are respected above almost any other company. Also, Amazon is not afraid to try new things and get involved in a lot of different industries. If they see a profit to be had, they are willing to jump right in and snag it. All of that may be great news for Amazon shareholders, but it is dangerous talk for industry leaders.


There was little recourse for CVS to take other than to try to shore up its own position in healthcare. They decided that the best move for them was to purchase a healthcare insurance company by the name of Aetna. Did this make sense as a way to protect CVS assets against the potential for Amazon to swoop in and take their business? Only time will tell.


What we do know at the moment is that Amazon has applied for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products in a number of states. It seems likely that they will get approved to do so. If that is the case, then companies like CVS might suddenly have a competitor on their hands that they did not have to deal with before. Consumers might have to decide if they want to continue to do their shopping with the likes of CVS in-person, or if they are okay with purchasing their pharmaceuticals online. See This Article for more information.


Drew Madden has been watching from the sidelines this whole time. He is a seasoned healthcare information technology entrepreneur. He always wants to see healthcare companies innovating in ways that help them meet the challenges presented to them. He knows that the more a company is tested, the better it tends to get.


For Drew Madden, the battle between these two giants might be rather exciting to watch. Almost no matter what happens we are guaranteed that there will be new innovation in healthcare as a result. That is something that should be pretty exciting to people no matter what their views are on the rest of it.

Greg Secker Has Had Much Success In Forex Trading

Greg Secker is an international authority in Forex trading. He has built a successful career as an entrepreneur by focusing on trade coaching. Greg is also an international speaker. Greg became a multimillionaire in his twenties. This success inspired him to venture in the philanthropic activities. Despite of his overwhelming success in finance, Greg studied agriculture and food science. In an interview with CEOCFO Magazine, Mr. Secker explained that he begun developing and selling computers while in university. His passion for computer technology equipped him with extensive knowledge in coding, which landed him his first job at Thomas Cook Financial Services.

His position at Thomas Cook paved way for another opportunity at Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), the first online Forex trading platform, which required his coding and computer programming skills. While working for VTD, Greg Secker developed interest in foreign exchange trading. His engagement in the lucrative field sharpened his skill in the same, thus allowing him to make huge profits. After retiring, Greg established his first trade coaching company, Learn to Trade.

Greg Secker’s Learn to Trade seminars and workshops have attracted over 200,000 people in the past 13 years. Notably, he is a recipient of the 2010 London Excellence Awards. His company was ranked position 49 in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards in 2010. In addition, the company has been named as the Best Educator by the World Finance Magazine. It was also voted the Best Educator in Global Banking & Finance Review, Best Trading Education Product by Wealth and Finance Awards, and Best for Forex Trading Training.

The other establishments that Greg Secker has founded in the trading world are SmartCharts Software and Capital Index. He has been featured on channels like CNBC and Bloomberg where he has shared his trading insights. Secker has shared different platforms with celebrated personalities like Dr. Anthony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki. Over the years, Greg has supported various community initiatives, including the Royal Princes initiatives and the Child Bereavement Trust and Tusk. Through his organization, the Greg Secker Foundation, Secker supports needy people across the world. The foundation focuses on providing people with leadership projects, education and life skills.