Meet the Arizona Icon, Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a renowned American entrepreneur, futurist, investor, and philanthropist who hail from Scottsdale, Arizona. Hope has a passion for technology as well as giving back to his community. He grew up in Tempe and earned a degree in finance from the Arizona State University and later an MBA from ASU’s WP Carey School of Business. On top of his philanthropic and entrepreneurial initiatives, Jason has an interest in politics.


Jason Hope is usually compelled to contribute to the courses of others people and believe his assets put him in the best position to accomplish it. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Jason Hope is passionate about giving back to his community by donating to local organizations. His major goal is to see Arizona communities thrive and hence he also support the humanitarian organizations that work to improve the future of Arizona. He continues to look for organizations as well as projects that he can further support with his time, resources and influence.

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His thoughts and articles in technology concentrates on a variety of routes in research and development. The focus includes developing mobile applications, desktop software, gaming software together with devices that embrace connectivity. He believes that the power of technology improves the human condition and brings some ease and enjoyment to their daily life.

The futurist Jason Hope writes that he is always looks for new ways to utilize technology to the people’s advantage while carefully studying technology infrastructure for any potential trends. As a futurist, he works with businesses as well as individuals to point them in the best direction as they draft and develop progressive technical advancements.

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Starting a business, launching a new product or launching a new idea is hardly a simple process. It begins with a superb idea. However, that is just the beginning because finding the means to implement your idea is the hardest part. Hope’s business acumen is something he knows others can benefit from and hence he works with individuals and young entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to reality.

Jason Hope supports and cultivates the next generation as they venture into the sector of technology. Often, young businesspeople have great ideas, but they normally lack insight and finances to bring the ideas to reality. Hope offers grants to seniors in high schools and college students to assist them to boost their ideas while waiting to become technological breakthroughs. If you have an exceptional idea but need some support to get it running, Hope provides the support needed to make it flourish.

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Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Brings A New Experience In Fashion Shopping

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are both excellent entrepreneurs with a stellar track record. At just the age of 15, Adam had founded his first company by the name Gamers Alliance, which was later sold to Intermix Media in 1999. They met at Intermix where Don was an entrepreneur and an expert in brand building. Don had also sold his company and had helped firms make over 1 billion dollars in sales. Their first endeavor was an e-commerce incubator program. They aimed to merge cutting edge fashion and social interaction at an affordable price. They called their new firm Intelligent Beauty.

JustFab was a result of a significant expansion of Intelligent Beauty. Ressler and Goldenberg knew that for fashion to work online, it had to be extremely social, engaging and at the same time fun. They created JustFab to enable their people to get a selection of their best clothes made to fit their customized needs. After they launched JustFab, they have made remarkable steps as a fashion firm.

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JustFab has also acquired five other online subscription service brands which include FabKids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. FabKids is a company that is more focused on children’s fashion on YouTube, despite the similarity in their names the companies had no prior association whatsoever. Fabletics was launched with the help of Kate Hudson. The firm was focused on filling the market niche in the active wear sector. They formed Fabletics to provide quality and stylish gear at an affordable price.

JustFab has now acquired a new headquarters in El Segundo, CA. The 97,000 square feet campus is to house all the corporations affiliated with JustFab Inc.. this is a perfect location for a fashion firm due for to its vantage position. JustFab has grown quite expansively in its short lifespan. They have been able to expand to become an international company serving markets on across Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. They have six brick and mortar locations as of today. JustFab has also announced to open about 100 new stores in the next five years.

The men behind the success of Fabletics are creative and dedicated. With a team of like-minded associates, they have been able to actualize that the dream of an ideal online marketplace. They have come up with an all-inclusive brand which provides quality products at affordable prices. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have shown outstanding competence and creativity. They have revolutionized fashion and offered a perfect platform for clients to shop and interact as they stay fit, and good looking all the times.